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Conquering Islam…On the March Again
War on Terror/Lt. Col. Michael Burkert, US Army (ret.)

January 19, 2006 - 

Conquering Islam is once again marching forward. Islam, always at war with all others since the days of Mohammed, the self-proclaimed prophet or “messenger” of Allah, is now emboldened on all fronts. Billions of dollars in oil money has enabled this hideous and sinister cult-based “religion” to continue its sweep of illusionary greatness throughout most parts of the world.

For centuries, Islam was spread at the edge of a scimitar; a large curved sword favored by Muslim warriors. As Muslim armies rode hard and fast over the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe, they spread slaughter, slavery, cruelty by way of the most unspeakable tortures, wherever they rode. All in the name of Allah!

At one point during the 17th century, the Muslim conquerors were at the gates of Vienna. They had come a great distance from their Middle Eastern origins. Primarily Turkish armies stormed European lands, and overran such Balkan nations as modern day Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia, Romania and Hungary. We all know of the stories of “Count Dracula” said to be a vampire.

The origins of this story however, have nothing to do with biting anybody, or drinking human blood. The original “Dracula” was a Romanian Prince named Vlad Dracul. History also records his name as “Vlad the Impaler.” Before you cringe and think how nasty this guy was, you have to understand that Vlad was in actuality fighting against barbarous and brutal Muslims. The Turks, at the urging of the Mullahs and Imams and other Islamic “holy men,” imposed the most barbarous tortures and horrible executions on Christian Romania. The tortures and cruelties are beyond our imagination! In the name of Allah, there was no slack cut for any Christian or Jew in old Romania.

Vlad quickly learned that the only way to combat the barbarous and bloodthirsty Muslim conquerors was to be more cruel and vicious than they were! He used the very texts of the Koran to fight the hated Islamic invaders. By using instructions he found in the Koran, he defeated the Islamic menace! Using Islamic methods of cruelty, Romanians were able to force the beaten Islamic armies out of their country.

They saved themselves from ensuing centuries of illiteracy, squalor and Islamic idiocy. To this day, Vlad Dracul is a national hero in Romania. I saw for myself, his portrait adorning the ceilings at both the National Opera Houses in Bucharest as well as in Timisoara, the two most significant cities in Romania.

Since September 11, 2001, the American people have been subjected to many speeches and statements from our congress, which proclaimed that we are not at war with Islam. The President himself made repeated statements in the early days of the war. The bizarre reality of this issue is that Islam is at war with us. So how do you defeat an enemy that you don’t dare identify, or define?

How do we combat an enemy where vilification by our society and our military is forbidden? Due to the fact that “Political Correctness” has run amok in our nation and within our armed forces, we have become a nation where our army conducts “touchy-feely” training sessions. Our army leadership emphasizes “consideration of others,” or COO training as it’s known among the soldiers. Sensitivity training for the acceptance of homosexuals or whatever the “multicultural” group of the day is has made it impossible to define our enemies. Our senior Army leadership today is more concerned with observing the “human rights” of our enemies, than doing everything necessary to win against Islam! This is sadly, a result of the politicization of the military during the Clinton Administration, and a very partisan, anti-military big media.

Millions of Middle Eastern peoples have moved to the United States, most in just the past decade. They have proven to be the most violent of any ethnic minority to ever migrate to our shores. As Muslims in our country gain the upper hand, and they will, look for sexual assaults to rise astronomically. In Islam, it’s expected for Muslim men to rape infidel women. Mohammed himself set the example.

In Islam, it’s not a sin to murder an unbeliever. Actually, according to the Koran, it’s a duty. An unbeliever is any person who doesn’t embrace the religion of Mohammed. It’s no sin to steal from, enslave or humiliate a “kafir,” or unbeliever. This accounts for the Islamic Intifada that has only now begun in Europe. It accounts for the recent terrorizing of train passengers in France. It explains the sexual assaults, the robbery and beating of Infidels on a French train near Nice, just weeks ago. Sexual assault on Infidel women is a prime tool of terrorism in the west. Look for more of this form of “conquering Islam” to spread in our cities and towns.

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