Leaving Islam



Alan Caruba 

Collection of Essays 

The Enemy of the World 2005/12/24

The European Infitada 2005/11/10

A Great Adventure for Muslims Only 2005/09/19

The Lebanese Dilemma 2005/07/24

G-8 Failure on a Global Scale  2005/07/18

Europe Slowly Awakens to Terror Threat 2005/07/15

Apocalypse NOW: The Twelfth Imam 2005/07/09

Let’s Blame Everyone But the Muslims 2005/05/20

Can Islam Reform Itself? 2005/04/14

A Worldwide Criminal Enterprise 2005/03/23

Call It Eurabia Now 2005/02/12

Hanukkah 2004: No More Compromises 2004/12/10

English versus Arabic and Spanish 2004/11/27

Murdering CARE  2004/11/18

After Arafat  2004/11/06

The Right War in the Right Place , But Not for the Reason You Think   2004/10/18

The Decline and Fall of Islam  2004/10/09

Islam, Sex, and the Terror War 2004/09/25

Unhappy Muslims 2004/09/15


Alan Caruba writes a weekly commentary, “Warning Signs”, posted on the website of The National Anxiety Center at www.anxietycenter.com.






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