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Islam , Iran , and Egypt

By: Vernon Richards, author of  Islam Undressed

     Egyptian and Iranian natives have much more in common than they realize. Hadrat Umar Farooq was the Caliph who succeeded Abu Bakr in 632. Umar’s armies were very active, taking Damascus in 635, Antioch in 636, Jerusalem in 638, Syria in 640. Drunk on conquest and plunder, his armies then completed Islam’s conquest of both Egypt and Persia in 641. Umar’s marauders were especially merciless in their persecutions of the Zoroastrian "heathens and idolaters" of Persia . In the ninth century, the continuing persecutions of surviving Zoroastrians pushed some to migrate to more tolerant lands in Hindu India, where to this day they form a respected minority known as ‘Parsis’. To those unable to escape, the horrors on the Muslim conquest were only exceeded by the next several hundreds of years, as they continued suffering one humiliation after another. One fact not often discussed: conquered natives were periodically forced to give up a portion of their children by kidnap (later by a process known as ‘devshirme’) into slavery. Once taken and converted to Islam, male children 14-20 were trained to be janissaries (infantry men), and then compelled to fight, kill, and subjugate ever more victims. Girls had other ‘duties’. It is a terrible tragedy that these manipulated youngsters grew up knowing nothing of the sorrow and loss their parents experienced at their departure. Neither they nor their prodigy understood how they were used by the Muslims, and denied the warmth and love of true family. Islam's followers in Iran and Egypt need badly a desire to know their true history, and an awareness that their family/spiritual roots and national heritage, are truly engendered in Persia and Egypt , NOT in Muhammad and Islam.

     Today, Islam continues to advertise itself as a religion of peace in an effort to attract the masses, but in the 7th century no such pretenses preceded the armies of Umar. Today Islamic proselytes are seldom disappointed as they continue to count on the general ignorance regarding the fact that Islam and Jihad comprise more a doctrine of war than of peace. Wherever Islamic governments are dominant, it subjugates and suppresses women, even while its apologists present it as the perfect champion of women’s rights. Indeed, Muhammad himself was the worst example of a misogynist, claiming Allah had given him rights to rape innumerable women of conquered peoples, and otherwise basically helping himself to any poor girl he took a fancy too, including a 9 year old little girl. While making excuses for such vile behavior, defenders of the Qur’an also claim the book promotes scholarly leaning, when in fact it is filled with nonsensical fantasy usually in direct contradiction to scientific fact. Muslims present Islam as a religion which encourages learning, reminding others that Muhammad said “seek knowledge even if it is China ”, while at the same time any book of knowledge perceived as contradicting the Qur’an is considered satanic. The direction remains for such heresy to be destroyed forthwith, as was the practice of Muslim marauders since the movements inception. The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt , founded at the beginning of the 3rd century during the reign of Ptolemy II, was once the largest in the world, at its peak storing up to 700,000 scrolls. In 640 AD Moslem marauders took the city, and upon learning of "a great library containing all the knowledge of the world" the conquering general asked Khalifa Omar for instructions. Omar is quoted as saying of the Library's holdings, "they will either contradict the Qur’an, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous", whereupon he ordered the library to be destroyed and the books burnt. Although a cultural travesty and crime against knowledge and learning, at the time the burning scrolls were the least of the worries of the surviving native Egyptians.

     Islam’s methods of war perpetrated great suffering to the ancestors of today’s devout Egyptian Muslims. By 659 AD Egypt was completely conquered and subdued. Islam raped Egypt ’s women, killed many of her men, took many slaves, and applied the heavy yoke of Dhimmi to her survivors. Once the greatest civilization in the region, still nothing could match or oppose the fanaticism and brutality of the marauding Islamic hordes. Out of necessity, survivors migrated to Islam. With elders, intellectuals, records, and all opposition obliterated, Egyptians were soon enough oblivious to the facts surrounding their ancestors tremendous prior achievements, and of facts surrounding the treatment of their fathers, mothers, and grandfathers in the Jihad which annihilated them. That kind of evil bloodletting does not obliterate the reality of the existence of the murdered, however, their blood still cries from the dust, and will continue to rise up to the heavens until the full measure of justice is served upon those who tortured and killed them and caused their children to live in ignorance. It has been a common tragedy in conquered lands for surviving young to go on ignorantly serving the Islamic masters who slew and subjugated their own parents. All this should serve to give notice to today’s great civilizations, …Education, knowledge, and great cultural, scientific, technological, and economic achievements notwithstanding, all can fall to marauding Islam hordes if not dutifully defended.

     Earlier in Persia , the religion was forced upon natives in what is known today as Iran . The invading Arabs raped Persian women, massacred the population, and looted their lands and wealth. They burned all books and permanently destroyed both the cultural/scientific knowledge and written history of the people. The imperative to rape infidel women is not always well understood outside of Muslim circles. You see, according to Islamic way of understanding, virgin girls get a ‘free-pass’ to heaven. (kind of makes sense in a sick sort of way, really, considering the logistical need to keep innumerable dead martyrs constantly supplied with fresh virgin material). So an underlying sinister intent of Muslim marauders (Jihadists), besides satisfying their lusts in an expression of power and hatred, is through rape to make sure vile infidel woman don’t make it to heaven by denying them their virgin ‘free-pass’.   


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