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  Too many Kurds have died as a result of such justice for Arabs only double standards. The Foggy Folks have already repeatedly told stateless Kurds that they dare not dream of the same thing that those very same Foggy Folks demand for Arabs...independence. There is no American-sponsored roadmap for the Kurds. But, in the Arabs' case, state #22--and second, not first, one to be created for them in " Palestine "--is considered a must.

     The Sunni Arab approach to the Kurds is well known and represents typical Arab murderous, racist, and subjugating attitudes towards Kurds (and others as well) even prior to the rise of the Baath in both Syria and Iraq . Shi'a Arabs--while temporarily in need of the Kurds to help balance suicide/homicide-bombing Sunnis--offer Kurds a long-term future not much better. And when America exists the picture, expect this situation to rapidly deteriorate.

     The Kurds adjusted to the absence of a Kurdish roadmap by promises of meaningful autonomy in a loosely-structured, federal Iraq . Those promises, too, however, are not written in concrete, and the State Department continues to treat its most loyal friend and ally in Iraq not much better than the British did in an earlier era: It uses and abuses them...done not to anger Arabs, but also to not anger Turks who fear what an adjacent, independent Kurdistan might mean for their own huge Kurdish populations. While these Turkish fears must be positively addressed, they cannot dictate Kurdish destiny. The existence of an independent, Muslim Albania did not stop America from promoting the cause of Muslim Kosovar Albanians at the expense of Serbs. Or promoting the cause of another state for Arabs in Palestine at the expense of the Jews and their sole, tiny, vulnerable state, etc., etc., and so forth.

     So, here's the deal.

     America will probably be out of Iraq within two years. The current civil war will expand and will increasingly pit Sunni Arabs against Shi'a Arabs. Which brings me back to non-nation nations.

     Kurds deserve a fate better than having to be tied to murderous Arab chauvinists of any stripe. While Sunnis and the Shi'a blow each other apart, leaders of both are on record denying Kurdish aspirations to equality. The Shi'a have been trying to nix the federalist promises and seek to create an "Islamic Republic."

     America must reject the Foggy and Big Oil-dictated policies of the past and insure that before it leaves the scene this time, the Kurds won't have to pay the piper yet again. Arab leaders have already declared that the Kurds will be targeted, since they have continuously been the staunchest supporters of America in Iraq .

     There are a number of ways that we can accomplish this.

     Instead of demanding the integration of Kurdish forces into an "Iraqi"--i.e. Arab-dominated--army, America could allow Kurds the ability to better defend themselves. We do this for numerous Arab regimes who still have Israel in their sights.

     It's time, for example, for Kurds to have air squadrons stationed in their own areas manned by Kurdish pilots, and for the establishment of a Kurdish armored corps as well. If all goes well--and this depends upon the Arabs, not the Kurds--these units will be local, national guard-type forces contributing to the overall security of a unified, federal Iraq . But, if history repeats itself, and the Arabs seek revenge (as has been already promised) against America 's best friends, the Kurds will have the means to defend themselves. This is the least that America can do for a people who truly deserve a roadmap but whom America still declares to be unworthy. This would be the best choice, since it would involve minimal American forces stationed in Iraq .

     Another tempting alternative involves the establishment of major American air and other military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan--similar to Incirlik in Turkey . This would have several benefits. For one thing, it would help ease the fears of the Turks that Iraqi Kurds will in some way "infect" Turkish Kurds. And it will send a message to the Arabs to keep their hands off of the Kurds as well. Arab tanks, helicopters, and fighter bombers are less likely to attack Kurdish villages with American forces stationed nearby. And it gives America a valuable presence in a strategically important region at a time when that same American presence is increasingly unwelcome elsewhere. The disadvantage is that it will make the Kurds even more hated in the long run by the Arabs...so America must make this a long term commitment and must be willing to turn over such bases to the Kurds themselves if it ever withdraws. Or, it could follow my first suggestion and at least create Kurdish air and armored corps before closing such bases.

     Minds better than my own may come up with other ways to deal with this issue. But one thing is certain...

     America must not repeat its shameful policies of the past which have treated our Kurdish friends worse than Arabs who deliberately blow us apart. The same State Department, which rejected the Jews' right to a state in 1948, continues to see justice only through Arab eyes regarding the Kurds as well.

     It will take an American President strong enough to oppose the Foggy Folks to accomplish this. Unfortunately, the man now in  office (whom I voted for), is intimately tied to Arab oil interests--as are some of his closest friends, James Baker in particular. Baker's law firm represents the Saudis. Dubya has already backed off from at least implied assurances given to Israel in April 2004 regarding a quid pro quo in terms of Sharon 's Gaza withdrawal...and for similar reasons.

     But America 's soul is at stake here.

     It's time for the media, academia, and other would-be sources of ethical enlightenment to speak up as loudly and forcefully for Kurds as they have done for the creation of the Arabs' 22nd state. It's time for the Kurdish cause to constantly make the editorials and the news the same way that of the Arabs has. And it's time for the American Congress to make demands as well.

     It will cause lasting harm to the greatness of America if the State Department and those tied to Big Oil are allowed to stain our nation's honor yet again with the blood of the Kurds

     It's time for America to illustrate, far better than it has up until now, how to treat a friend...in this case, friends who have willingly endangered their own lives even further by allying themselves to us.


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