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From Ali Sina 


Mr.  Hussein Jilani  

There is nothing secret or private in your letter. You sent it to sixteen people and I will post it in my site. I do receive many private letters and I know the difference. In private letters people talk about their private things. I never make those public. When I wrote to Mr. Zakaria telling him about my cleric relatives visiting me, that letter was private and it was agreed to be off the record. He did not respect that. You are discussing a general issue that needs to be addressed publicly. There is nothing private in this letter. Why you want to hide it?  

Yes I am frustrated with terrorism and I hate Islam for being the main cause of it. I have never hidden this fact and that is precisely the message of Faith Freedom International.  

You are mistaken. Not all Muslims are fools. Once it becomes clear to them that Muhammad was a psychopath cult leader no different from David Koresh, why would they want to follow him? If it is shown to you that Muhammad was a liar, would you still want to be called a Muslim? Why? Are you a fool or a brain dead? The problem is that you are not willing to open your eyes and see the truth. Most Muslims will eventually leave Islam once they see Muhammad was a charlatan liar and not a prophet. Many of them are leaving Islam. No I do not believe in killing people. This is what your prophet did and my ways are diametrically different.   

As for Robert Spencer, he is certainly not a pawn in anyoneís hand. He is a respected scholar of world fame. I support him and I am honored to count with his support. This does not mean that we agree on everything. Robert and I belong to two different schools of thoughts. He is a Christian and I am a freethinker. Even our views of Islam differ. He still hopes to see a reformed Islam and I think he is dreaming. Nonetheless my ideal world is a world that people are free to believe in anything they like and I respect their choice.  

The same I say about Craig Winn.  When he was threatened by some of your brothers to remove his book or else, I said that should he do that I will post his book and not even he would be able to stop me. I support him and his efforts. His understanding of Islam is correct. His comparison of the Quran to Mein Kempf is on the money. He too is a Christian. That is okay with me and it is okay with him that I am not a Christian. People must be free to believe in anything they like. We must learn to accept each other and each otherís freedom of belief even though we do not agree.  

Islam is a doctrine of hate and intolerance. This we must not accept or tolerate, just as we must not tolerate racism, fascism or sexism. Why canít you see this, is beyond me. How much brainwashing is enough? Why you insist in following a psychopath? What do you get out of this? What is this insanity?  

Am I wrong? Was Muhammad a prophet of God? Prove it. If you canít, then why you so desperately follow him? Why none of you so called scholars can refute any of my charges against him? I am just a layman when it comes to religious studies. So it is not that I know more than you. Only I think and you don't.  

Let me make this clear to you Mr. Jilani. Islam is evil. This does not mean Muslims are evil. But Islam is just a belief system. It by itself canít hurt anyone. It is Muslims who try to practice Islam that hurt people. Islam is like rabies, it is a disease that is carried by people. We can help you recover but if you donít want to recover and insist to attack and kill others we have to quarantine you and if our lives become endangered, destroy you first before you can destroy us. 

What is your position? Denial! That is all you can do. You lie and try to portray Islam as just another religion. Well it is not just another religion. No other religion is planning to take over the world through deception and terror. Christianity is a proselytizing religion, but no one is killed for leaving Christianity. You can smear the name of Jesus and even put his effigy in a bottle of urine and call it art and yet walk freely knowing no one will ever kill you for your tasteless insolence. Muslims are the only zombies who kill their critics. How can you not see the difference and the inherent evil in Islam?     

You must stop practicing Islam. You have no right to believe in a cult that tells you our lives are halal because we do not believe in stupidities that it teaches. If you insist following this cult, you are a danger to us. I will try to help you see your folly and win you as a friend first. I will do everything possible to open your eyes and convince you that Islam is false and the world is not divided along the lines of Kafirs and Muslims. I will patiently show you that Muhammad was a psychopath and help you get rid of your slavery of mind. I will set you free if you let me. But if you donít want to listen, if you insist to kill us wherever you find us, 2:191, to instill terror into our hearts, 8:12, rouse against us 8:65,  fight with us and punish us with your hands 9:14 or call us unclean 9:28, we will have no choice but to defend ourselves. Your damned satanic prophet said the Earth belongs to Allah and his messenger and all those who do not bow to that psychopath narcissist must either die or accept slavery. 9:29  It was he who said ďwhoever desires another religion beside Islam it shall not be accepted of himĒ 3:85   

We were born in this planet and it is ours too. We do not want to submit to your false prophet and your satanic god. We canít sit and let you kill us because you are brainwashed zombies who canít think. We will have to defend ourselves. Do you understand this? This is the fight of survival for us. You are murderers, you lie, you deceive just like your contriving false god, invented my your sick prophet.3:54  I will expose your lies and unmask you.  

What choice do we have? Remain silent and let you thugs take over the world through deception and terrorism? No, Sir. We will fight for our own lives. We will spread the truth about Islam and unmask its conniving face. While I try to reason with you to leave this insanity and join the fold of humanity I will alert the world to be ready for you and smash your head before you get the chance to strike. The choice is yours. Our back is against the wall. We have no option but to fight back. You have the option to come to your senses, leave Islam, leave this satanic cult and join humanity.  Our arms are open. We will receive you with a hug if you leave your enmity aside and stop your mindless obedience of a psychopath. At the same time it is my responsibility to let the world know you are the enemy and unveil your evil designs.

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