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Is Allah a terrorist too? 


In this picture of the Earthquake in Turkey, this mosque along with a few more buildings are unaffected while most of the buildings around it are destroyed. The Islamic sites write: 

"It is indeed a miracle from Allah(swt), a miracle of this century. A camera lens captures a miracle from Allah(swt), if we were to realize it we would flee unto Allah(swt) and repent to him. Look how the town was totally destroyed and most of the buildings were leveled with the surface of the earth, especially around the mosque, except for the mosque which was not harmed at all, and a building across the street from the mosque, the side facing the mosque is totally unharmed yet the rest of the sides of the building were damaged, because had it collapsed it would have fallen on the masjid's extension. If one were to guess, before the earthquake, what in that town would be damaged it would of course be the masjid's Minaret. It's tall thin weak based structure is an indication that any earth movement will force it to collapse but no! Everything was destroyed but that! SUBHAN ALLAH!"

This is a picture of another site destroyed by Earthquake 

First of all we should realize buildings in the above picture that are completely erased were knocked down deliberately by excavators and bulldozers because they suffered severe damages in the earthquake, posing danger to the people.  The reason the buildings surrounding these mosques were destroyed is because of the shady construction and has nothing to do with God. Important public buildings like mosques and churches usually are contracted to experienced Architects and Engineers, they are built better and they last longer than ordinary buildings that are built by unscrupulous profit seeking contractors who cut the corners and are there for the quick buck, especially in third world countries where there is no authority to inspect the building codes in the moments of construction or they often overlook the deficiencies if paid little bribe.  

The houses that surrounded these mosques belonged to Muslims. Why Allah destroyed them?  

If this was intentionally done by a god, do you really want to worship such a god that destroys the houses of so many innocent people and kills them so ruthlessly while saving a mosque?  Is really this Allah a psychopath? Is he also a terrorist? Seems that in their desperate attempt to attribute  miracles Allah, Muslims incriminate him more than proving his greatness.  

These two mosques destroyed during earthquakes prove that buildings survive earthquakes if they are seismically engineered. Mosque or no mosque make no difference.  

The remains of a mosque in Muzaffarabad after October 8, 2007 earthquake which killed more than 70,000 people and made hundreds of thousands homeless. 


Mosque at Koto Gadang village, in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia, destroyed in March 8, 2007. A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Sumatra island on Tuesday, killing at least 52 people.


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