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Allah Here, Allah There. Allah is Everywhere  

In this cloud patch Muslims using their creative imagination read the word Allah in Arabic. I actually see a boy sitting in a toboggan  looking to the sky while a very funny looking small creature is pushing him from behind. Please use your imagination and see what else you can see in this picture. Try to think like children, as Muslims do, and you will be surprised what you can find there.

When I was a child I used to lie down on the grass in lazy hot summer days and find familiar shapes of humans and animals in different poses in the clouds. It just shows that the imaginative brain of the foolhardy believers of Islam is still in the stage of childhood. 

Here are what Christians think is the apparition of Marry in clouds. 


You can find more Christian "miracles" in this site

This honey comb is the the Muslim favorite! They think bees can write in Arabic and have decided to profess their belief in Allah by jointly writing Allah on their hive. 


They also see the word Abdullah and Muhammad Rasoul Allah written on the side of this fish.  I can't read neither Muhammad nor Rasoul Allah on this fish. But of course I am not a Muslim and do not have a wild imagination as they do.  



Muslims are so imaginative that they can see the Words of Shahadah in this slice of tomato. See if you can read La Illaha Illa Alla and Muhammad Rasul Allah in these slices. I have not been able to see it. Can you help?


And yet the THE MIRROR on Thursday, June 12, 1997,  reported: "More than 100 Moslems have flocked to her [the girl who made this "discovery"]  home to see the amazing tomato in her fridge.

In March last year another family from the town found 'Praise Allah' written inside an aubergine (egg plant).

And a rock from Ben Nevis which has been engraved with 'Allah' by the wind and rain is kept in a mosque in Burnley, Lancs.


These things are not miracles. They are simply flukes. Different patterns form in different objects in the nature. Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and with a little bit of imagination one can find them naturally occurring everywhere. 



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