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Islamic Contradictions

By: Vernon Richards (author of ‘Islam Undressed‘, available free upon request [email protected])

             Casualties of self-described religious warriors, 3000 unarmed victims were massacred on 9/11/2001. On March 11, 2004 hundreds of simple commuters in Madrid, Spain experienced the same fate, at the same hands, with 1400 left maimed. Israelis know intimately the nature and intents of Islam, while the children of Beslan, Russia had their up-close and personal introduction to ‘real Islam’ in 2004. These historical facts are simply indisputable. Muslim terrorists kill people in the name of their God, while vast numbers tolerate such actions. To civilized human beings, such acts in Gods name are a great sacrilege. Muslims, however, seem largely oblivious to the self-evident truth that the greatest blasphemers in any religion are those who appoint themselves God’s executioners.

            Muslims seem to have enormous capacity to absorb huge contradictions and great hypocrisies, remaining completely unfazed. With nary a blink, moderates and extremists alike call monsters who target Jewish children in Israel ‘mujahedeen’ (holy warriors). Arab Muslim societies, instead of developing any empathy for the victims of Muslim terrorists, race backward into ever deeper superstition, bigotry, and a culture of blame which renders reformation impossible. Huge parts of the Muslim world are afflicted with what can only be called world-wide denial, if not a deep psychosis characterized by a false sense of superiority and irrational hatred of all others, particularly those capable of defending themselves.

            If a small group of Muslim terrorists are humiliated in Abu-Graib prison, and all Muslims take it personally, gathering in great numbers to demand revenge. But the treatment of Iraqi western ‘collaborators’ by the prisoners ‘peers’ evokes little concern. If any American (non-Muslim) soldier were to be captured, is there any doubt as to his fate? Muslims around the world appear largely indifferent to the most in-humane treatment of infidels in Iraq. Many even relish videos and reports of atrocities as if it is some sort of Islamic national sport (”An American is killed with a road-side bomb, …score one for Muhammad!”)

            Horrendous crimes are being committed by Muslim Arabs against their Muslim brothers, sisters, and children in Sudan, while a deafening silence is observed throughout the Arab world. Arabs know all about what is going on in Darfur, even Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have started reporting some aspects of the crisis, but they don't react. Muslim public opinion with regard to the ongoing genocide has remained muted, causing barely an eyebrow to be raised. Yet had the slaughter targeted Arab Muslims perpetrated by Infidels, there would have been an uproar.

            A poor Palestinian child in proximity to terrorists is unintentionally hurt in Israel and Muslims are incensed,  but when hundreds of children are massacred in Beslan, those same sensitive Muslims seem to feel nothing, just go about their business as if nothing happened. The ‘best’ people also seem incapable of feeling pain for any of the hundreds of child victims of Palestinian homicide-bombers. When the victim is not Muslim, or insufficiently Muslim, hyper-sensitivity suddenly turns to mind-boggling apathy. With the knowledge that the victims in Beslan were not Muslim and the attackers were, acute empathy and compassion is instantly replaced with casual indifference. Yet if the attackers would have been non-Muslim and the children and their parents Muslim, is there any doubt protests and revenge attacks would have spanned the globe?

            If a Palestinian is killed in Israel, even if he has been involved in hundreds of attacks against Jews, Muslims worldwide chant and demand revenge. Yet if hundreds or thousands of Spaniards in Madrid, or Americans in New York, are massacred, their stone-cold hearts feel nothing.

            A U.S. Marine in Iraq kills a wounded terrorist, in a place where wounded terrorists are a fatal threat, and Muslims are mad as hell. But when vile Muslim murderers kill an helpless, benevolent woman serving poor and needy Iraqi Muslims for decades, Muslims can only say, "Bush and Blair are at fault."

            Islamic politicians demand western societies show tolerance toward Islamic laws and customs. But when Dutchman filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was silenced by an Islamic assassin, the same voices suggest he brought such misfortune upon himself by insulting the words of the Qur’an. Islam crushes resistance, protest, and disobedience in all lands where it has the upper hand, while taking full advantage of protections of speech, religion, movement, and association in its ongoing efforts to make host lands ‘Islamic’. Playing a political game, spokespersons demand their adoptive societies show tolerance for the most intolerant, restrictive, harsh, cruel, misogynist and reactionary ideology in human history.

            The ‘Red-Crescent’ was formed to be an answer to the western ‘Red-Cross’, yet it follows strict Islamic doctrine in limiting its services to Muslim Brothers and Sisters. When terrible, brutal things happen to non-believers anywhere, at the hands of Muslims or not, shoulders are shrugged as they say “it is the will of Allah”. But such antipathy disappears when Muslims strike a blow maiming any part of a population of non-believers, say …Americans, Indians, Russians, Jews, Australians, Italians, Spanish, Brits, Philippines, etc etc. Such malice serves as proof manifest that their ‘most compassionate, most-merciful’ Allah is indeed God. Hell, they seem to get the same warm giddy feeling of self-righteousness and superiority when Sunni and Shiite kill each other in large numbers.

            Muslims throughout Europe and the US were enraged when Tariq Ramadan (an Islamic ‘intellectual’ with radical, anti-Christian, anti-American ideas) was denied a visa and so tenure at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Suddenly so many Muslims were terribly worried about stifling intellectual freedom. Of course no one thinks to ask just how many Christian or openly anti-Islamic scholars have jobs at Islamic universities, as such a question is unthinkable. It is amusing to see Muslim folk rise to promote diversity, freedom, moral values, or equality. Sort of like the owners of the sunken Titanic coming out to promote ‘Iceberg Awareness Week’.

            The intractable problems embedded within Islamic doctrine and culture are often quite obvious, to anyone but Muslims who seem to have their Islamic blinders super-glued on. Whereas the rest of us usually see ourselves as humans first, Muslims see themselves as Muslims first. As such Islam is an anti-individual, anti-human religion, As in Gene Roddenberry's classical Star Trek ‘Borg’ culture, individuality and humanity become the first causality of ‘the Muslim collective’ (Ummah). Reinforced by the concept that they are the ‘best’ of people, the only individuals of worth to their Allah, they easily view all misfortunes of non-brothers as a good thing. Similarity, if any ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’ is humiliated or hurt, it is an evil thing, doubly so if the misfortune comes at the hands of vile non-believers. Such feelings are not attenuated by the fact that Muslim suffering if usually a natural consequence of the acts of Muslim militants. As they pile one misfortune after another upon themselves and their communities, in the Muslim collective they easily escape all culpability. Islam offers them a Teflon theological/psychological shield from guilt or regret. Being neither blind or stupid, they plainly see the blood on their own hands, yet remain unmoved in sincere belief that Allah is pleased at such a spectacle. With introspection unlikely, the prospects for enlightenment remain dim.


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