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Apocalypse NOW: The Twelfth Imam

By Alan Caruba 


If anyone still thinks that the worldwide Islamic Jihad is going to go away simply because we have had some success in Afghanistan and are paving the way for a democratic government in Iraq, the attack in London as the G-8 meeting was to convene should dispel such notions.  

Most revealing was the G-8 agenda, devoted to so-called global warming and forgiving African debt; two examples of wishful thinking based on neither scientific, nor economic evidence either would accomplish anything. More to the point, the Islamic Jihadists took the opportunity to remind us who and what the real enemy is. 

“Ya Mahdi, Ad Rekni!” This translates to “Mahdi save us!” and refers to the Islamic Shiite myth about a twelfth imam who tradition says disappeared some eleven centuries ago. In Curt Weldon’s new book, “Countdown to Terror”, he notes that this figure “is expected to return and fulfill the long-awaited Islamic apocalypse, one that will reward the faithful and, with catastrophic violence, purge all infidels from the face of the Earth.” 

We must face the risk of another even more catastrophic attack that will be justified by an Islamic fantasy. 

Making this even worse is the “election” of Mahmood Ahmadinejad as Iran ’s president. The mullahs that run Iran are perfectly capable of sanctioning some kind of nuclear attack on the US , but Mahmood is on record saying, “The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.”  Watching this guy is comparable to having watched the rise of Hitler in the 1930s. This Teheran mayor has served as a senior commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp, responsible for the nation’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.  The stage is set for their use against us.  

Weldon is vice chairman of the House Armed Service Committee in Congress and long familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of our intelligence services. Despite strenuous efforts, he has been unable to awaken any concern in the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and other comparable agencies to prevent an attack on the United States timed to occur on or about the twelfth imam’s supposed birthday. 

You can begin the countdown now. If an attack is scheduled, it could occur as early as between November 25 and December 3 of this year. The likely target is a nuclear facility in the US . A Jihadist plot to destroy Seabrook, just outside of Boston , was previously foiled. Had it succeeded, producing a “ Chernobyl ” after a hijacked commercial jet flew into it, much of the northeast would have become uninhabitable. A future “Mahdi save us!” attack might alternatively occur in the Seattle area. 

Americans in general, it seems to me, have grown indifferent to the threat the Islamic Jihad represents. Too many believe we are engaged in a questionable military action in Iraq and Afghanistan . Only the daily casualty reports remind anyone that the single most important war of civilizations is occurring and has been for the last three decades or so. And it formally began in Iran

This is why the President delivered a speech on June 28 to clarify the military situation in the Middle East and emphasize again the need to succeed in our mission to install a democratic nation in the midst of a region that has none other than Israel , a backsliding Turkey , and the government we set up in Afghanistan .  

Weldon’s book is a shocking series of revelations of how unprepared and ill prepared we are for another attack on the United States . Despite the billions spent on our intelligence agencies, they were caught completely off-guard by 9-11 and there are examples of earlier failures such as the revelation that Pakistan had developed a nuclear weapon. These days, one wonders if any of these agencies has a clue where Iran ’s or North Korea ’s nuclear facilities are located.  

Detailing how he was contacted by an Iranian living in Europe and working with a network of informants inside the government to avoid another catastrophic attack on the US or elsewhere, Weldon’s book presents his written communications, all of which accurately predicted events and plots that those in the CIA chose to ignore. Frustrated, Weldon met independently with his contact and, finally, has authored this book whose title is enough to tell you he expects something truly awful to occur. 

Frankly, I do as well. Iran is the single most determined enemy the United States has these days. Its mullahs have poured millions into terrorist organizations and are currently doing everything it can to deter Iraq from emerging as a beacon of freedom on its border and throughout the region. The Iranian population loves America , but everything there is run by a council of mullahs who are determined to extend the Islamic Revolution to the entire world. It is folly to trust them to act rationally. 

Anyone who does not think that Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda is not closely linked to the Iranian mullahs is deluding themselves. Indeed, I have long believed that the real reason we have not been able to find and kill bin Laden is because he has been safely living in Iran and not the frequently mentioned mountainous areas of Pakistan or Afghanistan . That he has been seen in various safe houses and compounds in Iran , is not even in doubt.  

Weldon’s contact reported that, “In November 2003, at a crucial meeting of the Committee of Nine, it is decided to postpone the Twelfth Imam attack on the United States until after the 2004 elections.” At that time, however, Ayatollah Khamenei reportedly decided that “The project should be kept alive and preparations should be made in such a way that once the decision is taken to go ahead, there is no delay in execution.” 

As Weldon notes in his book, “We live in an age when technology has so empowered man that a small group of terrorists---even an individual---could bring a nation to its knees.” 

In the midst of the usual blather that followed the President’s speech, the one thing missing from the political partisanship and reflections by various “experts” is that we are very probably living on borrowed time until the “Twelfth Imam” attack occurs. 

Alan Caruba writes “Warning Signs”, a weekly commentary posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, www.anxietycenter.com

© Alan Caruba, 2005






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