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I am an Indian (hindu and vaguely religious as most of us are). Believe me, I am fairly hooked to your site. I am unable to express my respect and love for your personality adequately in words. Please dont feel I am flattering you, but I am sure many fans like me would agree that your persona is Christ-like and saintly.  Your nobility and humanity shines through, and may the true gods give you the power to continue leading this this fight against an evil so diabolical that the more reason tries to envelope it, the more unreasonable it becomes. 

I had a vague fear and aversion to things Muslim, but like most others in my country, had a fear of expessing it in public (reputation of muslims for violence is almost built in to the indian psyche). Also, reading the mostly psuedo-secular media in our Country, I used to find some justification in my mind for the mayhem being let loose by muslims, particularly those hailing from Pakistan. 

Your site has blown open my mind. I now feel energised and hopeful that the world can get out of this darkness if this great mission is led led by people like you. What do you think really drives this maniacal fervour of this muslims. I pray that you can decode the DNA of their insanity and open their minds to light and joy. 

Mild Hindu


Dear Mild Hindu,  

Thank you for your very kind email. Rest assured that there are many people exposing Islam and enlightening the Muslims and our number is increasing. So if christ means savor, we are becoming an army of christs.  

As for what drives these people to this much insanity is their own gullibility. Just before reading your email I read a report about Latinos in USA converting to Islam. The reporter asked a 19 year old woman why in a hot day she is wearing that black veil. Her response was:  “I am doing this for God, and one day I will be rewarded for what I am doing.”  

This is the same reason they become suicide bombers. They think their stupidities and sufferings will be rewarded by God. The bigger is the sacrifice the greater will be the reward. The only way to stop this insanity is to show this whole Islam is nothing but a lie and Muhammad was a psychopath cult leader. These fools must learn that God is not a sadist. Who would benefit if you suffer in heat? This is not like helping someone in need or doing something that would alleviate someone's burden.  This is nothing but stupidity. Islam must be discredited completely. This is the only way to stop foolish people converting to it and ruining their own lives and endangering the lives of others.  As long as the government and the media recognize Islam as a legitimate religion more people will fall prey to this cult and more lives will be destroyed. We have to urge the government to declare Islam an evil cult so the gullible people don't fall prey to it out of ignorance.

Please promote this site. The message of this site can stop Islam on its track. The more this message is spread the more powerful it becomes.  I am caught in writing, editing and being the web master. I have no time for promoting the site. If you think our message is what Muslims and even non-Muslims need to hear, please promote it. This site has grown because some people saw its importance and promoted it, if we all do that this message will soon become so loud that no one will be able to ignore it. 



Hello Ali, 

Your idea about de-conditioning Muslims prisoners is good, and it would work. The only problem is that de-conditioning is almost always followed by re-conditioning. That means brain-washing is followed up with new brain-pollution.

This has been done many times for young people who have been kidnapped on behalf of their parents. 

They get brain-washed from whatever cult they joined, but then the get conditioned back to Christianity, or some other ideology. 

How do you propose the US government can de-condition (brain-wash) the Muslims, without giving them some other religious garbage instead.  

And if they do give them Christian garbage instead of the old Muslim one, they will get in deep trouble both internationally and in the US .  


I think the government should commission FFI to prepare de-conditioning programs.  This can be best handled by ex-Muslims. 

As for these people converting to Christianity, Hinduism or other religions, that should not be our concern. People must be left free to choose any religion they like. I strongly believe in diversity and also in freedom of faith. I am not in favor of indoctrinating people in any religion but books and materials should be available for them to read and if they want to adopt another religion or remain secular the choice should be theirs. For those who had God as the main focus of their lives, it is not easy to leave that thought suddenly. So other religions especially Christianity can provide a safety cushion to land. After a while they may want to leave religion altogether, but there is no denial that at first converting to another religion is much easier than abandoning religion altogether.    

By the way, did you get my email where I proposed IQ and/or other test for people wishing to challenge you to a debate?  

I think it would be fun and revealing. I suspect that your current debate partner would not pass the IQ test. 


No, I don’t believe my opponents’ IQs are low.  These peoples' brain  is damaged by their faith in Islam. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in their IQ. Some of them can graduate with high marks from best universities. But when it comes to religion they still talk nonsense. Religion is controlled by reptilian brain which is our most primitive brain. So, even a nuclear physicists can be stupid when it comes to his religion. 




 Hello - Ali,

Judging the verbal blows between you and Mohammad Assadi's debates, I am left wondering how low do we need to get dealing with the muslems. Despite that fact  that the man is credited enough to have written books on behalf of muslems and Islam, his debates were nothing short of elementary shool backyard bickerings and arguments. The more I am made aware of my old faith, the more I want to distance myself from beduin-minded ideologists. Can't imagine how many times you have gone with a deep sigh,"here we go again.....".

Now long ago, sitting in a New York subway one late evening listening to two black men loudly chatting, I overheard a comment that stays with me to my grave. It goes like this: "hey, man, I don't give a shit what these people believe. They can worship a moon or sun or tree or a rock........so long as they don't pick up that rock and throw at me....."  

Oh! muslems of the world, we don't give a hoot who your god is, as long as the rock does not come flying toward me.


syed ebrahim
[email protected]


Dear Dr. Sina,  

Ever since I have accidentally encountered your site 2 months ago, not a day has gone by when I did not visit it to find the latest updates. Now it seems that I spend at least 2-4 hours reading through your materials and post of others in the forums.  

Information that I have gathered is numerous and I have even begin to actively participate in some of the discussion.  

Another great interest is your debate with Moslems and your challenge and currently I'm following your debate with Al Assadi.  

I must say throughout the 4 parts of debate you have had with him, not once; NOT EVEN ONCE did he took your challenge. I mean your challenge is so simplistic any laymen can understand. Seems to me all they do is go around and around talking and quoting anything and everything but addressing the true topic at hand: The truth of Muhammed.  

Every description and explanation that you have described about the Moslem seems to come true. The beauty of all this is, the Moslems themselves are proving all your words are true.  

This guy claims to be a grad from Jackson U and is a Computer System Analyst. Well, I'm a Senior Systems Engineer with a company that deals with ISP, telecommunication and security. That means I was a system analyst before which by the way is mid level position in a IT company. It really surprised me that a grad from a well know University almost 20 years ago have this kind of mentality.  

I have noticed the way he typed his comments, the way he addresses your issues (which he doesn't anyway), even the way he structures his words indicates that of a secondary grade student with poor English performance. If I were to use this kind of communication method in my work, I'd been fired less than a year of my appointment (which by the way I have only 12 years of experience in IT and got my degree only in 1999).  

I believe I can put on a better argument and debate with you on behalf of the Moslems even though I don't have the in-depth Quran knowledge. I guess you are right after all; the teaching of Islam does really stumps the growth of wisdom and maturity. It does not allow evolution in order to preserve itself.  

I believe it is not because the Moslems can't or don't want to debate or argue with you. The simple truth is they have nothing to debate about.  

To say keep up the good work in an understatement. You have already done it.  






Dr. Sina, With reference to the 'public' debate you are conducting with a Mr.  Muhammad Al Assadi . I think you are wasting your precious time with a buffoon. He is stupid and cantankerous. I have been following the debate, but to date he has not answered any of your questions directly nor has he defended his hero Mohamed against your accusations. Either he is a fool or he has no intention of meeting your arguments. He is going 'round and round' in his desultory way saying the same stupid things. I think he does not know what a debate is - please don't waste your time with this stupid idiot.    


Dear Faqi,  

You are the second person who writes to say the same thing. So I respond in here just in case others may think the same as you. The point of the debates is not to convince the person with whom I debate. Often these individuals are hardened Islamists and hopeless cases. The intent is to draw the attention of the readers to the intellectual bankruptcy of the Islamic clerisy. If the Muslim clerisy is so tick, you can imagine the state of the Umma, which is the community of the unlettered believers. All these help the good humans who by error think of themselves to be Muslims to see the stupidity of Islam and leave it. It is upon them that I have set my eyes, not people like Mr. Al Assadi.



Hello Mr. Ali Sina,

I joined your website little less than a month now. The reason I am writing to you is that I am wondering if you or/and somebody you know (people/ Ex-Muslims or non-muslins) those who respect life and want to serve the humanity the best they could is/are willing to get together and start doing something openly about this miserable situation caused by Evil religions (especially Islam). I am a female, in my mid twenties, educated, intelligent and full of energy and hope and unfortunately anger because of the injustice I see and hear caused by my former religion/cult. Now I am planning on work by myself and do my best to fight Islam, just for the sake of humanity, and justice. But I also, love and wonder if some other people would like to join me to put our energy candidly all together and do what decent people have to do, change ( or at least try to change) this world for a better one.

Hope to hear from you,

Thank you



Hello Diane,

Your thoughts are noble. You can discuss your plans in the forum and get feedback and help from the friends there. Yes it is very important that we do not sit and watch but do something. A few friends in FFI got together and created the Ask Aunt Latifa site. Someone had technical expertise, someone the experience and the motherly wisdom and this wonderful site was created that is now dispensing help and guidance to many souls.  You should decide in what capacity you can help and discuss it in the forum of FFI. You will find people who will be willing to help. These are unique times in history. The danger that mankind faces is grave. If nothing is done this evil will destroy us all. Even a small effort will have tremendous effect. This is one moment in history when ordinary people can do heroic things. What is more heroic than saving mankind?



Dear Mr. Sina,

Nice to read your articles.
I have been reading this site for the past few months. I admire the way you ask questions - no beating around the bush - aimed straight at the target. It is rare to see a person daring to face the evil when doing such things, particularly with such cult.
I wish all the best to your mission in its journey to success.
I have forwarded your site address to many of my friends.


Dear Dr. Sina, 

My name is Aj. I am a 21 year old student in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It was my fortune to stumble upon your website recently, however, perhaps ironically, during exam time. As you can imagine I'm fairly cramped for time. That being said there is one question that plagues me which I feel the urge to ask you. The question is this: What happens to Muslim women when they die? What is their promised land? From what little I know, the Quran does not address this issue. Perhaps they simply evaporate? 

You may have already written on this topic, in the event you have, I would be in debt if you would kindly forward me a link. I am a supporter of your work and hope to be involved pending the conclusion of my exams. I look forward to future contact. 




Women are supposed to be rewarded but there is nothing saying how and by what. The rewards for men are detailed but nothing is said about women. All we know is that they will be reunited with their husbands. But frankly, with 72 other voluptuous eternally virgin whores surrounding the husband, I don’t know whether she will get a chance even to see that old abusive man. So the state of women after life is very undesirable. I asked this from several Muslim women. They evaded but did not answer. I would love to hear from Muslim women, what is in it for them.  

Wish you success with your exams.  

Ali Sina   




Dear Sina,
                 You are doing a wonderful service to the world by exposing the real face of Islam. But Muslims are brought up from childhood with an impression that leaving Islam will push them to Hell. Also all other religions are hated by them. Will they leave the Islam, hearing your scholarly views? Are you optimistic?
                In a meeting I recently heard a mullah speaking, "In western countries Men are slaves of women. But they call it as women liberation. They want to make Muslims also Handicapped. In west, husbands cook food, wash their wife's clothes, clean her toilets and they lick her feet. In Muslims home, every night, husbands place their legs on wife's laps and she massages his legs until he sleeps. But In west everyday night, wives place their legs on husband's laps and he massages her legs until she sleeps. Is this not slavery?"
          Do you think what he said is true?


Dear Vijay,  

Yes, Muslims will leave Islam en masse. But first everyone else must see the truth of Islam. Once the knowledge of Islam becomes widespread and every person comes to know it is evil just as today everyone knows Nazism is evil, Muslims will start leaving Islam all at once. So for now spread the news among non-Muslims. Bats love darkness and Muslims love ignorance. With the rise of sun, bats go to their hiding and with the spread of truth, Muslims will go to their hiding. Eventually they will see the stupidity of Islam and most of them will leave it. When that happens Islam will be eradicated.  

As for what this ignorant mullah said, yes, men in the West treat their women with respect, not like their slaves but like an equal. As for doing the household chores, cooking and washing, etc., they share the work and it all depends on who is the breadwinner. As for licking the feet, well, there are moments that a man would want to lick every part of his woman. I don’t see anything wrong in that. Personally I don’t have much appetite for feet. I find breasts are more delectable. As for massaging the feet, both men and women do it to each other. When you are in love with someone, you want to make him/her feel comfortable and unwind. So, husbands and wives do these little favors to each other out of love, not out of obligation. 

This mullah does not know the meaning of love and obviously he has never been in love. All he knows is domination. Instead of love, he knows sadomasochism. Love happens only among equals. The relationship between a superior and an inferior is co-dependency. It is based on need, not on love. This poor man, like all  men who have been touched by the sickness of Muhammad and try to emulate him, is a narcissist and a miserable soul.  Fortunately most Muslim men are not really that Muslim.




Hello Ali,

If you have recently engaged in an online debate with muslims, did you notice that there's a difference in the way they react now. They seem to be confused and lost, frustrated at being posed with same questions, and again failing to answer them.

It is clear that they are so fed with Jewish - Zionist conspiracies crap in their nations that they actually start believing in them. But now, those muslims online who have had interactions with normal human beings on net feel angered to know that they are being laughed at for believing in garbage. They realize how badly they have been left behind - and are eons behind the ever speeding non-muslim society. People have given up their irrational beliefs - while some muslims still believe that Neil Armstrong saw the Earth hanging on strings when he went to moon (one muslims actually said this - can you believe it?).

Out of anger, perplexity, frustration at the loss of the belief system their lives used to revolve around till this point, they have started blaming mullahs. You can frequently see modern muslims accusing mullahs for their plight. Some of them turn to west to find an agent for their plight.

What they still don't realize is that it is their own societies, their own beliefs which is responsible for their lack of prosperity. These muslims who frequently blame the mullahs still don't find any fault in the quran.

But there is a change - and that is for sure. They are slowly, but gradually realizing the stupidity of islam, though they still don't admit it. This could lead to implosion or explosion of islam - depends upon how successful these modern muslims are in floundering out of this mess known as islam.

Your campaign is working. Your efforts are bearing fruits. You must remember that there are millions who support you, and are spreading your message in various communities.

Btw, what's your observation in this regard?



Sure, Rosney,  

I said it many times that Islam is a house of cards. It is just an inflated balloon. Many people see the pomposity, the bravado and the violence of Muslims and think it is impossible to get rid of this evil cult that holds these poor souls in its grip. But the truth is that all these are make-believes. Muslims are very insecure. They do not want to leave their faith but they are also frustrated that they don’t find any answers to the questions raised against it. It is just a matter of time that they will start shaking in their blind faith and will leave en masse. This will happen much sooner than you think. The key are the non-Muslims. When everyone come to see Islam for what it is, they can no more fool anyone. They all see the emperor is naked like a jaybird, but they dare not say it. Once everyone starts saying it, they will too.  

So far they kept saying, “Islam is the fastest growing religion” and with this lie they felt energized. Once it becomes clear that Islam is not growing because everyone knows the truth and there is no way to fool people anymore with lies, they will be so demoralized that they will leave Islam.

Ali Sina.


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