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Hello Bewildered:  

I am glad to that you saw the truth and now know that Islam is false. As for your parents, maybe itís better not to tell them anything. If this information is going to hurt them, what is the point? They are at an age that canít change and frankly there is no need for them to change. You however must make your son see the light. The future belongs to him and his generation. As long as he remains a Muslim he is also in danger of becoming a terrorist. It is so easy for young Muslims to convert to terrorism. There are evil people going around preying on young Muslims and convincing them that they should blow themselves up. After being brainwashed, they are told to keep their thoughts and mission secret. Often the parents have no clue of the transformation that their children have gone through. When they find out, it is already too late. The son has often blown up himself in a suicide mission and the parents receive a cynical phone of "congratulations" . I could quote tens of stories to corroborate this point. So please make sure your son is fully aware that Islam is a lie.  

As for your depiction of the Israelis, I think you yourself said it all when you said ďdon't tell me that the Israelis are all innocent.Ē  No, I wonít tell you that. Bad people exist everywhere.  

A couple of months ago I sent one of my articles to an Israeli Internet site. I think it was Israpundit. They kindly published it. The readersí comments were mostly positive. But one reader could not tolerate me. He was rude and abusive. I was a bit taken aback, because the article was clearly in support of Israel. I wondered why this reader was so much filled with hate that disregarded my entire argument and all he could see was an Arabic name, which he could not tolerate.  

I did not have to think long to find the answer. The answer is that hate blinds. It blinds one so much that one canít see anything good in the object of his hate. That poor Israeli hates Arabs and anyone with Arabic name, to him is a despicable creature even when that person is on his side.  

I also saw a video clip of Israeli soldiers trying to break the bones of a Palestinian fighter/terrorist they had captured, by beating his limbs with stone. That video clip was gruesome. It was an affront to humanity. To say it was outrageous is an understatement. It was sheer evil.  

However, the difference between Israelis and Muslims is that when that video was shown to average Israelis, they became livid. Do we have such a spontaneous outburst of anger from Muslims when other Muslims butcher innocent people including children? No we donít. To the degree that a person is a Muslim, he becomes oblivious of other peopleís pain. In fact he justifies their sufferings. There is a Jew who converted to Islam. He changed his name from Joseph Cohen to Yousef al Khattab. Now that he is a Muslim, he thinks all the Israelis should be massacred, including their children. See this chilling interview with this man.

I visited Israel several years ago and while there I used to eat in an Arab fast food restaurant. This was an Israeli Arab. I asked whether he is happy living in Israel. He smiled and said, much happier than if he had to live among fellow Palestinians. Then I asked, what about them? Why they are so discontent? He put his index finger above his ear and gave it a twist.  

Your story about the Israelis shooting people for fun, does not seem to match with reality. If this was the case, and a policy of the state of Israel, there would be no Palestinian left by now. No Palestinian would have dared to go among the Jews. Far from, it they feel safer in Israel than in their own lawless societies. 

Do you realize that Israel has the capability to destroy the entire Muslim world in one day? Despite this awesome power, and despite the hostile rhetoric coming from all Muslim countries as far as Indonesia and Malaysia, no Islamic country is in any danger by Israel. What would happen if an Islamic country gets the upper hand? They would not hesitate a day to wipe Israel off the map.  Let us not fool ourselves. Muslims are no innocent lambs. The are wolves without teeth.

Take a look at Iran. My country has had problem with each and every Arab country. Arabs hate Iranians as they have always had. Of course Iranians don't love Arabs either. Unlike Pakistanis who love to be Arabs, Iranians feel insulted if called Arabs by error. This is just to tell you how much animosity exists between Arabs and Persians. Even today, the Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites are in Iran doing the dirty work of the mullahs acting as the henchmen of the regime, terrorizing and shooting the protesters, torturing them and suppressing them, a job that most Iranians are not willing to do to their own countrymen.  We never had any problem with Israel. Israel has never been a threat to Iran. In fact we have strong bonds with the Jews that go back 2500 years and longer. So, why Ahmadinejad is harboring the wish to wipe Israel off the map? Why every Muslim from Philippines to America thinks it is his religious duty to hate the Jews?  

This has nothing to do with what Israelis do to Palestinians. The Palestinians do worse than that to themselves. 





Justice the Palestinian style. 


The Arabs have been killing one another since Muhammad set foot in Arabia. The origin of the enmity of Muslims against the Jews should not be sought in the state of Israel but in the Quran and the sunna of Muhammad.  

You talk about ďprejudice and acts of violenceĒ by Americans during the first Persian Gulf war against Arabs.  

I hear what you say. Several years ago, when I still had only Iranian citizenship, I had to visit US. As soon as the immigration officers saw my passport, they pulled me out of the line and took me to a separate room for interrogation. My baggage was searched and so my body. I felt humiliated. But I knew why they were doing this. In their place I would have done the same. Iran is the number one enemy of the U.S. A few years earlier the Iranians had taken the members of the American embassy as hostage. This was cowardly. Not only these criminals never apologized, they were (and still are) proud of their shameful stupidity. They had masterminded several terrorist acts against the US including the 1983 bombing of the US barrack in Lebanon that resulted in the death of 241 marines. Considering all that, I could see that the Americans were actually kind for letting me in their country.  

It is easy to see our selves as victims. But if we stop and think what would we do if we were in the shoes of those whom we so lavishly criticize, we probably would be able to understand why they behave the way they do. This is something Muslims donít learn. The very concept of fairness, i.e. putting ourselves in the shoes of others, is completely absent from our psyche.  This is an ďartĒ that we are not taught. We grew in a sick society that emulates a narcissist as its ultimate paragon. That is why our entire world is sick. Itís not enough to change our religion; we must also change our Islamic mentality. We need to undergo a fundamental transformation to regain our humanity. The only thing that really distinguishes us humans from other creatures roaming on this earth is fairness. To the degree that we understand the Golden Rule we are humans and to the degree that we do not, we are beasts.  

You are an American now. You are proud of America and obviously you are happy to be here. Yet you acknowledge that even these tolerant and accommodating Americans were hostile to the Arabs during the 1st Persian Golf War. What about after 9/11? America was attacked and thousands of them were killed by Arab Muslims. Many other Arabs started cheering and dancing in the streets of America upon hearing the news. Do you still expect them to love the Arabs? Despite that the Americans defended, not only the Arabs but even their culprit religion. What would have Muslims done to Americans in their countries if the situation was reverse and if America had attacked Mecca, deliberately killing thousands of Muslims?  

Forget about bombing Mecca. When a Danish newspaper published the cartoons of Muhammad Muslims all over the world wanted to take revenge from everyone who was not a Muslim. They even killed innocent Christians in Nigeria, and shot a catholic priests in Turkey. Was the "prejudice" that you felt in America anywhere close to the savagery of Muslims during the cartoon conflagration?  

A little bit of self awareness is all itís needed.  Why can't we see the beam in our own eyes and are so good in seeing the speck in the eyes of others?

You say Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian civilians and kill them indiscriminately. Frankly this sounds so out of the ordinary that I have difficulty believing your version. I have the voice of the brave Nonie Darwish (Part I    Part II ) on record, saying that when her brother had a stroke, his friends discussed where they should take him to an Israeli hospital or to Egypt? They unanimously agreed they can trust an Israeli hospital more than an Egyptian hospital.  

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