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Letters to Mr. Abul Taher

After publishing my interview with Mr. Abul Taher, several people contacted him by phone and email. Some of them sent me a copy. I think the following is interesting.

Mr. Taher, 

Babrbara Stock

    Let me introduce myself:  I am one of the non-Muslim writers on Ali web page.  Not as prolific as some, but I get my point across. 

    I owe a great deal to Ali Sina.  I was one of those foolish Americans who believed the myth that all the terrorism around the world is "just a handful" of radical Muslims.  It took Ali about a year and a half, but he finally opened my eyes to the truth.  Once my eyes were opened everything that made no sense before, became perfectly clear.

    I hope that you can convince your paper to print the interview because it is important for people to read.  Surely you must realize that Ali cannot allow you to have his phone number or even a picture.  He is a hunted man.  Would you broadcast such information in a similar situation?  We have been friends for about two years now and even I do not have, nor do I want, such information.

  I have received e-mail from ex-Muslims that tell me they use a different name out of fear of discovery.  If you are Muslim, you know why.  If you are not, you should realize that Islam is not kind to those who leave the fold. 

  One thing I have discovered is that all one has to be is in the sphere of Islam to be hateful and angry.  I was asked to join a list group of Palestinian Christians.  Why, after reading their words, I can't imagine.  All that was put forth was hate.  Hate the Jews.  Hate the Americans who help the Jews.  Hate Jews all over the world..hate, hate, hate....was their only message.  Even praise for Germany "who tried to stop the takeover of the world by the evil Jews" was discussed.  Ignorant of history, these poor people, downtrodden as they may be, have no clue that if Israel was destroyed, it would only be a matter of time before Islam culled them from their midst.  No Christians allowed on " Muslim Land ." 

  The problem is, of course, the entire world is considered " Muslim Land ."  Do you know that one of the founders of CAIR (Council on American/Islamic Relations) is on record as stating his goal is to replace our Constitution with the Quran?  That confligration Ali spoke of?  Just try doing that and you will see one. As a Brit, you would scoff at how heavily armed as a people we are.  There will come a day when the Brits may lament the fact that the enemy is armed and they are not.  That day may be sooner than you think.

  As an American, I realize we are the biggest hurtle for Islam.  That is why we are in their gun sights.  It is not Afghanistan , or Iraq , or anything else of that nature.  That is just a smokescreen.  We are Islam's biggest threat.  Even Muslims who live here...many do not know or understand us because they have kept themselves isolated from us.  Islam has no idea what will happen to them if they do something foolish like use a nuke on an American city.  Nor will we stand for being a much bigger Israel .  Hell hath no fury like angry Americans, trust me on that.  The Cindy Sheehands and Teddy Kennedys would be trampled in the rush to get to the nearest Mosque.  Would it be rational?  Of course not.  Neither would detonating a nuke in large city of civilians.  Bin Laden made a fatal mistake when he attacked us on 9/11.  Not for him yet, coward that he is, hiding while sending others to die needlessly.  But a fatal mistake for Islam.  Islam awoke that sleeping giant once again.

   You mentioned Pat Robertson.  While I'm Catholic and not whatever he is, I must say there is some reason to what he said.  Would it have not been much better to take out Saddam and his darling boys rather than have to invade the country and have many other lives lost?  How different would the world have been if we could have gotten to Hitler in 1938?  Or Stalin in 1946?  Or Pol Pot?  Or Mousalini?

  The abortion bombers?  You make it sound as though it happens every day.  It has happened a couple of times, it was wrong, (tho I am pro-life) and most of those who have done the bombings are now in prison.

   At any rate, if you need someone to vouch for Ali and the fact that he is who he says he is, about a hundred of us will stand up for him and with him any day of the week.  Ali is not destroying Islam.  It is doing that all by itself.  He is trying to save Muslims.  In all our discussions, I have never heard an angry word from him.  Frustrated, yes, be never hateful. 

  To me, this is just more proof that the power of Islam is gone from him.  The hypnotic trance has been broken and he can think for himself.  Personally, I am very grateful.  As he tries to save Muslims, I am trying to save Americans by waking them up to the danger.  It is slow, but progress is being made.  I just hope it is enough.


Barbara J. Stock  








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