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Your opinion about the Prophet is completely opposite to mine, because the good things I learnt from him are strong enough for me to neglect the negative 'claims' ( please allow me to call them claims as my own opinion ). I do not wish to discuss any of those claims, but please understand that this is only because I am very busy at the moment. I would love to discuss them later on, and talk to someone as smart as yourself. I hope we have the time for that in the future. :) I believe the first thing we should do is dicuss the clear things, and move down , because the other way around is too long. 

What are the good things you claim you learned from Islam and could you not have learned them on your own or from another religion that does not also teach so many bad things? Islam also teaches many bad things. Osama bin Laden and other terrorists and hundreds of millions of Muslims who support them have become terrorists and commit these heinous crimes against children and civilians because they learned then from the Quran and the examples set by Muhammad. Do you have any way to show that your understanding of the Quran is correct and theirs is not?  


In my personal opinion: Islam is all good, but it is all one entity. 

Your personal opinion is personal and subjective. It has nothing to do with facts and reality.  In the personal opinion of an addict, drug is harmless and makes him feel good. Personal opinions that are not based on facts are worthless. In this site I am not giving my personal opinions about Islam. I urge all the readers to discard my personal opinions. Only accept those statements that are based on irrefutable facts.  


 It is a shame that most Muslims do not really understand its beauty, and misinterpret its verses. 

Maybe the problem is not with the Muslims but with the Quran. Maybe this book is a confused book written by a psychopath and that is why it misleads people instead of guiding them to the right path. I am convinced this is the case and I have proven it extensively. I challenge anyone to disprove my claims against Islam and its author.


It is a shame how they concentrate on small things and forget the big things. 

What is that big thing? The big thing is the sum of all the small things. If you cook a meal and use rotten ingredients you won’t get a tasty and wholesome meal as the result. That big picture is just in your imagination. It does not exist anywhere. Tell us in real world an example of that “big thing” in action. All Muslim countries are poor and backwards. Tell us where Islam has produced that paradise. How can a religion that says kill the unbelievers (kuffaar), subdue and humiliate the Jews and Christians and excise protection fee from them, beat your wife if disobedient, chop the hand of the petty thief but invade and loot entire populations in the name of Islam, rape women captured in war, etc, etc. be good? What is this damn big thing you see that no one else except other deluded Muslims can see? Why those who read the Quran most, become terrorists and are less able to see that big picture and people like you who have not read that book and know little about the history of Islam can see it.  

It is also a shame when they do not take into consideration the timezone and circumstances they live in, and apply some rules blindly without even knowing what circumstances applied when they were made.

At what time zone would have been a good thing to behead 750 men who had surrendered to you without any fight and dump their bodies in a ditch, then distribute their women as salves and sex-slaves and sell their children? At what time zone it was okay to attack a village without any warning and catch the inhabitants by total surprise then go on a killing spree of the unarmed men and then take their women and children as slaves or banish them after taking possession of all their belongings. At what time zone forcing one’s faith on others with swords was good? At what time zone torturing your prisoners with hot iron to make them reveal the place of their hidden treasures was okay?  

Then again, in what part of the Quran it say that these violent teachings are abrogated and do not apply to future? Don’t the Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last prophet and his book is the eternal guidance? Can you tell us exactly which parts of the Quran are no more applicable and what is your authority in making that statement?  

No my dear Mr. Ayyad. What is shame is the denial of the Muslims to accept the fact that Islam is a failed paradigm and Muhammad was no messenger of any god but a cult leader no better than Jim Jones or David Koresh.  


I feel sympathy with the people who have been oppressed by others in the false name of such a kind, and peaceful religion.

Your feelings are meaningless if they do not translate into action. You look like someone torturing innocent people and then saying sorry, I am so sorry. Keep your sympathy to yourself and do not shed crocodile tears for the victims of Islamic oppression and terror. It is us who must have sympathy for you and your inability to see your role in upholding a cult of terror. You subscribe to this cult of terror, you defend it and then you feel sympathy for its victims? Should we be thankful to you? Is your sympathy of any value to the victims of Islam? If you are honest about your feeling sympathy, leave Islam; do not be part of this machinery of hate and terror; fight to eradicate it and join our campaign so we can get rid of this evil that is threatening mankind sooner.


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