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Khairul Makerin: 

Part two  

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After realizing that Zafar was none but Ali Sina, (the enemy of  Satan Allah and his pervert pedophile preposterous psychopath prophet pretender)  the head terrorist of the site where I had tried to open some minds could not resist remaining silent and wrote the following comment. 


Its funny that this Murtid came here by hiding with the name of Zafar

I became suspicious about him when He said that Muslims at that time enforced Islam by wagging war but its not possible now.

Any Muslim specially a Muslim who is promoting Daíawah before Jihad canít say such thing.

Even Mujahideen only says that Sword was used only to erase the Man Made Systems and oppressing Rulers so that the common people become free to understand Islam by experiencing its system by living in that system.

he said in his recent article


This coward is afraid of words.  He is sitting in his rat hole encouraging other fools to become terrorists while he himself, like a vampire who is afraid of light is frightened by mere words. 

how funny

a person who never showed up publically and actually himself a cyber vampire calling us vampire.

a Person who know that he has all the support of Kuffars with him, all the lands of Kuffar are welcoming him but still he only speak on the internet on his site

on the other hand his allies are sniffing everywhere to find out the people behind internet supporting and promoting Jihad banning their sites and sending them behind jails but still we are here speaking the truth never afraid of their pigs

and he is calling me coward??


This person actually think that he revealed some hidden thing from me which i was hiding before

but how silly he is that my whole blog is about whatever i said to him.

my whole blog is saying that Qitaal of Kuffar, Murtideen and Munafiqeen is the only solution.

The True system for the benefit of mankind can only established by removing these man made systems and that can only be possible through Qitaal.

The fact speaks for itself. Those who are on the right path donít make fun of the things donít abuse personalities

Harsh and bitter words show the weak cause.

And thats exactly what can be seen from his behavior.

He tried alot that Muslim Ullemahs give him some importance to make debate with him, challenging them and doing all sort of things but no one give him this honor, with frustration he started making fun of the things.

Finding no other to make fun with he came to my blog to make fun of me.

How silly he is that by making fun of the things he is actually prooving the weakness of his cause, claiming to be very knowledgeable and an icon or something and running here and there in the ordinary blogs like me to make fun of things.

Indeed through the Verses of Quran some who have conscience see the right path and some like him lost in the world

But I must admit I feel humiliated and insulted that this thing got the chance and honor to come to this blog and post by hiding himself and even He got the honor that I sacrifice a whole post to discuss about his filth, He donít actually deserve it.



Okay Mr. Terrorist. Now that you have taken the time to defend yourself with words you have come to my turf.  We all know you are good in killing and shedding innocent blood.  Now let us see how good you are in reasoning.  

Killing is the expertise of animals and reasoning is the skill of humans.  Any ferocious beast can kill.  That is what they do for living.  What distinguishes humans from animals is their rational faculty. Animals are not endowed with rational faculty.  They canít win through logics.  They have no understanding of it.  All they know is force and violence.  As far as animals are concerned, might is right.  Humans are the only species that have developed rational faculty.  They use reason to distinguish right from wrong and win over their opponents.  Animals use violence or as you call it, qital.  

By insisting that Muhammad only used qital to establish his hegemony you are admitting that Muhammad was no better than an animal.  Many Muslims love to lie and claim that the wars of Muhammad were "defensive".  You tell the truth and do not realize how evil your demonic religion looks.  These confessions are worth a goldmine to me and to our cause.  

I gave the example of me pointing a gun at your head demanding to accept my wrong point of view.  If you want to live you have no choice but to agree with me, at least outwardly, even though inwardly you donít.  In this way the disagreement disappears and ďpeaceĒ is restored (the Islamic way).  But is what we believe true?  Certainly not!  Truth cannot be established by force.  It must be established through reasoning.  Therefore, it is clear that the use of force to impose oneís belief is foolish and animalistic.  It is stupid to think that an all wise and omniscient God would resort to violence and qital, the animal way, to impose the truth.  If something is true, one must be able to prove it logically.  If it cannot be proven logically it is false.  This applies to every proposition.  How can suddenly, when it comes to religion, God expects us to put aside our reasoning and believe in things that appear stupid, evil and false?  Would a real God send a messenger to raid innocent people in the middle of the night, torture them and kill them and then rape their wives?  Arenít these actions diabolic?  How can a real God do something so abhorrent and then expect us to believe in that messenger with no proof?  

You wrote: "Harsh and bitter words show the weak cause."  Really? And what about violence and qital? doesn't qital show weakness of the cause? 

Humans are endowed with reason.  Isnít God who gave us reason?  If a religion is from God it cannot go against reason.  The rays of sun are parallel. Why? It is because they emanate from the same source.  They never cross each other.  If both religion and reason are from God they should not cross each other either.  If they do, it means that they come from different sources.  Since reason cannot be from any other source but God, if a religion contradicts reason that religion is false.  

In his message, the member of your forum nx84 wrote: ďHe thinks Allah is (Naozubillah) is some normal-day Buddy, who is bound to explain each and everything for his non-ending blather.Ē  

If God does not have to explain his actions and act irrationally how can we know he is God?  There have been many false pretenders claiming to be messengers of God.  Like Muhammad, they have threatened people that if they don't believe God will punish them.  Should we believe them?  What kind of God would send a message to humans with no proof whatsoever?   It is foolish to believe in anyone without evidence.  There are many loonies who have made such claim and there has not been dearth of fools who have believed in them and even have given their lives for them.  Read the story of cults. Cultists commit murder and suicide for their beliefs.  They have faith, but is their faith true?  

A real God would never play pranks with humans. A real God is not a deceiver.  God is almighty and powerful.  If you are all powerful you donít deceive.  You resort to deception when you have no power.  I deceived you people coming to your site pretending to be a fellow terrorist. Why I did that? It is because in your site I have no power and no rights. You do not allow freedom of speech and my messages will be deleted as soon as I post them.  So to make my message reach your deaf ears I had to deceive you.  I had to lie in order to be read.  If I had the right to say whatever I want freely, there was no need for me to deceive.  Anyone can come to our forum and say whatever they want and they will not be censored.  So why should anyone try to deceive us when they can say anything freely?  It is powerlessness that forces people to resort to deception.  

Why would an almighty God need to deceive his creatures?  It makes no sense.  The verse 3:54 in the Quran is a giveaway.  It shows that Allah is not God.   It is not godly for God to deceive his own creatures.  He is powerful and his creatures are helpless in front of him.  Why a powerful being would need to deceive his helpless creatures?  What would you say of the mental state of a parent who deceives his children? Muhammad attributes the qualities of Satan, who is a deceiver, to God.  It is because he was the messenger of Satan and not of God.  God is the best in all virtues and not in all the vices.  You canít say God is the best liar, the best cheater, the best thief, the best murderer, the best con artist, the best idiot or the best deceiver.  The verse 3:54 is blasphemy and anyone who truly believes in God must denounce the Quran and Muhammad for that verse alone.  In fact the entire Quran is full of blasphemy.  

The problem with Muslims is that they have accepted a false premise and then upon that false premise they have erected their religion.  To a deluded person, things seem alright, but one with a little insight can see all the fallacies of Islam.  Islam is based on a fallacious foundation.  Allah is not God and Muhammad is not a prophet of God.  I have proven this and no one has been or will be able to disprove me.    

Nx84 brings the example of Abraham who was asked to sacrifice his son to prove his faith.  The story of Abraham is fairytale.  It is stupid to take that fable as the bases of our faith and say since God asked Abraham something so horrendous and evil, then we should follow any evil thing to prove our faith.  This is trying to prove one fallacy on the authority of another fallacy.  A few years ago in America, a woman murdered her three children.  She told police that God told her to kill them.  Do you think God asked her to kill her children?  That woman was insane.  Her husband testified that she was an overly zealot religious person and a loving mother.   She was taken to mental hospital.  Abraham was also a loony.  It is foolish to take that fool as our standard and regard his hallucinations as messages from God.  Just because our ignorant ancestors believed in a lie, we must not hold on to it also.  Today psychiatrists can explain and name the mental sicknesses of many of the so called prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel, disciple Paul, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Bab, Hellen Schuckman, etc. I have talked about their sickness in my book Understanding Muhammad. It is foolish for us who are living in this day of science and enlightenment to follow a bunch of loonies.  

As rational beings we must use our brains. Is there any evidence to the claims of Muhammad or other so called prophets?  There is none.  Would a wise God send messengers with no evidence at all and then punish those who do not believe?  Wouldnít that make God unjust and a sadist?  

Let us say you drive in a highway and someone waves and tries to stop you.  If he is wearing a police uniform you have to stop.  But what if he is not?  Would you stop? What if he is a highway robber?  Would a real police try to stop you with civilian clothing?  If you donít stop can any court of law find you guilty? Of course not!  Real cops must identify themselves with their uniform and badge.  Otherwise you cannot be charged for disregarding their orders.  We have thousands of charlatans and madmen claiming to be prophets.  How do we know which one is telling the truth and which one is an imposter?  God, the real God not Allah, gave us a brain and he expects us to use it to find the right path.  We should not abandon our reason and believe in a conman that has no proof for his claim just because he threatens us.  

Now, imagine you stop at the order of this man in civilian clothing and he tells you he is the official of the law and you foolishly believe without asking for his credentials. Then he orders you to do things that are against the law, such as kill someone, steal their property and rape their wives. Would you do what he says?  Now, not only you are a fool for believing in this conman you are also guilty for doing what he says.  No court of law can forgive you for your crimes because you have been deluded by a conman.   

Where is the proof of Muhammadís claim?  Where is the proof that his Allah is the real God?  Believing in him is stupid, but no one will punish you for being a fool.  However, if you start killing innocent people because he said you should, then you are guilty.  Not only you must be hunted down and brought to justice but if there is an afterlife you will burn in hell for your crimes.  No real God would punish humans for foolishness.  I donít think Muslims or the followers of any religion will be punished for what they believe even if they believe is lies.  After all, God knows that we are ignorant and overlooks our mistakes.   

Will you punish a two year child if he kicks you or makes rude faces?  Of course not!  You would be insane if you do.  You would hug him, kiss him and tell him he should not behave in this way.  You wonít get offended by a child and would not burn him for what he does to you. Isnít the difference between you and God infinitely bigger than the difference between you and the child?  So how can an infinitely great God become offended by us insignificant humans and punish us in such a sadistic way that Muhammad has described, for eternity?  This description belittles God.  Muhammadís god is a despot like Saddam Hussein, who liked to be praised and was offended by those who disrespected him and punished them. Attributing these insanities to God is blasphemy. Muhammad was a blasphemer not a prophet of God. 

God will forgive your ignorance.  What he wonít forgive is your crimes.  If you kill other humans then you wonít be forgiven because forgiving you would be injustice to your victims. Muslims will not go to hell for believing in a charlatan liar like Muhammad, but the jihadis will, because of their crimes.    

It is foolish to say the scholars of Islam do not answer me because they donít think I am important.  FFI receives millions of visitors and thousands of people have left Islam and are leaving Islam thanks to the articles that our team has written.   I am not seeking importance.  This movement is not about me.  Ignore me. But what about those millions of people who read our site?  Shouldnít they know the truth?  Everyone knows that the reason the scholars of Islam shy away from us is because they know they do not stand a chance.  They are often demolished in the first round of the debate.  It is their image and reputation that they try to save.  It is not that we are supper smart.  I talk about myself. I am an ordinary person and despite the claims of my opponents,  no more intelligent than the average Joe.  I am winning all my debates, not because I am smarter than my opponents or have more knowledge, but because I speak the truth. When you speak the truth you win always.    

You deny being a coward. Of course you are. You are a murderer who incites other fools to kill innocent people and when asked for reasons you hide in your rat hole and have none.  You are afraid of the truth and censor any talk that exposes you as a brain dead terrorist that you are.  You are afraid of words.  I am not using guns and explosives. I am not threatening to behead anyone.  All I have in my arsenal are words.  Words that speak the truth and you are afraid of them.  You are like a vampire who is afraid of light.  You can only strike in the darkness of the night and suck the blood of innocent people who are taken off guard.  If you had courage you would publish this letter and respond to it in your site, but you deleted my last message.  Why FFI has a free forum and we allow anyone to say anything they like?. Because we know that we speak the truth and when you speak the truth you are not afraid of anyone or anything.  Why no Muslims forum or country allows free speech? It is because they know that their lies cannot stand the devastating impact of the truth.  Darkness can only exist where there is no light.  That is why Muslims have to use threat and violence to silence those who speaks against them.  Truth always wins and it does not require violence to support it.  I donít have to use violence to make people believe that  2+2=4.  I can prove this easily and even if you disagree, I am still right and don't  give a damn.  Why should I use violence if I am sure that want I say is true?  But if I say something false and I am unable to prove it and desperate to make my views imposed,  then I will have to resort to violence and qital to make you submit to my lies.  

The very fact that Muhammad did not enter in any dialogue with his opponents and instead of reasoning and logical arguments insulted them called them blind, deaf, and dumb, is proof that he was a liar. He avoided their questions and never provided an answer. Instead he said: "As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe" (Q.2.6

The very fact that he resorted to violence is proof that he was not telling the truth.  It is just damn stupid to believe in such a liar and mistake him for a prophet. Were his deeds divine?  That man assassinated his critics. He robbed people in the middle of the night. He raided merchant caravans; he looted villages and towns and stole the herds of shepherds; he burned trees and destroyed wells. He raped women after torturing to death their husbands.  He massacred entire populations with false accusations. He broke all his treaties and lied anytime it suited him making God an accomplice to his crimes.  Are these actions divine? How much foolishness is enough? Look how much wealth he accumulated in just ten years.  He was poor when he came to Medina.  He did not have enough food.  In just few years he became the wealthiest man in Arabia. It was all stolen money. It was all loot gained by destroying lives.    

If you are so stupid that you want to believe in such a criminal that is up to you.  God will not punish anyone for being stupid.  But why do you want to kill innocent people for him?  This will sure send you to hell.  Muhammad is in hell.  You will go there too.  Donít be a fool.  Donít kill people.  God will forgive your ignorance and stupidity but he wonít forgive your crimes.  You canít escape punishment for saying you were fooled by the lies of a conman.  That excuse is not going to be accepted neither in this world nor in the next.  

I know you are not used to reasoning, but let us try it because on it hinges your afterlife.  Let us say there is a God, a hell and a paradise.  Now, Muhammad is either a prophet of God or he is not.  Let us assume that he is.  If you believe in him and do good work you will be admitted to paradise.  God will never punish you for not being a jihadi and not killing the infidels.  My grandmother was a Muslim who never hurt anyone in her life. She never killed the kuffar. She was not even unkind to them. Will she go to hell because she did not kill?  Of course not!  She is in paradise because she was a good woman. Otherwise God would be an unjust God.  She was also a believer who never missed a prayer, if that is important.  You can do the same.  If you are a good person and a believer you will go to paradise without needing to kill anyone.   

However, you want to go to paradise through a shortcut. You are a sinner and you know it.  But you still want to go to paradise.  So how can a sinner go to paradise? Muhammad said that there is a shortcut.  All you have to do is to kill the kuffar and Allah will forgive all your sins.    

What if Muhammad was a liar?  Then you have committed a major sin.  There is a chance that Muhammad was a liar.   

  • Did he give any proof that he is a prophet?  No, he didnít. 
  • Did he live a saintly life like Jesus and Buddha? No, he didnít. In fact he lived a very pervert life and did everything that normally criminals do. 
  • Is his so called divine book flawless? No, there are many errors and absurdities in that book that we have pointed out and no Muslim has been able to refute.

So there is a chance, that Muhammad was a lair.  If you kill people because that liar said you will go to paradise you will actually go to hell.  Will you take that chance?  He lied to you because he was the prophet of Satan.   

If you have fornicated, have lied, have been disrespectful to your parents, have cheated and stolen, you have committed minor sins.  God is loving and forgiving.  He will not punish us for sins like these for eternity.  Eventually he will forgive us.  But will he forgive you if you commit major sins such as murder?  No, he wonít because that would be injustice to your victim.   

Considering the above, it is foolish to kill people and do qital.  The risk of going to hell overweighs all the pleasure that you may get having sex with virgins.  If you want to go to paradise just be a good person. If you are too evil to be a good person and like to commit sin, you still have a chance of being forgiven for your sins because your sins are minor sins.  But if you commit murder you have committed a major sin and you have doomed yourself to hell for eternity. Is it worth it?  Even if the chance of Muhammad being a liar is only 1% it is still not worth it. The truth is that the chance that that criminal was a liar is 100% and this I have proven exhaustively.  It is just foolish to kill people and condemn your soul to eternal hell for a lie.   

You accuse me of not having the courage of showing my face. I donít think you even understand the meaning of courage.  First of all what you call courage is stupidity.  Why a sane person should risk his life unnecessarily?  You yourself have said that I should be beheaded.  There are millions of zombies like you who also desire to behead me.  Why in the world should I show my face to you and lose my liberty looking over my shoulders for the rest of my life?   Why should I put my loved ones and those who care about me through sorrow and mourn over my death?  Why should I sacrifice my life for the pleasure of scum bags worthless murderers like you? 

I recall seeing a video clip of a guy in Savanna.  He told his friend in the safari car to film him and went out of the car standing at a few meters from a lion that was lying there. The lion, in a split second, jumped on him and tore him into pieces, while his wife in the car was screaming and his friend recorded everything on film.  Was this man courageous?  No he was stupid.  I do not confuse courage with stupidity.  

I am courageous for daring to think, for using my brain and not letting a psychopath of the seventh century threaten me into submission and fool me with his lies.  I am courageous for speaking out the truth and trying to help others to see it.  I am courageous for standing against a 1400 years old establishment and its billion strong followers, each one of whom desirous to tear me into pieces.  But I am not stupid to stand in front of savages and ferocious beasts like you that have abdicated their brain and blindly do the bidding of Satan.  

Yes I am courageous but not stupid while you are stupid and a coward.  You are stupid for believing in a lie and not wanting to check the credential of the man who tells you these ridiculous stories.  You are stupid for thinking that God would reward you if you kill innocent people and can't use your brain to realize that if God wanted to kill anyone he would not need your help.  You are stupid for not seeing that the deeds and the words of Muhammad are evil and proof enough that he was the prophet of Satan and not of God.  

And you are a coward because you are afraid to face the truth. You are afraid to reason lest you find what you have been fed so far were nothing but lies.  You are afraid of questioning because you fear the answers may awaken you and you realize you have been, not only wasting your life, but also committing major sins against God and humanity. You are a coward because you are afraid to face your conscience because you have blood on your hands and realizing that you have killed for a lie can be too painful.  You are afraid to pull your bloody head out of the sand because you are afraid of the truth.  The truth is that you have committed major sins. The truth is that you have become a slave of Satan and your final abode is hell.  It is painful to wake up and face the truth.  You are a coward and that is why you shun any discussion and like an animal want to win through qital.  You know that you will be exposed as a liar and a fool in a battle of words where only reason has the chance of winning.  You do not know what courage is.  All you know is how to kill innocent people. There is no trace of humanity in you. You are only an animal.    

Why do I come to your stupid or as you call it ďordinaryĒ blog?  It is because I care for human lives.  I am not a presumptuous person.  I do not consider myself a big shot or a super star and I do not keep my nose up in air.  Jesus sat with sinners because he thought they needed salvation more.  I consider Jesus a good man and I want to follow his footsteps, not the footsteps of a pervert murderer.  So I come to the site of you sinners and converse with you in the hope of awakening someone there.  If only one wannabe terrorist starts thinking and decides not to kill people just in case I may be telling the truth, I have saved tens of lives.   This is a major victory for me.  I am calling upon your big ulamas to open their eyes and see the truth but I am also coming to you, the insignificant and ordinary sinners so haply you see your evil ways and repent.  

You need to hear the truth more than anyone else.  You put your fingers in your ears and avoid listening to the truth. I tricked you and made myself heard. Now you heard the truth and you have no excuse.  

Those Muslims, who believe in the lies of Muhammad but do not kill, will be forgiven. Unlike the bogus Allah, God is not vengeful.   The true God is forgiving.  If people do not commit major sins he will forgive them even if they are misguided.  But he will not forgive murderers and assassins, because that would be injustice to their victims and God is not unjust.  I want to save you from hell, but more than you, I want to save the lives of innocent people who are going to be the victims of your stupidity and lust for sex. How disgusting of you that are willing to kill and destroy lives for a bogus promise of screwing celestial whores. Is all these killings and murders, all the pains that you cause to countless lives, to please your dick?  What a shameful belief you have. What a satanic minds you have. Your breath pollutes this planet. 

You wrote: ďThose who are on the right path donít make fun of the things donít abuse personalities.Ē

What personality? Muhammad was devil incarnate. Why should anyone respect that evil being?  Who said one is not allowed to speak out against the worst man ever born on this planet? We speak against Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jung Ill and all other criminal psychopaths.  Muhammad tops them all.  Why should we not tell the truth about that fiend and wake up the fools such as you from their slumber? 

If your maxim holds any truth, tell me why Muhammad maligned everyone else?  Did he show any respect for the religion of the Quraish?  Didnít he desecrate their temple and burn their gods?  That was their belief.  They held it sacrosanct.  To them that was truth.  If he had the right to do what he did because in his view they were wrong, then we have the right to tell the truth about that criminal and expose his lies because in our view he was a liar impostor and an evil man. 

Muhammad did not respect even his own uncle who had his maid, Thuaiba suckle him when his own mother wouldn't.  That ungrateful man made his bogus Allah to curse his own uncle.  Isnít that foolish?  Why would God want to curse anyone?  Isnít he almighty?  Canít he burn people if he so chooses?  So why invoke evil on them?  These are all giveaways.  The very fact that Muhammad makes Allah curse one of his creatures shows Allah is not God.  If I have power over you I will not curse you, I just mete you the punishment that you deserve.  But if I have no power over you, all I can do is to invoke evil on you and curse you to feel better.  Only a fool cannot see that Muhammad was a liar and Allah is not God.

Didnít Muhammad malign the sages of Mecca?  Didnít he call Abul Hakam, a learned man whom his own people had named Father of Wisdom with the derogatory name of Abu Jahl, (Father of Ignorance?)  First, take a look at the conduct of your own prophet before accusing others of misdemeanor.

Your stupidity and ignorance is glaringly obvious when you consider yourself and your fellow terrorists, ďvictimsĒ, because the governments of the world are trying to hunt you down and bring you to justice.  Are you really this stupid or you just pretend?  The governments of the world are looking for you not because of what you believe but because of your crimes. You are murderers and assassins. Which government would let the murderers of innocent people walk freely?  They are after you because you have blood on your hand.  It is because you have committed murder and incite to murder.  No one gives a damn about your beliefs.  On the other hand you want to behead those who simply have beliefs contrary to your demonic faith.  You have lost your rational faculty to such an extent that you can no longer distinguish between truth and falsehood.  You have sold your soul to demon and all you spew is ignorance and nonsense. You are not a victim but a monster.  Victims are the children and the people that you murder.  

So you think I am lying and you are telling the truth?  Then publish this letter in your site and respond to it.  Show your courage you coward.  I know you are a coward because I know how much you fear the truth.  You are afraid of words. Mere words frighten you.  Is there any cowardice bigger than this?   

Islam will be defeated and you will go to hell, but long after you and I are dead, these letters will be read and future generations will learn how the most evil doctrine of hate was eradicated.  Teachers will tell their students not to be afraid of doubting the conventional wisdom because often it is wrong.  Parents will tell their children, not to be afraid of standing against the world because if they stand for the truth, the world will not be able to stand against them.  Inspirational gurus will motivate their audiences by reminding them how a handful of ordinary people, no more gifted than the average guy in the street, with no funding and no support from any government stood up against a major world religion and against all odds slew it.  The advocates for non-violence will recall how through words alone, spoken in truth, a small group overcame the biggest lie of history, with no arms and no bloodshed, and how we won over our enemies and converted them into friends and allies.   

Mountains will move to make way for one who is determined. We are thousands of determined souls.  Nothing can stop us.  We have the truth on our side. We are courageous enough to look in the eyes of Devil himself and defy him.  We are motivated by the love of humanity.  Our cause is noble.  We want to see the unity of all human beings.  We want to end this culture of hate and deceit.  Fools call us hate mongers.  They will be ashamed of themselves when we hoist the standard of victory in every land and victory is around the corner. 

Ali Sina 


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