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Thanx for this site I wanted to create one myself I lived in Jordan & Egypt & every thing you said is absolutely right It's about time someone from their religion realized this trashy religion & reveals it on the net .I don't even know where to begin but you did thanx a million & God bless


Dear Mike  

I can tell you where to begin. You begin by joining our forum. There youíll meet great like-minded people who not only will support you; they can even help you in this project. Do you want to start a site in Arabic? You can have the Arabic chapter of FFI. If you want to have your own domain name. Just register one and ask our administrator to host your site for free. FFI is sustained through the donations of friends and thanks to them now we have our dedicated server. They are not just supporting FFI but our cause and they would be glad to know that they are supporting other sites that are fighting against the evil of Islam too. We are already hosting a few other sites and would host yours happily. Also there are Arabic sites similar to FFI such as annaqed.com You can join them too and help them expand. So as you see, there are lots of ways you can help. The more people join this campaign the stronger we become and the sooner we will be able to get rid of this curse affecting mankind.  Every effort counts. Muslims are militant and focused, to overcome them we must be the same. We need more dedicated people. I am publishing this so others who want to take part in this movement, know that support is available. They do not have to reveal their identity.

Best wishes  

Ali Sina


Dear Ali Sina,
You will never know how dear you are to me. You just save my family and the future of my daughter who is now just three months old.

At last my husband told me that he does no more believe in Islam, and that means my daughter is going to have a secular future far away from Islamic culture. We are inter-religious couple ( I did not change my religion while married ),and I could not decide to have a child in last ten years until we decide her future religion. Lately we came to the agreement that the baby will use her Fatherís title while she will choose her religion herself when she is big enough. But, still it was a matter of great concern from my side.

Imran Hossain who is one of your members, once suggested me to see your website, and I found it very useful for our purpose. Then I introduced your site to my Muslim husband (very open minded and not regular mosque going type ) who still believed that Islam is a religion of peace and religion is a source of morality, became very much surprised when he started justifying your writ-ups with Islamic original books. He gradually became very fond of specially your writings, and finally, last week he told me that he is no more a Muslim. He also told me that he is going to give our daughter a secular name related to our culture, not an Arabic name. We will teach her to love all human beings now what was my dream always!

Thank you Ali Sina. Thank you very, very much for saving our family.    


And thank you dear Rayena for sharing this wonderful news. It made me very happy. Please convey my best regards to your enlightened husband. The majority of Muslims are like him. It is they whom we want to reach. We have no business with hateful type Muslims who are brainwashed. I am publishing this because I know it will make more people happy.

9 Mar 2006  

I love you - keep up the wonderful work  

Dear Ali Sina,  

Words cannot describe my admiration for you.  I have been logging on to your website daily for the past 2 years.  You are one of the most intelligent people I have ever known.  

May God bless you and protect you.  




Dear Ali, 

Have you heard of Chahdortt Djavann ? She is the author of a book called "BAS LES VOILES" (down with the hijab).

I saw her on TV again just a few minutes ago. My mother said "she is so beautiful" several times while she was talking about her latest book. Not only is she very beautiful but she is also very smart ! She has a degree in mathematics i think, and she comes from Iran , like you !!! And like you she is doing her best to fight islam and denounce it in her books! She has now French citizenship and feels free in our country. What a big difference between that beautiful and smart lady and those islamic thugs who came to our country unable to integrate, always complaining, always so full of hatred towards France !

I wish they could leave France for ever. There would be more space for people like you or Chahdortt Djavann to live here in peace ! 

Have a wonderful day ali !



Dear Michel:  

Chahdortt and I come from the same very people you rightly call thugs.  The only difference between us is Islam. If we help Muslims leave Islam, they can be as good as Chahdortt, Wafa Sultan, Ayyan Hirsi Ali and countless other wonderful and beautiful people who have left Islam and have joined the fold of humanity. People are not born evil. They become evil through wrong upbringing and evil doctrines.  

 Muslims are not our only problem. The useful idiots of the West are just as dangerous as Muslims. You must fear intellectual terrorists such as Noam Chomsky, John Esposito and other shameless pseudo intellectuals and unscrupulous politicians who defend Islam just as much as you would despise and fear Zarqawi or Bin Laden. I often receive emails from some westerners who try to enumerate all the centuries old wrongs of the West to justify the Muslim crimes. I feel so enraged and disgusted by them that I hardly finish reading what they scribble. These people, who mostly are leftists, are ignorant and ignorance is the mother of all evil. They are traitors and therefore must be feared more than the Muslims who donít hide their enmity with mankind.  

So, dear Michel: Do not look at the color of the skin to decide who is good and who is bad. Listen to what they say and what ideology they spouse to make that distinction. And yes, we should not fool ourselves. Some ideologies are evil and those who follow them become evil.



Dear Ali,

Recently on US-TV I watched Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR telling this story, which you call bogus in a debate with Mr. Mohammed Asadi.

 I was looking for this story in the Koran and other sources, but you are quite right, there is nothing. Would Hooper go on national TV and tell outright lies about Mohammed? I wouldn't put it past him. I'm only puzzled that nobody refuted him.

This is from your website debate:

We can perfectly understand why believers lie to attribute false miracles to their prophet and make him look holy. One good example of that is the story of Muhammad being abused by a Jewess who every day used to throw garbage at him and one day, when he did not see her, he enquired about her and found out that she is ill. Then he paid her a visit and showed her kindness. This story was first claimed by the Baha'is and is attributed to their prophet Abdul' Baha, who was exiled with his father to Akka and was ill treated by the Arab inhabitants of that town. Muslims, shamelessly have plagiarized this story and have attributed it to their savage prophet who ordered a Jewess, a mother of five small children, to be assassinated only because she had composed a poetry against him. This story is all over the Internet and I must have been sent over ten times by ignorant Muslims who want to make me believe this fiend was a holy man.. It cannot be found in any early source and yet no one tries to stop it because it is an expedient lie. This is how good tales about Muhammad were concocted and included in the early hadiths. 

Is this in the hadiths or is it totally bogus?

Just curious. Thanks for your comment on this, appreciate it!


Such story does not exist in any hadith or anywhere else. This is a new fabrication. This has happened to Abdul-Baha about 1868 (?) when he and his father were exiled to Akkah and has nothing to do with Muhammad.  

As children we used to read that once Ali the butcher wanted to behead a man and that man spat at his face. So Ali did not kill him. When asked why, he replied that he spat on my face which made me angry and I did not want to kill him out of revenge. I only kill "in the way of Allah" (as if this is okay). Recently I found out this story was an old samurai tale that the Shiites have plagiarized. Muslims are shameless liars.




Dr Ali Sina, 

Recently a father who comes to a local Hindu temple in North London in a pretty depressed mood narrate the story about his two sons in the early 20's to a Swami with me sitting besides listening 

His elder son while at university converted to Islam. Islamic groups are quite active in universities in the UK and well funded by the Middle East . From personal experience they even lock door when hold seminar sand intimidate people for leaving it (read bouncers). 

And after that he called his father couple of times to tell him to convert to Islam, which of course is not possible for a man of 60 years who is a Hindu all his life and a happy one. 

But the elder son through deception met his younger brother for a while normally about talked about how much he missed him. Slowly he took him to Islamic groups with specially trained Muslims to handle such innocent people. 

After 3 years he also become a Muslim and it came as quite a shock to his father as it happened behind his back. 

And the most Ironic of it all was that the younger brother called his father after not communicating for a while. 

On the phone the younger son was crying a lot and his father thought he must be missing him and wants to come back. 

To the utter shock of his father, what the son said while crying was that he was really upset that he will go to hell and being his father it really upset him. 

He begged his father to join Islam as hell is very horrible and that he would miss him in Heaven 

Note that when his father asked him to come and see him in person, he said that he canít meet him even if he wanted to as Allah forbids us to talk to our Kin unless they embrace Islam. 

This man has now no one to look after him. He spent all his life raising his sons but to what end. He accepts that it is partly his fault for not giving secular values (too busy working all his life). 

I have some ideas after reading your site why Muslims can be stubborn 

But what I find crazy is why would educated men suspend their rational faculty and disown their own father. At the very least I would expect that they would visit him and ask about his health even if they become Muslims? 

I don't understand this! I couldn't sleep for a while thinking about the fate of this old man. 



Dear Vijay:  

When a person surrenders his intelligence to a cult, there is nothing he wonít do. He could commit murder, assassination and suicide. He would allow his own little daughter to be raped. He would even let his wife have sex with his guru. Our difference with animals is in our capacity to distinguish right from wrong. When someone loses that capacity and instead of right and wrong concerns himself with haram and halal, he is no more a human but a brainless zombie. Today many think this is not a politically correct thing to say. Tomorrow everyone will agree with me after paying a heavy price. When you follow the hateful teachings of Muhammad to the extent that you shun even your own parents you lose your humanity and become a beast. This poor man has not seen the worst yet. He could one day hear that his sons have been involved in a suicide bombing. Converts are encouraged more and are more likely to become suicide bombers. 

What others can do is to warn their children and tell them about the dangers of Islam. If they don't they may be the next victim. I have read countless heart wrenching stories like this from distraught parents. Those with daughters should particularly be more worried. You have to  immunize your children before sending them out. Muslims are now in the West and like wolves they prey on your gullible children. Don't try to be politically correct or you could lose big time. Just tell your children, from early on that Islam is a bad religion and those who follow this belief can do terrible things. Tell your children to not get too close to those Muslims who are too religious. In fact this would not be necessary because such Muslims consider the non-Muslims najis and do not associate with them anyway. Make sure your children understand that all faiths are not equal. There are some belief systems that are evil and that they should not trust the followers of such beliefs. Muslims lie, they brainwash people, make them zombies and convert them into terrorists. You teach your children not to trust strangers. The chances that a stranger be also a child kidnapper is very low. Yet you do not hesitate to prepare your child for the eventuality. The chances that Muslims kidnap your child is very high. In fact the Muslim girl who is your daughter's best friend and is very polite could be her kidnapper. Read this shocking testimony. Let others call you racist. Chances are that you could keep your children while they could cry and kick themselves like the poor man in this story. Don't be fooled by "mild" or "moderate" Muslims. A Muslim who does not wear head scarf, and acts totally normal but tells you Islam is a beautiful religion, is still a Muslim and you should shun him or her. You can trust them only when you hear them say Muhammad was a sick man and Islam is evil. But then they are not Muslims anymore. 

Better be paranoid than sorry.  




Yesterday I told my mother. She was very angry at first. My wife already knew long before. Today my mum told me that she understand after I explain to her my reason for apostasy. I think I will start with my family and close friends first.  

Thank you again.  

Dr. S.  


Dear Dr. S.  

Instead of announcing to everyone that you are an apostate, maybe it is better that you just keep asking poignant questions and let them think. If they ask whether you are an apostate, you may just tell them no, but you have these questions and hoped they could answer. In this way they will not create a resistance against what you say, but may force themselves to find an answer, which often they do. But those answers are just excuses to fool themselves, then find a hole in their answers and ask another question. Keep asking question after question (without getting into arguments) until they start doubting. This may take time. So do not expect immediate result. The idea is not to alienate everyone but to make them think and inseminate the seeds of doubt in their minds. Otherwise they close up and wonít listen to you anymore. A good idea is to refer them to this site and tell them you read this or that article and are confused and want their advice. They may tell you that you should not read sites like this. Agree with them that it was a mistake reading this site but now it is too late and you have these questions that don't go away. You may get more cooperation from them if you pretend to be a confused Muslim than a convinced apostate. Let them try to help you. Instead of making statements, just keep asking leading questions.  If they discard you, the doors of communication will be closed, but as long as they think you are a confused Muslim they will do their best to help you and this will force them to read and think and hopefully awaken from their sleep.

Good luck in your efforts.  

Ali Sina



I publish this message because it made me really happy and proud. 

"Make me an instrument of peace!" This was St. Francisco of Assisi's prayer. It has been also my prayer since childhood. I hope it will be answered and real peace, based on not tolerance but acceptance among all humans is established. Peace is not just ceasefire or secession of hostilities. Peace is being able to see yourself in others, feel their anguish as if it is yours, cry in their sorrows as if it is your sorrow and rejoice in their happiness as if it is your happiness. Peace is possible, if we let go of spurious and satanic beliefs that divide us and make us hate one another. Whether these false beliefs are religious or political, they must be eliminated before we can experience peace. These doctrines of hate are cancers of humanity. They should not be tolerated. Nazism and communism are defeated. Islam is the last bastion of evil.    

Ali Sina   



Dear Ali


I received some encouraging comments. I think you should read the attached one which came from France because it has touched me most, and because it is more about you and FFI.

Just see the difference you already made to people's lives and hopes.


Mumin Salih


Some days ago, I discovered a great site by a great man called Ali Sina. I live in France sharing the territory with many Arabs now. Before reading Ali Sina's articles, I was about to fall into the trap of sheer racism. Because like many French now I tended to believe that "Arabs" are the problem here. There is no problem with immigrants from other parts of Europe , no problem with the Chinese, no problem with the Vietnamese or the Japanese etc. At the same time I didn't feel comfortable to come to that conclusion because my best friend in Paris is an Arab! Oh yes but Karim, that's his name, now that I come to think of it, is an atheist! Malika is a very open-minded girl who was born into an Algerian family and I like to talk freely with her about any topic. Oh yes, but now that I come to think of it, she is not a Muslim!

Oh how thankful I am to Ali Sina and to you too! I've just discovered your article in Ali's site and I am thankful to all of you who with courage are trying to show the truth to the rest of us. After reading Ali's testimony I was in a state of pure elation! It feels good to be enlightened! I felt like Ali was my true brother and all the people like him, with whom I share the same values! You (Ali, you and all the people like you) are doing a great job! If more people come to know the truth then that will put an end to racism. Most of us are not racists. We were about to fall into the trap of racism but you came to save us! You save both the blind Muslims following a criminal ideology and the non-Muslims who were about to think there is something wrong with some races in particular!

I feel so happy because I understand quite clearly that I have brothers all over the planet now. When we share the same values, when peace harmony and love and tolerance are our priorities in life, then we become the members of a wonderful humanity, brothers and sisters of a huge human family.

I was born into a catholic family, I don't know if Jesus really existed, but as Ali Sina said, faith is a private thing. And Jesus was no criminal or rapist. If the rest of the world wants to believe in Jesus or not it is up to them. We will preach love and forgiveness! As a Christian I never learned to kill the non-Christians, but reach out my hand and consider all people like my brothers. Buddhism is no threat either for the world. I don't feel insecure if the number of Buddhists keeps growing. They won't kill us in the end! But I realise how different it is with Islam! 

Now thanks to all of you I opened my eyes. I know Islam is a poison for the minds because Muhammad was not a good man in his actions and to follow his example is really bad for our humanity. When a Muslim leaves Islam he becomes my true brother, the way Ali Sina did! And I don't care if Ali is a Buddhist now or a catholic or an atheist! He and I are above all these considerations! We have become brothers of a unique humanity and peace in the world is our aim.

I'm so happy every time I discover one more brother in my family! You are one more brother! May millions of new brothers and sisters from all over the world join us!

I try to circulate Ali's link as much as possible (to my Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Spanish friends).

Writing this e-mail to you is just a way for me to congratulate you! Thanks! And also to tell you that somewhere in the south of France a French guy read your article and I will talk about it around me!

I don't know where you live. I only hope you will be happy with the ones you love.

Let me wish you a wonderful year 2006!




Dear Dr. Sina,  

A couple of years ago, I attended a seminar in Kelantan , Malaysia (which by the way is a Islam stronghold compared to other states). It was Friday whereby in Malaysia, it's kinda a religious day (all companies must give the Moslems 2 hours of free period for conducting their prayers normally from 12.30 pm till 2.30pm).  

Well, as I was resting in my hotel, there was a sermon going on in a nearby mosque. I mean it was so loud, I believe it can be heard for miles and miles. Something was said in the sermon that both disgusted me and simply could not believe my ears. I hope you can clear it for me.  

It the sermon, the Imam was preaching about the sexual relationship between husband and wife. The Imam instructed / encouraged all male's to have sexual intercourse with their wife(s) as often as possible.  

The reason was outrageous: every time you have sex with your wife(s), a kafir will die. So as we want to rid this world of kafir's, have it as often as possible.  

Trust me when I say that I did not misquote nor did I misheard the message. I just want to know, is this also a true teaching of Islam or some perverted and misguided concept derived my these so called religious leaders.  



I never heard of that before but that is a good one. I wish this was the only method they used to kill the kafirs. Maybe we should encourage all these terrorists to get laid and leave us alone. But make sure we give them enough condoms. We can't handle more Muslims. 


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