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Muhammad Al Assadi vs. Ali Sina

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Skies like Smoke: Did Muhammad speak of the Big Bang? 


"Sina Ali, it looks like you did not see how I spoke, and how I said you lied, you did lie nevertheless on every count and I went into little detail explaining to full extent to those who have eyes and can see. Now saying how we agree, and yet I say you lied, no that is not true, anyway, you said your piece and I showed you how far you are from showing reason and logic.

Mr. Al Assadi: If you want to debate with me please get to the point. Your ad hominem and boastful talk canít be used as a substitute for arguments. I said Muslims do not believe in Jesus, the Bible and the god of the Christians. They have their own versions of these which are different from those believed by the Christians. They use the same words but mean different things. You called me a liar and then went on to confirm what I said. Whether your version is the true one or theirs is not my point. You discuss that with Christians. My point is that when Muslims say we believe in the same god that the Christians believe, they lie. This you already confirmed. There is nothing to argue.  


Now you keep asking questions, this is so weird, what have you done with the only question I dared to ask about you personally, you made your God a Joker, and your belief as a run a mock.

I speak to each in accordance to his capacity. I determined this language is more appropriate for you. To an academician I speak in an academic language, to a child I speak like a child. When I speak to a toddler, I become a toddler and to a joker become a joker. This is the way it should be. It would be foolish to speak to a toddler in a language that he would not understand.  

You wrote to me claiming you are going to prove my charges against Muhammad are wrong. But instead, the first question you asked was about my belief. Why should this be important? I accused Muhammad of lots of crimes. Your job is to defend him and acquit him of those charges, not to put me or my belief on trial. If I claim to be a prophet, then you have all the rights to question me. Otherwise why should my belief be important?  


Though you did not introduce who you are, where you are from, or anything about you, to me you are a no body still, and I did not mind challenging you based on that, it is not you I care to know or matters in my sight.

That is the way it should be. Your job is to prove Muhammad was not a liar not to discuss about me. Keep me and my beliefs out of it. It is Muhammad we are talking about. Why I asked about your credential? It is to determine whether it is worth for me to spend time responding to you. You know about me. You know or have heard about my site. At lease someone convinced you that it is worth your time refuting me. But I know nothing about you and it is fair to ask.


Here what you keep asking time and time:
You said:


I also asked you to tell me which mosque you preach. Which books you have published? If you have a website, what is your website? I don't know even your email. Why can't you send your responses directly to me and why you have to go through someone else?

I say: I told you out of the goodness of my heart a lot about me, and who I am (I said I am, now Christians will bow in worship for my great I AM), while you did not even dare to tell me what you believe in, while it was the only question I asked. Let me ask you the same: what Church you preach at, which books you published, do you have a Website, what is it about. My E mail troubles you, take it down: [email protected], but I will continue to debate out here in the light in front of all eyes, there is no point to debate in the dark. So do not trouble yourself sending to my inbox. As for why I am using the help of another, it is simple where I live your link is blocked, your kind are not welcomed, and I cannot access what you can because some sane do realize and cannot tolerate Satan Advocates chat with only lies, that is why I needed someone to help to by pass what others cannot accept on your behalf, and though I do not accept all the lies you say, yet I see how you need help, and I am a good man.


 This is called censorship of thought. In the civilized world no person can decide what others can and cannot read. Your friend said you live in UAE and you canít access the site. Well, that explains why you accepted to debate. Most people who read this site to stay away and do not dare to debate. Anyway, try a proxy server to access this site. Here you can find a list of them. www.freeproxy.ru/en/free_proxy/cgi-proxy.htm. A proxy server will allow you to access blocked sites.


As saying why I called you a liar while we agree, no we do not agree, I still answered how Jesus is not a Figment of fiction on Muhammadís part, I showed you how he is a figment of fiction on Christiansí idiocy and nonsense about what they made of Jesus Christ. I still say you lied how Jesus is a figment of fiction on Muhammadís part, gave you one example how the same is said in their books in complete match. Using the same words does not mean misleading, means we are telling what is true as true, we acknowledge as such, and what is not as not but do not trouble yourself to understand the obvious, too much work for your heart. As convincing Christians how our truth is true, and theirs is sick, I showed you how their book is just a bulk of lies, I brought you examples, and have thousands still in stock, I also call what they call the word of God by the words of Satan, that they call God of this world. Their book also says how they worship Satan, and I can prove every word I state out. I am working on showing them the truth, my fist book shortly will be in every oneís hand.

You should settle your beef with the Christians. This is not a Christian site. In this site I am interested only to discuss about Muhammad and his crimes.  There is no point in talking about Christianity. Show me what proof you have to the claim of Muhammad that he was a prophet or disprove my charges against him. I accused him of being a pedophile, a rapist, a thief, an assassin, a mass murderer, a liar, a pervert womanizer among other things. This is the subject you must discuss.  


I had a Website, was destroyed, its name was The Last Days, it is a shame I did not make a Back up. I am planning on having a Group on msn soon, to show all of what we say here to everyone who wish to see, and learn how to defeat the evil your kind propagate with lies about Islam. I will also put all my previous debates with the evil, and show what I had to say about such. As for my books, I already written seven books, the first is ready, I am facing Financial situation to advertise as I wish, the name is: Jewish Christian Testimony Islam is THE religion from the LORD. I wrote a book named Trinity between fiction and reality, I wrote a book about who is that prophet showing prophecies about Muhammad from Hindu, Jewish, and Christiansí books, I wrote a book about the return of Jesus naming the day, the month and the year based on the only book that can tell us that, also the signs of the end of time, I will not discuss any of such, when the first one is out you will be the first to know rest assured and you can read at that time yourself. I said all of this before, yet you did not see or wish to ignore, I do not know how many times I need to repeat before this will sink at your end?

Okay. I take you for your word that you are a scholar. 


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