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Response to Mr. Hussein Jilani 


The following is an email Mr. Hussein Jilani, whom I assume is a Muslim scholar, sent to a group of other Muslim scholars including me. 

Dear open minded scholars  

In our today we are told to respect the views and beliefs of others. In particular Muslims are accused of being narrow minded and unwilling to adapt modern values. That may be true but what about Non Muslims? Are they just frustrated with the terrorism in the world or is there a deeper underlying hatred for Islam? What if they are just as hate filled as Radical Muslims?  

I recently went to an anti islamic site inorder to debate the regulars. Instead of a debate I received insults.  


Is this acceptable? Is this how peace andunderstanding can be achieved?  


This man claims to be saving the world and trying to help people but deep down he is just as hate filled as those who he hates. In his own words his purpose in life is to eradicate Islam. How exactly is he going to do this? Genocide? There is no way that over 1.2 Billion people are going to leave their faith without death.  

His own words: 

We have no option but to destroy Islam. Do not let the so called “peaceful Muslims” defraud you. Islam is the enemy and it must be destroyed. Islam wants to destroy you with hooks and crooks. You must be prepared and defend yourself. Be prepared, fight preemptively and raze it before it razes you. In the process, try to save the mislead Muslims and bring them back to the fold of humanity. Do not buy into that nonsense of reformation. That is another Islamic trick. Accept nothing but the total destruction of Islam. Remember, Islam does not tolerate you, you must not tolerate it.  

How are we Muslims supposed to united and defeat terrorism and Radical Islam when people like him are out to eradicate our faith? Should this make us say that "We should unify with these people?" or are we going to start hating these people and those who support him? Where is the modernism in his words?  

Is this supposed to bring peace? How?  

Robert Spencer who claims to be "merely bringing the threat of Jihad to attention" is an ardent supporter of this man and even wrote a book with him! He is totally against the idea of expelling Muslims and eradicating Islam but he is Sina's biggest supporter.  

Why does he support him? Because both of them are fighting for the same cause and he is a pawn in his game? Maybe..........  

Also, Mr. Spencer does not respect others right to privacy. He posts all of his emails online and tries to incite violence against them by giving emails.  


Two teenagers played a prank on him and he got all bent out of shape and made a post called "Deception" and revealed their identities. Then after receiving countless death threats these people appealed to him and apologized on his site but he still didn't erase the post.  

This is a "Private" message and that is why I sent it to so many people so they can see first hand how much of an opportunist you really are.  

Keep this between us scholars please Robert......You dont have any values or beliefs You support anyone who is coincidentally fighting for the same cause.  

Another example  

This man didn't hesitate for one second to give a link to Craig Winn's site even though he admitted that his book was filled with "Lies and deception". But again those dollar signs keep popping into his head. It took a vicious but well deserved smear from Craig Winn to remove his site from his link page.  

He has said time and time again that he is an advocate of peace and love and understanding but he never hesitates to cooperate with Ali Sina.  

After what I've written you be the judge of these fellows Robert Spencer and Ali Sina. It is a match made in heaven!  




director at jihadwatch.org
faithfreedom2 at gmail.com


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