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Ali Sina's Fourth Open Letter to Mr. Idris Tawfiq 


Dear Mr. Tawfiq,

This is my fourth open letter to you. You have not responded to any of my previous letters. That is understandable. I wonder what possibly you could say. I empathize with you that it is easier to hide your head in the sand.  I am sure there is no shortage of that in Egypt.  

Your conversion to Islam has been received with great jubilee by Muslims.  They love to show off that a Catholic priest has converted to Islam.  Conversions of White people strengthen their faith.  Conversion of a White priest is something else.    

Islam is a doctrine without logic.  Once probed, its fallacy becomes evident. Muslims rely on all sorts of logical fallacies such argumentum ad populum, argumentum ad numerum, argumentum ad verecundiam, argumentum ad antiquitatem, etc., to validate their faith.  Conversion of a priest is the best news they can get.  I see several Islamic sites have delightfully published your testimony and show you off as a trophy.  

One such site is mujahidfisabeelillah.wordpress.com. The banner of this site reads, Hayyah Ala Jihad (hasten to Jihad).  They have a booklet to download entitled 39 Ways to Serve in Jihad.  Here is the Table of Content:  

  1. Make Your Intention for Jihad
  2. Truthfully Ask Allah for Martyrdom
  3. Go for Jihad Yourself
  4. Make Jihad with Your Wealth
  5. Help Prepare the Fighter Who Is Going for Jihad
  6. Take Care of the Families Left Behind by the Fighter
  7. Provide for the Families of the Martyrs
  8. Provide for the Families of the Injured and Imprisoned
  9. Collect Funds for Mujahedin
  10. Pay Zakat to Them
  11. Cooperate in Treating the Wounded
  12. Praise the Mujahedin. Mention Their Accounts and Call People to Follow in Their Footsteps
  13. Encourage Mujahedin and Incite Them to Continue
  14. Speak Out For Mujahedin and Defend Them
  15. Expose the Hierocracy of Traitors [So called Moderate Muslims]
  16. Call and Incite the People to Jihad
  17. Advise the Muslims and the Mujahidin
  18. Hide the Secrets of Mujahidin that the Enemy Can Benefit From
  19. Supplicate for Them
  20. The Supplication of Distress
  21. Follow and Spread the News of Jihad
  22. Participate in Spreading Their Releases of Books and Publications
  23. Issue Fatwa that Aid Them
  24. Stay Connected With the Scholars and Preachers and Inform Them of the Situation of the Mujahidin
  25. Become Physically Fit
  26. Train With Weapons and Learn How to Shoot
  27. Learn to Swim and Ride Horses
  28. Learn First Aid
  29. Learn to Fight for Jihad
  30. Give Shelter to the Mujahidin and Honor Them
  31. Have Enmity Towards the Disbelievers and Hate Them
  32. Expend Effort to Free Our Captives
  33. Spread the News about the Captives and Be Concerned With Their affairs
  34. Participate in the Electronic Jihad
  35. Stand in Opposition to the Disbelievers
  36. Raise Your Children to Love Jihad and Its People
  37. Abandon Luxury
  38. Boycott the Goods of the Enemy
  39. Do Not Hire Workers from the War Wagers (Hariybin)

Clearly, the people behind this site do not share your idea of the “sweet and gentle Islam.”  Are they wrong or are you delusional?  This is not difficult to know.  All we need is to read a few passages from the Quran to know whose understanding of Islam is right.  

Apart from being joyous of your conversion let us see what do these Muslim terrorists think of your version of Islam.  After praising Allah for your conversion, a poster called “Gulf Course African Lion” expresses his concern about your lack of understanding of the real Islam. He writes:   

hamdulillah for this. It is good news.
I’m afraid of what Islam they’re accepting, though. If they accept Islam with no jihad or wala wal bara, do these conversions even count?  Has anyone addressed these questions in front of you before?  

To which, Mujahid, the administrator of the site responds:

you can’t expect from new Muslims to just understand the complete ideology at once.  it always take time.  Even during the period of Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallamah) the new Muslims in Madinah had doubts about Jihad that's why Allah Subhana Wata’ala says in Quran.

Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not Soorah Al-Baqra Ayah 216

it always take time and the good thing is after 9/11 finally people are understanding it rapidly after centuries of ignorance.

You are new to Islam and still an outsider.  As and ex-insider I can assure you this is what all Muslims think of you.  They smile at you, node at your foolish remarks about Islam being sweet and gentle and tolerate your silly speeches.  They know you are new and your knowledge of Islam is limited.  They do not care what you think about Islam.  Of course they are not going to listen to you to teach them Islam.  They know Islam better than you.  However, you fulfill an important function.  Your role is to be a poster child, an advertisement tool, in their quest to spread Islam through deception.  

Muslims have very low self esteem.  They constantly need approval. Your conversion is the kind of approval they need to increase their fervor and zeal.  They will tolerate your lack of understanding of Islam.  They see you as an infant who is newly born into Islam and as such is unable to digest its hard teachings.  As a newcomer, you are given soft foods, something easy to swallow, and something that does not give you indigestion.  Little by little they will feed you the real Islam.  If you don’t rebel, eventually you’ll start spewing hate, first against the Jews, then against America and eventually you’ll find yourself sympathizing with the terrorists and hating your own people.  Now they pamper you.  They stroke your ego.  But gently they will feed you the goodies of Islam until you become a hate mongering believer, talking about the peace while despising the non-Muslims accusing them of being responsible for all the ills of the world.  

I sent you the testimony of Abdul Quddus.  If you read that, you’d know how to prepare yourself for your gradual descent into the abyss of Islam.

If you are a man of hate, you have found your place. Many people convert to Islam because they are attracted to hate.  I already told you about Yvonne Riddley and Yusuf Khattab.  These people have converted to Islam and now they spew nothing but hate. Ms. Riddley praises the terrorists and calls Britain , her own country, the third most hated country (after Israel and USA).  Mr. Khattab, a Jew himself, rejoices every time there is a terrorist attack on Israel. He believes all Israelis, including their children, are legitimate targets and should be killed.  As for innocent children, his rationale is that they will go to paradise if killed while little but if they grow up they will defend Israel and therefore and will go to hell.  So this man actually thinks killing innocent children is for their own good.  You on the other hand say Islam is sweet and gentle.  Where did you get that idea Mr. Tawfiq?  Will you please show us which part of the message of Muhammad is sweet and gentle?   

As an introduction to your book you wrote “I decided to write this book to give non-Muslims an idea about the basic principles of Islam. I tried to tell people how beautiful Islam is and that Islam has the most extraordinary treasures, the most important being Muslims’ love for each other. The Prophet says ‘even a smile to your brother is a charity.’”  

Even a pack of hyenas have love for each other. The challenge is to love all humanity and not just people of your race, belief or nationality.  Allow me to quote a few articles from the manifesto of the racist, White Supremacists, The Creativity Movement and compare them to the teachings of Islam. You be the judge and tell me how they differ. 

  1. A CREATOR [a member of the Creativity Movement] puts loyalty towards his own race above every other loyalty.

Muhammad taught that Muslims should put their loyalty towards other Muslims only and distrust people of other faiths.  

3:28: Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. except by way of precaution, that ye may guard yourselves from them.

  1. A CREATOR places a high value on honor and self-respect, and will defend his own honor, the honor of his race and of his family at all costs.

Isn’t this exactly how Muslims feel about their religion?

  1. A CREATOR recognizes both love and hate as the two most powerful driving forces in life; that both emotions are healthy and essential to life, and to possess only one and to be deprived of the other is to be as crippled as a bird with only one wing.

As you have said, Muslims are required to love each other, but they are also asked to hate the non-believers.

9.73  “O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end.”

60.1 O you who believe! do not take My enemy and your enemy for friends: would you offer them love while they deny what has come to you of the truth, driving out the Messenger and yourselves because you believe in Allah, your Lord? If you go forth struggling hard in My path and seeking My pleasure, would you manifest love to them? And I know what you conceal and what you manifest; and whoever of you does this, he indeed has gone astray from the straight path.

Chapter 31 of the Manual for Jiahd teaches how to “Have Enmity towards the Disbelievers and Hate them.”  Don’t you think there is a connection between this hate and the above verses?  Muhammad branded anyone who rejected him as enemy.  He urged his followers to be hostile to them and not to befriend them.  Don’t you think this is the reason why Muslims do not integrate and are constantly trying to find ways to kill their hosts?  There must be some reason why so many Muslims are so filled with hate.  Don’t you think the Quran has anything to do with it?

  1. A CREATOR realizes that both love and hate, in order to be constructive, must be directed in the proper channels and to do otherwise is destructive and suicidal.
  2. A CREATOR therefore makes a careful distinction between his loved ones and his enemies. He loves, aids, and abets those of his own race and his own kind, and hates his enemies, namely Jews, niggers, and the mud races.

Muhammad also divided mankind into believers and disbelievers.  He instructed his followers to love one another but be harsh towards the disbelievers, particularly the Jews.

48:29 Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.”  

  1. A CREATOR is eager, optimistic, aggressive, energetic, and self-sacrificing for the best interests of his people.

See the Manual of Jihad.  Isn’t this exactly what Muhammad urged his followers to do?  

  1. A CREATOR strives to keep physically fit and keep his body in the best of health at all times.

See chapters 25 in the Manual of Jihad.

  1. A CREATOR is inquisitive, adventurous, and has a cheerful zest for living.

Here the neo-Nazis differ from Muslims.  Muslims think the reward will come in the next world so they actually seek martyrdom not life.  As the result Muslims are far more dangerous.  You can negotiate with people who love life because at least we have something in common with them.  During the cold war the fear of assured mutual destruction (MAD) saved mankind from nuclear destruction. Our enemy loved life. As the result he did not dare to attack us.  When our enemy loves martyrdom more than life, we are dealing with fanatics that are extremely dangerous. 

  1. A CREATOR is tough, tenacious, resolute, persistent, persevering, indefatigable, as were the ancient Romans.

Muslims are also taught similar attributes such as being perseverant (3:186), Steadfast (2.3) (2.155) Disciplined (22:77-78), firm (3:146) (31:17), etc. After all racists and Islamists are militant and these are necessary traits.

  1. A CREATOR is practical, down-to-earth, and concentrates on those goals and activities that are meaningful and worthwhile.

This is not such a bad teaching and in fact you can find similar exhortations also in Islam.  Even the most nefarious doctrines have a few good teachings.  However, it is a mistake to see these good teachings and overlook the overall goal of a doctrine. We must always keep in mind that despite some good teachings, Islam and Creativity Movement are based on hate and are extremely evil.

  1. A CREATOR is brave and courageous and always a proud credit to his people.

Ditto in Islam. See the above manual.

  1. A CREATOR places a high value on ATTITUDE, strives continually to maintain a healthy, positive, and dynamic attitude towards life.

This attitude in Islam is translated as iman. The only difference is that Islam is also a macabre cult that eulogizes death, and places much emphasis on killing, martyrdom and a bogus promise of an afterlife.


Islam has an entirely different perspective on life.  The objective of life in Islam is death.  Therefore the focus of a believer is on his death and the afterlife.  Muslims hardly produce anything.  Their entire energy is wasted in monotonous ritualistic prayers, fasting and reading the Quran. 

  1. A CREATOR is a problem solver.

Muslims are not problem solvers.  They are fatalists and leave everything in the hands of Allah. That is why they never invent anything useful. They live like parasites.  

As you can see, the differences between Islam and the racist movement are merely theological.  In essence, their overall philosophy is the same.  They are both hate based doctrines.  They both dived mankind between “us” and “them”. Both are supremacists and believe to be superior to the rest.

However, it is important to note that Creativity Movement does not advocate violence. These racists only want to distinguish themselves over people of other races that they call “mud race.”  They are not advocating war and genocide.  They want to expand the White Race through procreation.  Islam on the other hand is imperialistic. Muhammad, not only encouraged his followers to breed fast in order to overtake the world, he also incited them to wage war and conquer the world through warfare.

(2.216) “Fighting is enjoined on you, and it is an object of dislike to you; and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you.”

(8.39) And fight them on until there is no more fitnah (dissent, opposition), and there prevail justice [supremacy of Muslims] and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, [surrender] verily Allah doth see all that they do.

The question that you once again must answer is who are you trying to fool?   If Islam was from God Muslims would not have had any difficulty answering our tough questions. Why they don't?  Why they tend to play deaf and dumb when asked some serious questions about Muhammad’s unbecoming conduct, the absurdities of the Quran and the overwhelming violence in the Islam?

Whenever we ask some difficult questions that Muslims are unable to answer, they respond by saying, if Islam is not true then why it is the fastest growing religion. Apart from the fact that this claim is a lie and more Muslims are leaving Islam than converting to it, according to Radio Islam.com 75% of those who convert to Islam leave it within the first five years.  

Muslims cling to a fallacy known as argumentum ad populum.  The rationale of this fallacy is that since many people like something, that thing must be good.  This argument is a fallacy because is presupposes that those who convert to Islam actually have done it with proper investigation.  The fact is that none of those who convert to Islam knows what they are doing.  The proof is that when asked to explain their reasons logically they fail to answer invariably and you are not an exception.  Most of the people who convert to Islam, as you can hear in this radio clip are convicts and women who marry Muslim men.  We can’t expect these people to know much about Islam or answer for their beliefs.  However, you are part of the clerisy.  You have even authored a book explaining Islam to non-Muslims.  You supposedly should know how to answer all our tough questions.  If that is the case why don’t you?  Don’t you think that it is time for someone to answer the questions that we have raised about Islam? 

If Muslims think that by hiding their heads in the sand and playing deaf and dumb we will eventually give up and they will continue fooling people with lies, as they have done for the last 14 centuries, they are dead wrong.  Your silence is only proof that you have no answers.  These questions are now being echoed throughout the Internet and the world is learning the truth about Islam.  The days that Islam could spread with lies and deception are over.  Today, nothing but truth will survive.  If you can’t prove Islam then you believe in a lie.  

You confused Satan with God.  I am not blaming you.  Jesus foretold that even good people will be misled.  If there is a God, he will for sure forgive our mistakes.  What he won’t forgive is our arrogance, our obstinacy and pride.  This is the acid test of your sincerity.  Are you truly after the truth or are you after vainglory?  Is it God that you seek or is it the praise and adulation of Muslims?  I have accused Muhammad of horrendous crimes.  Can you or any Muslim prove me wrong?  If no one can, then you have embraced a Satanic cult.  What else you want as proof to come to your senses and realize you have made a terrible mistake?    

I showed what Muslims think of you and your ridiculous claim that Islam is sweet and gentle.  They deride at your version of Islam, but they tolerate you because you serve their purpose for their propaganda.  You wrote a book to tell the non-Muslims how beautiful Islam is and how much Muslims love each other.  That claim becomes derisive when one counts the number of Muslims killed by other Muslims because of difference in the way they interpret the Quran.  Nonetheless, why don’t you put to the test that alleged Islamic love for yourself?  Announce that you have doubts about Islam and see how that love is suddenly changed into hatred and the very people who now treat you like a king will hasten to slit your throat.  

What I am asking from you is not unreasonable.  You claim that Islam is sweet and gentle.  All I am asking is that you prove that claim.   This is not much to ask Mr. Tawfiq.  You are misguided and are misguiding others.  You are responsible for the misery of many people who fooled by your ignorance will embrace Islam, as Salman Rushdie put it, this least huggable of religions, to face years of sadness and and loss. Many girls fooled by lies such as yours convert to Islam and marry Muslim men to face a life time of anguish and pain. Some, may even become zealot Muslims and become terrorists.  You will have blood of innocent people on your hands.  Does any of that bother you?  What does matter to you Mr. Tawfiq?  You don't give a damn about the truth. You don't give a damn about misleading people with your sweet lies.  Do you give a damn about your name?  It is your name, your integrity and honor that is at stake.  These open and uncontested letters that I have addressed to you will be read by millions.  For a while you are basking in glory and fame that Muslims, hypocritically bestow on you because you server their purpose.  But the days of Islam are numbered.  Islam is going down fast.  With it you will go down too.  You will be derided, and singled out as a fool.  In the next world, if there is any, you’ll be ashamed in front of your maker for believing in the lies of Satan and obstinately refusing to see the truth.   What do you get out of this Mr. Tawfiq?  This is a lose/lose business.  It’s a foolish enterprise.  Please come to your senses.  Either prove me wrong or leave Islam.  Salvage your good name and save your soul. Unwittingly, you have become an instrument of evil.  Discuss your faith with me.  Either prove me wrong or let me help you out of this web of lie and save your soul.

You may wonder why I am so interested in you.  Why I don't leave you alone?  Let me tell you why.  You are a valuable pawn in the hands of Muslim propagandists.  They do not give a damn about your understanding or rather lack of understanding of Islam.  What matters to them is your conversion.  "A priest has converted to Islam." This is what counts.  They trumpet this news to fool the gullible people into thinking that Islam is true.  My objective is to let these people see for themselves that this priest is lost. He does not know Islam and when asked to defend it puts his fingers in ears and pretends not to hear.  Real Muslims deride his views about Islam.  This man has no understanding of Islam.  He knows that he can't defend his belief logically and that is why he fears confrontation.  

Conversion of White people also increases the fervor or Muslims who then go on to become real Muslims and terrorists.  A clear example of that is Asiyah Andrabi a young Muslim women from an educated Muslim family of doctors who became a terrorist after she read the story of the conversion of White women.  This was enough for her to rediscover her faith and pick up the gun.  Yes Mr. Tawfiq. Please do not fool yourself.  You will not be able to change Islam into a sweet and gentle religion.  You are only validating the belief of the terrorists.

Come back Mr. Tawfiq.  You have had your go with lies.  It is now time that you face the truth.  Prove me wrong and I will delete this site, or accept the truth and leave this evil cult.   

I remain sincerely yours

Ali Sina


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