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My third letter to Mr. Idris Tawfiq 


Following my invitation of Mr. Idris Tawfiq, the Catholic priest who has converted to Islam, and my unsuccessful attempt to persuade him to tell us why he thinks Islam is a true religion,  a reader named nacazo wrote the following email to Mr. Tawfiq with a cc to me. 

 To Mr. Idris Tawfiq <[email protected]>  

I  beg you to respond to the questions of Mr. Sina at:

http://www.faithfreedom.org /debates/TawfiqIdris.htm

One of the greatest questions faced by humanity today is whether Islam is peaceful or just one of the religions preying of the blood of innocents such as the Kali cult, Moloch cult and the religion of the aztecs.


"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."     --Jesus according to Matthew 7:15-20



The above is a very good quote from Jesus. In fact Mr. Tawfiq already admitted that the fruits of Islam, i.e. Muslims, are not as savory  as they ought to be. What he has now to admit is that if the fruits are bad, in such a large numbers, it is perhaps, because the tree is bad.  

Dear Mr. Tawfiq, please read the testimony of Abdulqudus, a westerner who with all sincerity converted to Islam and became a dedicated Muslim to eventually realize the evilness of this cult and leave it.  

I am going to send to you, in attachment, a digitized copy of my book. You may read it or delete it (I will gladly send you a hard copy when I resume its publication which is interrupted.) In this book I have shown with overwhelming evidence that Muhammad was a psychopath and that Islam is nothing but an overgrown cult. This book will convince many people that Islam is a big lie no different from the big lie of Hitler. I am so confident that this book is irrefutable that I promise to refrain from publishing it, if you or anyone can prove that I am mistaken. I even promise to shut down faithfreedom.org and publicly announce my defeat.  

This is a sincere offer Mr. Tawfiq. I am standing in front of humanity and God (assuming He exists) and pledging to remove FFI, should you or anyone prove me wrong. Now it is your turn to prove your sincerity. Why Muslims are silent when we ask for proof? Why suddenly a billion valiant warriors become tongue-tied in the arena of logics? Why it is so easy to bring millions of Muslims to the streets to burn cars, torch embassies, churches and houses, and kill innocent bystanders, but it is so difficult to cajole their scholars to refute the charges made against their prophet in a logical way?   

If you think my heart is sealed and I am not worth your time, please think of millions of people, Muslims and non-Muslims, who read faithfreedom.org and are swayed by it. If I do not deserve your attention, donít they deserve to know the truth?  By refusing to defend Islam you are only validating my claim that Islam is a lie.  

People of all faiths can be accused of bad conduct, but they are often exceptions to the rule. They are bad despite the teachings of their religions.  Muslims are the only group that is acting with savagery in large scales and the more they follow Islam the more evil they become. Bad people in Islam are the norm and good people are exceptions. Ordinary Muslims hate mankind. They cheer whenever their terrorists kill a large number of innocent people. On one hand they adamantly deny any Muslim involvement in terrorism and on the other, they rejoice when it happens. They invent the stupidest conspiracy theories to blame the victimsí own governments for what they do to them, despite the fact that their terrorists triumphantly beat their chests for their victories. This is evil in large scale. The Muslim media spews constant hate, in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and other languages that they speak, freely and with total impunity. We are not talking about a fringe but the main stream Muslims.  

Something is wrong with Muslims. Could it be Islam? Is it possible that Islam is the cause of all these malaise, wars, and bloodshed?  We think so! If you think we are mistaken, why donít you clarify the truth? Why donít you come to the table to talk? Why do you prefer to put your finger in your ears and pretend you donít hear?  

Good Christians go to serve humanity and become mother Teresas. Good Hindus learn to be selfless and become Gandhis. Good Muslims become Khomeinis, Bin Ladens and Abu Musab Zarqavis. Why?   Why evildoing and savagery is so widespread among devout Muslims? Why practicing Muslims are most dangerous when they come out of their mosques and it is then that they start killing Hindus, Christians and each other? Click on this link to see why. 

Did you read it? Please read it and come back. 

Which religion teaches this much hate? Note: this sermon is entirely based on the Qurían. This is the standard sermon given in the mosques. This is the kind of inspiration Muslims receive when they go to the mosques and seek their god. How much shall we fool ourselves Mr. Tawfiq? Are these the "sweet and gentle" teachings of Islam you were talking about? Is this the kind of peace Islam is trying to establish in the world? There you have the source of the problem right in front of your eyes. What else do you need to know in order to admit that Islam is evil?  

You have done something terrible. Not only you sold your soul to Devil and promote his cause, you have become a poster child for the Islamists who use you as their propaganda tool. They trumpet everywhere that a Catholic priest has converted to Islam. Parade you and show you off in their televisions. As brain dead as Muslims are, they canít see this is argumentum ad verecundiam and a fallacy. They canít think that a catholic priest is only a human and like all humans he is fallible. They think because a priest converted to Islam, Islam must be true, as if this priest knows really what he is doing.  At the same time they overlook the fact that millions of very smart Muslims are leaving Islam in droves.  I am begging you to tell us what you saw in Islam that you decided to embrace it.  

It is okay to err. We all do it. If God exists, he will forgive us for our errors. What he wonít forgive is obstinacy.  If you have evidence that Islam is true, please share it with us. If you have none then you may have embraced the religion of Satan and unwittingly have become an instrument in his hand.  

They say, beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Even if that may be the case, truth must be objective.  If you find Islam beautiful, that is your prerogative. I find it extremely ugly. As the good Italians say, ďDi gusti e colori, non discutono i dottoriĒ Wise people do not argue over tastes and colors.  However, when your choice of ďbeautyĒ entails my subjugation and death, then your choice is no longer your business, it is also my business.  

I may like fish and you may like lamb. I do not see any problem in that. To you, your food and to me, mine!  However, if you like the taste of human flesh, as a human, I have a problem with that Ė a big problem.  

This is the problem we have with Muslims. We do not have any problem if you like to worship one God, three gods or a million of them. You are most welcome to worship monkeys, snakes or a black stone.  What you believe or donít believe is not my business. However, when your religion requires you to fight me, subdue me, slay me, impose your faith on me and force me to pay jizyah because I do not believe in your deity and his bogus messenger, (9:29) we have a problem. The bottom lies in that we cannot tolerate beliefs that cannot tolerate us and our beliefs.  

I share my home with a feline gentleman, or rather gentlecat. He and I live together in harmony. However, we have different beliefs. He is convinced that he owns the house and I am his butler. I am of the opinion that the house is mine and he is my pet.  I have the title of the house to my name, but if I place it in front of him he will sit on it and will tear it into pieces. As far as he is concerned, a paper is a paper is a paper. He, on the other hand, has his own evidence to prove that the house is his. He has rubbed his back on the concrete of the driveway and has urinated and defecated in all the strategic places throughout  the neighborhood.  He is convinced that this is how one claims ownership to a territory, by leaving solid evidence, and not by scribbling something on a paper. I am sure you agree with me that it won't be appropriate for me to argue with him engaging in his kind of logic. So for the sake of peace we never argue about our beliefs and despite our differences, we get along fairly well.  However, if a snake enters my home, it would be a different story. I have nothing against snakes. Itís just that I canít trust them as roommates. Snakes have a tendency to bite and their bite happens to be deadly.  

This is the problem that we have with Muslims. I can live with people of all faiths, despite disagreeing with them. What they believe or donít believe is their business. However, when someoneís religion tells him that he must slay me (2:191), crucify me (5:33), smite my neck (47:4) and my finger-tips (8:13), calls me unclean (9:28) and companion of fire (2:39), then I take exception. Muslims are convinced that their god owns the world and those who do not believe in him are parasites who should be subdued or killed. As dumb as they are they never wonder if their deity had any power and wanted to kill the unbelievers, why he does not kill them himself? Why is he relying on Muslims to do his dirty work? Muslimsí stupidity does not allow them to see that this is enough proof that Allah is not God. We believe that Allah is Satan whose power is only in deceiving people,  and we are not willing to bow to him. So, will you please tell us how can we live together in this world with you Muslims who canít tolerate our very existence?  

Muslims are offended when people of other faiths worship their own gods. I received an email from a reader who said he is disabled because in his youth he was assaulted by a Muslim with a bat while praying to his Hindu god. For that Muslim, the very sight of a Hindu praying to gods other than Allah constituted blasphemy, which he could not tolerate, and acting upon his religious zeal disabled this young man for the rest of his life. This is the problem we have with Muslims. They canít tolerate other beliefs. This is insanity. It is difficult to co-exist with people who think they will be rewarded if they kill us. Sharing our countries with Muslims is like sharing our homes with snakes. I am not against snakes. However, snakes belong to the desert and they should not be allowed in the cities. Tell me Mr. Tawfiq, how can we coexist with you Muslims and tolerate you when you have no tolerance for us?  

To show you that I am not unreasonable, I am offering a way to overcome this impasse. Let us have a dialogue. If you can prove that Allah is God and Muhammad is His messenger, in a logical way, then the problem is solved. We will all submit and it would be the end of discussion and the end of the problem. However, this is not what is happening. Muslims are not willing to discus their belief. They do not think they have to prove anything. They just want us to submit without questioning. This is something we canít and wonít do. We canít submit to bullies. We will stand against your aggression and if necessary we will use force to repel it.  If you want war, we will give you war. If you want to kill us we will have to kill you first.  If you want bloodshed we make sure that it is your blood that is shed. You want martyrdom to meet your 72 virgins, weíll be glad to send you to your nuptial orgy.  But we are not going to submit to your comic faith. We are not going to bow to Allah and his pervert self appointed prophet. You have no proof that he is God and we are not going to accept him as such.  I have proof that Muhammad was evil and Allah was his sock puppet.  I am not going to worship that fiend criminal. What are you going to do about that?    

We are heading to a major confrontation in which billions could perish. If Satan existed, what better way he could devise to destroy mankind? Canít you see the stupidity of it all? Canít you see that Islam is Satanic? What happened to your commonsense Mr. Tawfiq? What happened to your conscience? What made you descent so low to become an instrument of evil? You have embraced a demonic cause. Canít you see?  

Dear Mr. Tawfiq:  Please come to your senses. Realize that you have committed a grave mistake. Come and discuss your faith with me. Help me see the truth the way you see it, or allow me to open your eyes. Let us talk, because the alternative is not pretty.  

Donít you see that the world is on the brink of destruction? Donít you see that Armageddon is around the corner? Please come and talk. Let us find the truth together. Maybe you are right. I am not unreasonable. If you are right, I will accept what you say. If I don't, the world will see the truth is on your side and and I will be discredited.  If you think you donít have enough knowledge of Islam to refute me, ask Mr. Yusuf Islam to help you in this debate. After all, according to your statement, he is the one who led you into Islam. Shouldnít he now come to your help?  If neither one of you can answer my questions, you may ask any Muslim scholar to help you. There must be one Muslim among the billion strong to know Islam well enough to refute my charges and convince the word that I am wrong? Or is there?  

I doubt you will answer Mr. Tawfiq. I know what blind faith does to human brain. You have committed the biggest mistake of your life and it is painful to admit it. You will go to any length to convince yourself that Islam is true. Furthermore, you are now basking in glory. Muslims, as we Persians say, "carry you over their heads", i.e. they shower you with respect. You are now an idol to them. You are their prayers come true. Not only a white male, but a Christian priest to boot. What can be better than that as a poster child?  It is hard to give up this position of prestige. There is also the danger of being assassinated, should you decide to leave Islam. Just as your conversion was trumpeted across the Muslim world and you were received with fanfare, your apostasy will be a blow to Muslim's pride, which they may not be able to stomach well. You will not only lose your friends and prestige, but you may also lose your life. 

I leave you to your fantasies. I turn to those Muslims who are not completely poisoned by Islam and in them, traces of humanity and goodness is still visible. Yes, I turn to you- you who have not read the Qurían, but think Islam means peace; you who are embarrassed by what other Muslims do, but can't bring yourself to admit that Islam is responsible and therefore are left with the only option of hiding your head in the sand and denying the obvious that terrorism is Islamic; you who are caught between your humanity and the hate mongering teachings of Islam and donít know which way to turn; and you who know what Muhammad did and taught was evil but are afraid to think about it and admit it to yourself because you are scared of hell. I turn to you and beg you to read my articles, my debates and most importantly my challenge and see the truth for yourself. You will see that Muhammad was a liar. His hell was his tool to fool the gullible.   

Read this site. Donít read it with an open mind. Read them with prejudice and a close mind, but read it nonetheless. Donít agree with anything we say if it is not backed by proof. The world is in the brink of destruction and only truth can save us.

I also turn to you, the non-Muslim who read this site, are worried about the future and what is going to happen to your children. You can spread the word. This war is also your war. The key to our salvation is in your hand. Speak out and let the world know the truth.  Muslims are helpless.  They are possessed Ė demon possessed.  They are not bad people naturally, but they are incapable of rational thought and therefore do evil things with clarity of conscience.  You have no idea what Islam does to human brain.  So do not look down at them and do not blame them.  They are victims. Anyone converting to Islam becomes a potential beast, filled with hate and violence. Good examples are Yusuf Khattab and Yvonne Ridley.  Muslims have no loyalty to our countries and they will do anything to destroy them. You canít expect them to think because they do not have that faculty. The fear of hell strangulates their thoughts. They dismiss any doubt about Islam before it crosses their minds. The fear of hell has  paralyzed their senses. 

Many Muslims are waking up and are leaving Islam. The exodus from Islam is the biggest movement of this century. Yet, there are over a billion Muslims and time is running out. We need to hasten this process. We do not have much time left, before these zombies blow up the world. Click on the above links. Watch these videos to the end and know the enemy. Yes Mr. Tawfiq, these are your brothers. "Sweet and gentle?" Who are you trying to fool? Who are you trying to fool?  

The only way to bring Muslims to their senses and make them think is by spreading the knowledge of Islam among non-Muslims and creating a wall of resistance against it. When the pressure builds up, when no one buys the ďIslam-means-peaceĒ charade, and when Muslims are ridiculed, they will be forced to think.  That is all we want them to do. Just think. Once they think, they will be able to break their shackles and set themselves free. Once they are free, they are as good as anyone else.  They become worthy citizens and reliable allies.

Reason with Muslims does not work. Islam is not based on reason. It is based on fear. Muhammad was not a rational person. He was a psychopath fear monger prophet of doom. He dominated his followers by instilling in them the fear of a bogyman deity called Allah. Fear is a powerful psychological weapon.  It affects our reptilian brain and overrides our rational thoughts. We can combat it only with another psychological weapon that affects the brain at the same level. That weapon is ridicule.  Muslims must be derided at. They must feel embarrassed for worshipping a pedophile. Laugh at them. Itís good for them. Embarrass them. It is therapeutic. Increase the psychological pressure in order to release them from their bondage of fear.  Since they are adamant to kill us, while unwilling to discuss their religion in a logical way, the only non-violent weapon left to us to wean them from their insanity is a psychological weapon.    

It is far more humane to ridicule Muslims and save them than respect their stupid belief, which confirms them in their ignorance and let them blow up the world. Laughing at Muslims is an act of mercy towards them. I rather see them humiliated, embarrassed and ridicule out of Islam than killed as terrorists.


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