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Jihad in New Jersey


By Judson Cox



Yesterday, Hossam Armanious, his wife Amal Garas and their daughters, Monica (8) and Sylvia (15) were found murdered in their New Jersey home.  The reason this family was so brutally murdered appears to be that they were outspoken critics of Islam.  The family was bound and tortured, before their throats were slit in accord with the instructions for executing nonbelievers, as detailed in the Koran:  (47:4) "Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly [on them]."


They were Coptic Christians, an Egyptian sect of Christianity especially hated by Muslims for their refusal to convert to Islam.  Hossam Armanious had received death threats from Muslims.  According to a family friend, one of the threats read, "You'd better stop this bull, or we are going to track you down like a chicken and kill you.”  Sylvia was especially brutalized, apparently due to the tattoo of a Coptic cross on her wrist.  The girl’s throat was not only slit, but she was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and wrist where she bore the sign of her faith. 


It remains to be seen how our news media will deal with this horrific slaying.  Will this brutal and sensational crime receive as much coverage as the Laci Peterson murder?  Will this terrorist attack be treated with the same awe and fascination as the Kobe Bryant case?  Will we have 24/7 legal analysis, breaking news, interviews, investigations, magazine racks filled with pictures of the slain, an absolute media frenzy?  Or, will this gruesome event be glossed over, whitewashed and quickly forgotten for reasons of political correctness?


When followers of “the religion of peace” hacked off Nick Berg’s head, it received nowhere near the coverage as the Kobe Bryant case.  Social commentators and news analysts argued that the story must be played down to prevent stirring up hatred toward the Muslim community.  Considering that only one act of violence against a Middle Easterner (mistaken for a Muslim) was performed in retribution for the outrageous murder of over three thousand Americans in the 9/11 attacks, I don’t think that outcome very likely.  I think it far more likely that the suppression of coverage was due to fear of offending the Muslim community.


Well, I’m offended by the Muslim community that refuses to condemn such acts of violence.  I’m offended by the Muslim community that tolerates the teaching of religious violence, anti-Semitism, anti-Christian bigotry and anti-Americanism in its religious schools.  More than that, I am offended by the liberals in our culture who refuse to recognize this violent cancer in our midst that is literally killing us one person, one family and 3,000 persons at a time.  I am offended by those who refuse to recognize evil, and demand tolerance from everyone but those who cut off people’s heads and fly planes into buildings.  I am offended by those who blame the victims and celebrate the predators out of their own cowardice. 


If, as it appears, this family was killed by Islamic terrorists in New Jersey , it must serve as an ear-splitting wake up call.  Every American must be warned and reminded that the terrorists hide among us.  The likes of Michael Moore, who claim, “There is no terrorist threat,” should be forced to view this atrocity.   Those who think the prisoner abuses at Abu Graib were horrible human rights violations should by forced to view the body of an 8 year old girl, her hands bound and her throat slit by their Muslim darlings. 


America - you reading this column - do not let this family die in vain!  Let them be martyrs to their faith and our freedom.  Let their deaths become the turning point, the moment when America finally awoke to the dangers of radical Islam and realized that the war on terror is here, on our soil, now.  Do not return to life as normal.  Do not let the media give Michael Jackson more coverage than this gruesome terrorist attack.  Demand that his story be the most covered of the year - call the national media, call your local media.  Call your elected representatives and demand that the laws meant to combat terrorism be enforced.  Exercise your Second Amendment rights; buy a gun to protect your family.  Know and be willing to protect your neighbors.  Keep your eyes open; watch for suspicious activity.  Patrol your neighborhood.  For God’s sake, do not close your eyes to this atrocity!   




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