Leaving Islam




Islamic immigrants to our nation have perpetrated countless acts of senseless violence. Muslims, “in the name of Allah” have carried out bombings, shootings, arsons, and rapes, batteries and other acts of violence. Muslim immigrants and converts have perpetrated treason and murder in our armed forces. More so than you know and more so than has been reported by big media.

Already, millions of Middle Eastern people, mostly Muslims, have immigrated to the hated lands of the United States, The Great Satan. They hate and despise us, yet still they come. Why do you suppose that they come to the land of the Great Satan? Is it to breathe the sweet air of freedom that our ancestors so yearned for?

There is a more sinister and diabolical reason that the Saudi “Wahhabis” are forking over MILLIONS of dollars to relocate Muslims to the United States. In Islam, there is no such thing as freedom. Islam regulates every aspect of a Muslims life. Islam completely negates individualism. Islam is mutually exclusive of free will. Islam cannot join the modern world. Islam and democracy will never peacefully co-exist.

World War III actually began on September 11, 2001. Already, Islamo-Facsists have attacked peaceful nations in North America, Europe, Austral-Asia, the Philippines, and the Middle East. Soon, no nation in the world will be safe from Islamic attacks. France, due to her program of appeasement, and safe haven policy for terrorists got a pass for awhile. No longer. The French in their arrogant smugness thought they were immune to the Islamics. They thought they had made an accommodation with the Islamics. How stupid are the French!

Giving Islamics a pass may work for a short time, yet look how France is faring now. Look at the Intifada that French arrogance and stupidity has allowed to manifest itself. The Islamics gave the French a pass for only so long.

Islam is dedicated to the complete destruction of the Infidel World. In this regard, the western world is its’ own worst enemy. The Mullahs, Imams and Ayatollahs have an easy sell. It’s not difficult to persuade a desperately poor, uneducated and disaffected young Muslim that the infidel world is sick. While Islam has always fed on human failure and continues to do so today, it’s not difficult to convince any believing Muslim that that the non-Islamic World is despicable and rotten.

Millions of corpses in tens of hundreds of thousands of graves throughout Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe are silent testimony to the deadly nature of Islam. Islam has no room for unbelievers. An unbeliever is to be converted if possible, even by the threat of death. If it’s convenient, and an infidel can be used for any purpose, then he’s to be enslaved, tortured and humilitated.

Before the war with Islam is finished, millions of people may well die early deaths. The continued struggle in Afghanistan and Iraq has degenerated into a campaign of murder, confusion and destruction. Civil war can still break out in Iraq.

The Islamics are bent on imposing their brutal and inhuman cult on the entire world. As long as they have a means of carrying out their plans, they won’t quit. The vast amounts of oil-money guaranteed them by a desperate for energy western world is a ready-made recipient for continued violence. Yet our congress refuses to allow tapping of KNOWN energy sources in the US, because of environmental wackoism!

The Vietnam War taught our enemies and potential enemies much about the character of our United States. One lesson well understood is that as long as big media is biased against anything American, whether it be the economy, our military or American culture, there will be no unity or bond between Americans. The national motto, E Pluribus Unum, or “out of many, one,” has become an international joke.

The “progressive liberal agenda, that of tearing down everything that America is all about, and establishing “Multi-Culturalism,” plays directly into the hands of our enemies. The most powerful enemy today, is Islam. The followers of this insidious cult want to destroy our country. They want to destroy democracy and capitalism. They want to destroy Israel and everything else that’s good in the world. They may well succeed, but only if we allow them to do so. We have a president today that is not going to allow an Islamic victory. Looking forward to the 2008 elections and the possibility of a Hillary victory is sobering. Time will tell.








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