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Anyway my dear Sir, I knew I would keep on typing and eventually lose any focus. I just wanted to share with you my point of view and way of thinking.   

Im not asking for a reply or a shut down or anything.  

As a Muslim should do, I forgive you for insulting my faith, as well as a man I respect.


First of all I am not asking for your forgiveness. It is you who should ask forgiveness from the parents of those little children in Beslan, from the families of those murdered in NY, Madrid , Bali , Nigeria , Sudan and many other places.  

Secondly as a Muslim you are not supposed to forgive anyone who criticizes your religion. You are supposed to kill him. Your forgiveness of me, is not only unsolicited, it is also against the cult you subscribe.    

Thirdly I know too well that your claim of forgiveness is merely due to the fact that you can’t catch me. In Persian we have a saying; “The cat cannot reach the meat so he says it is not fresh”. I am sure if you people could find me; you’ll not be so “Christian” and will not be speaking of forgiveness. The poor Theo Van Gogh learned that lesson too late.    


Your faith is your choice and I hope you are happy whichever path you choose in this life. I am sure you have good intentions my friend, and that you are seeking to help people lead a better life. I have the same intentions myself (we would make quite a good team), but just different paths. I think ill choose doing it the Muslim way, the right way as I have understood it. As a Muslim, I respect all religions and would not hurt a fly. But like all other people I do get hurt also.

If you are really honest about what you say, i.e, the choice of religion should be free, then you must disagree with Muhammad who said;  

“And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” (Q.2:193).  

Make ye no excuses: ye have rejected Faith after ye had accepted it. If We pardon some of you, We will punish others amongst you, for that they are in sin  9:66,  

But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem. 9:5,  

“Truly the Pagans are unclean” (Q.9:28,.   


I think that good manners are not to insult people or talk behind their back. 

I am not insulting people. I question their stupid beliefs. This is not insult. If your religion is not stupid you are welcome to show me and I will shut down this site.  

I am not also speaking behind your back. This is the most upfront way of saying things. You are welcome to refute whatever I say. How can it be behind your back when you can read whatever I write and contest?


I think that even if i do not believe in someone's Prophet or think that he was a bad person, I would not be impolite to scream it out in public. 

Why not? Would you not speak against the crimes of other evil Monsters such as Hitler, Saddam, Idi Amin, Osama bin Laden or the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il because the followers of these monsters may get offended? Would you respect Shoko Asahara the self proclaimed Messiah who ordered his benighted followers to massacre several innocent people in the subways of Tokyo just because his followers think he is God?  You have your priorities upside down Sir. Crimes must be denounced and criminals must be criticized. We do not have to respect anyone if that person does not deserve respect. Everyone should be questioned and if found guilty denounced – that includes Jesus Christ, that includes Buddha, that includes Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln or Dali Lama. No one is above criticism. Only those who pass the test of criticism deserve our respect. Muhammad does not pass this test. This man was far more evil than Hitler or anyone I can think of.  

I have always debated with people about their religions and beliefs, but I have never dared to disrespect them in any way, because feelings are the most sensitive thing we have. 

Sir; I do not give a hoot about your feelings and your sensitivity. I am concerned about saving human lives.  I think about the victims that your religious brothers produce. I think of the innocent children in Beslan who where denied water, had to drink their own urine and finally were massacred. I think of Margaret Hasan who spent all her life helping others and improve their health and was brutally killed by the followers of the evil monster you defend. To hell with your feelings! Wake up and become a human. Then you’ll know where to show your feelings.  


You can take this as a little hint if you please. You see, if people go into the site and find all these insults, then most would get angry, love Islam even more as they are feeling oppressed, and your arguments would not be so convincing to them. 

I know Islam in and out and I know the psychology of the Muslims. Respecting Muslims and their Faith has not worked and it actually makes them bolder and more arrogant. They equate this to recognition of their cult. I am proposing a totally new strategy and that is to humiliate the Muslims. Yes it hurts at the beginning but most therapies are not totally painless. There is only so much humiliation people can take. Eventually they will be so much under psychological pressure that they will want to do something about it. Killing millions of people who systematically decry their stupid religion and deride them would be out of question. So they will have to come to the table and debate. They have played this game for too long. Whenever they are asked to debate, they say “to each his religion” but then go forcing their ways and imposing their cult where they can subdue their opponents by force and violence. Once every idiot PCist westerner realizes that his or her life is in danger and their children are not safe they will all start attacking your cult and your sadist prophet. You’ll be put to shame publicly. Once this happens, some of you will start questioning your belief. You’ll ask yourselves what the hell I am doing.  Why am I defending a religion that is so indefensible? Then you’ll start opening your eyes and leaving Islam one by one and in milloins. Only then the terrorists will have no one to recruit or finance them and they will die out.  

Unfortunately for that to happen, more human lives must be sacrificed, more innocent people should be killed until the idiot westerners wake up. PCism is a cult. It is based on false precepts and is tyrannical and intolerant. The assassin of  Pim Fortuyn was a member of this cult. He was an Animal Rights activists and a defender of the immigrants. How much more PCist can one get? PCists are not good people. They are dangerous. They are dangerous because their cult, like Islam is based on ignorance. "Ignorance is the mother of all ills" said Socrates. The stupidity of these western PCists will cost their lives. But finally they will wake up. And then you and your kind will have to choose. Leave Islam or leave the free world. Go back to the hell that you came from or join mankind.  

So not only I think insulting Islam is a good thing, I think we are not insulting it enough. This insult must increase until you people are left with no choice but to decide which side of the fence you are standing. We can’t afford the fifth column any more.  The cost is too much. Lives are more precious than your damn rights to spread your cult of hate. My job is to expose you, to show the world the games that you play, the leis that you say and to reveal your cunning deceptions. Don't play victim dear Ahmed. If you are honest you will leave Islam, if you are not you are an enemy and you do not deserve any protection or respect. If I am mistaken then prove me wrong. This is the plain truth. There is no other option but the above three.    


So, you can attack Islam with a less violent tone and no insults, therefore you will be polite and respected, as well as have more people leave this faith. But I would also benefit because there will be no insults to the Islam I love. You're decision then, and it will be wise either way.

 Well, we have a different strategy. Obviously I am not going to listen to you telling me how to fight Islam. The very fact that you took the trouble writing to me telling me I should change my course shows that I am on the right track.  

This strategy is working. More and more sites are burgeoning across the cyber world that attack Islam frontally. The Mainstream Media gradually is starting to echo what the majority of people are saying about Islam and some politicians, like those in Holland have also started criticizing Islam. This is just the beginning. This trend will continue and you and your children will feel the heat. I already received emails from Muslim youths saying this site has made them feel humiliated in their schools. I told them that is music to my ears. I do not want you to feel comfortable. I want you to be shaken up and wake up. Lives are being lost on daily basis. The world is in danger. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be the friend of the caravan and the partner of the highway rubbers. You have to define your position. You are either with humanity or you are with the terrorists.  


Thank you kindly for your time.  

Al Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmato Allah  

Ahmad Ayyad

My pleasure

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