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Muhammad Al Assadi vs. Ali Sina

Part IV 

Skies like Smoke: Did Muhammad speak of the Big Bang? 

Then Marduk slew Kingu, the rebellious and incestuous son of Tiamat and with his blood he created the human race to serve as slaves to the gods. (This is the origin of humans as slave of God advocated in Islam. Virtually nothing in Islam is new. Everything is borrowed from previous faiths)  

The depictions of Tiamat are often enshrouded in clouds. Clouds represent the state of disorder. 

[- Of Cephalomancy and Mystic Etchings - 8:25]

As Marduk lies.. Dreaming
A vision of chaos..
Filled with dread.. Fear
Awaken to see.. Dreams
Cthulhu lying upon bodies of men
Upon time to cross..
Saw burning.. Gods
Upon corpse of Tiamat
Sixty times water of life
As she may call to Ancient gods

Hearken Tiamat! and know as I speak this unto you I am he whom hath restored your life. Go forth unto your Ancient brethren and speak unto them I have seen their faces in death. With all powers of Cephalomancy I have conjured visions of the future and it is one of unlife. Know that the mighty Cthulhu shall consume all and all shall be as dead but not dreaming. Tiamat did rear up upon the body of Marduk and she did become as smoke unto winds. Marduk did begin his journey upon the realm of men and did become as man himself. Between space he flew as light between stars unto the sphere of Kia he did become. And so he did set out among men to find the key to the gates of baneful mighty Cthulhu.

This is the smoke Muhammad is talking about not the gaseous state in which the universe had been 13 billion years ago. Muhammad is rehashing the old fables of the pagans. There is nothing scientific in what this man said.

Muhammad was an unlettered and ignorant man. His knowledge was limited to the stories that he had heard that comprised the myths and legends of the Arabs and the anecdotes of the Bible. In composing his own book of fables, he liberally alluded to those stories and without being specific he mentioned them casually and in passing. The reason he does not go in to detail is because his knowledge of things is very superficial. I don't know much about nuclear physics but I can say, "can't you see how dangerous is the atomic bomb". This does not make me a nuclear scientist. It would be utterly stupid to try to find esoteric meanings in what this ignoramus man said.

Muhammad boastfully claimed that the Quran is a perspicuous book 5:15, explained in detail 6:114, conveyed clearly, 5:16, 10:15, easy to understand 44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40 in which there is no doubt 2:1  

Can we say the verses 41:9-12 are clear? Unless one has smoked hashish, there is no way to say this smoke Muhammad is talking about is the same hot gasses that were the primordial plasma of the universe. The only thing clear about the Quran is that it is a stupid book.  

Among all these “scientific miracles” that Muslims trumpet that they have found in the Quran, which one qualifies to be called clear and easily understandable? Why Allah, if he is really the maker of this universe and knows everything, never said anything clear, except when he ordered people to raid and loot? Why he did not say in clear language, for example: “The Earth is round and it revolves around the Sun”, “The Universe is 14 billion years old and it is born in a cosmic explosion”,  “Humans and all the creatures are the product of evolution” or “Stars are suns, very much like your own sun but in far away places.”  This is how clear statements should look, not the gobbledygook scribbled in the Quran. The Quran is full of stupidities: “Sky is a dome supported by invisible pillars", "stars are adornments hanging from the lower dome of the sky (as if they are Christmas lights) and the they are also used to shoot the jins who climb to heaven to listen to the conversation of the Exalted Assembly:, "The Moon is above the stars", "mountains are pegs to keep the earth from shaking", or other silly talks like these. These are not scientific.  

There is a poem in Persian that says: “You are so much in my thoughts that anyone I see from afar, I think it’s you”. This is the problem with Muslims. They are so much obsessed with the Quran that they see miracles all over it. One example of that was the claim that the seven layers of atmosphere as determined by meteorologists was foretold in the Quran. This claim was originally made by Harun Yahya. After I wrote the article about the seven layers showing the inanity of this claim, he removed it from his site. However, there are still a couple of Islamic sites that carry that article.  

Virtually all the so called “scientific miracles” of the Quran are bogus and have been refuted. There are no scientific miracles in that book of asininity. It’s the wishful thinking of Muslims that makes them see science and miracles in the most moronic verses of the Quran.

All it takes to show that the Quran is not from God is to find one error in it. When hundreds of errors have been found in it, even if you find something “miraculous” (which you can't) it won’t prove that the Quran is from God. If it was from God, it would have been error free and it is not.

The answer to the question "how could Muhammad know" is: "he did not know". Your premise that he said something scientific is false. If I tell you I have magical powers otherwise how do you explain the fact that I can fly, I must first prove that I can fly. Until then my question is moot. No scientific miracles have been established in the Quran. All such claims are bogus and wishful thinking. Therefore this question is meaningless.


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