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Hijab, no-hijab and even nudism does not have a material effect on anyone except on the person who practices them. This is not something the society should intervene. It must be left to the individual to dress the way he or she deems appropriate. Imposing a dress code is infringing upon the human rights of the individual and restricting his or her freedom. Such an imposition would be unethical. Although licensing nudism in the streets violates the rights of others who do not want to be shocked by exhibitionists, I have no objection for nudists to have a designated place to go and show off and get over it. As long as they do not rub it in my face, I have no right to impose my morality on them. I have no idea what makes nudists to take off their clothes, but if what they do does not materially affect me, it is none of my business. 

Theoretically, the same thing can be said about hijab. How people dress must be left to the individual. If a person likes to wear a religious robe no one should stop him or her. But no state should enforce it on its citizens by law because that would be violating their freedom. Hijab however, falls into a different category. Hijab is a statement of defiance of freedom and democracy. It is very much like the swastika worn by Nazis. Hijab is not just a fashion statement but a political statement. The statement behind hijab is that I am against freedom and democracy and my goal is to overthrow the democracies and establish Islamic dictatorship, take away the rights of others and subdue anyone who does not agree with my fascistic views. As such hihab must be banned. Just as it it offensive to wear swastika in public, it is also offensive to wear hijab because of the political message behind it.

Despite the Muslim's claim that laxity in dress code breeds violence quite the opposite is true.  Honor killings amongst Muslims is proof that a lot of violence is caused by being restrictive about sexuality. 

Now, what about  wife swapping? Well, that is adultery. Even though it is mutual and consensual. To the question, what an irreligious society should do in this regard, my answer is the same that Pierre Trudeau gave in the Canadian Parliament. He said; “The State has no place in the bedroom's of the people”. He delivered that speech more than 30 years ago and the Canadian government took that recommendation to heart. However I do not see my fellow countrymen offering their wives to each other.

Frankly, it is none of my business what my neighbors do. As Muslims say, I am not going to be buried with them in the same grave.  Why you and I should even be talking about it?

Now look at Islamic countries where state regulates the private lives of its subjects. Women victims of rape are stoned to death in the most horrendous way because they could not produce four witnesses to the rape happening but their sexual intercourse out of wedlock is evident because of the child that they carry. Is that moral? People are flogged for eating in public during the month of Ramadan. Women are beaten and bloodied because their scarves slipped and some of their hair became visible they flashed some skin when they stretched their arm out of their burqua. Is this a good morality? Which morality is more evil?

We must distinguish between what is immoral and what is unethical. Moral issues should be left to the individuals; ethical issues must be taught in schools and be enforced by law or code of ethics. Is promiscuity immoral or is it unethical? The answer to the first part of this question depends on who you are. If you belong to the “ultra” liberal faction of the western society or if you are a practicing Muslim, it may not be immoral for you to have multiple sex partners. But if you are an average westerner, you would consider it immoral. This is a matter of taste, culture and upbringing. We should not be concerned about the morality of this question. What consenting adults do in their bedrooms is none of our business. The question is whether it is ethical?

If promiscuity is institutionalized such as in polygamy, is it still immoral?  Those who practice it may not think that way but it certainly is unethical. Marriage is a social institution that affects more than those who make the vow. Not only children are affected but the whole society that would eventually have to take the tab to support such families that turn up to be dysfunctional will also be affected. The society has to pay for the education of the kids, their food and clothing as well as suffer the consequences of dealing with misfit individuals that would most likely result from such dysfunctional and highly patriarchal families. Polygyny must be outlawed not for its immorality, that as we said is a personal matter, but because it is unethical. It harms the children and it harms the society.

What is moral is fuzzy. Religious morality does not seem ethical any more. And what we consider to be moral is not so for religions. Polygyny, slavery, animal sacrifice, marriage with the minors, etc are not immoral in Islam. But it is immoral for women to travel alone, not wear hijab or enter in an elevator alone with a stranger.

Therefore morality should definitely be left to the individual’s discretion as it is subject to change. But what is ethical is well defined. Ethical values are driven from logic and the Golden Rule. They are universal and not subject to change. In a nutshell, what hurts other people and violates their rights is unethical. In fact, even animals have rights that an ethical society must protect and respect.

The religious morality is the morality of the ancient man. Patriarchal societies imposed codes of moralities on women that would give men more control on their wives. Religious morality is not divinely ordained. It reflects the fears and the possessiveness of the men who made them. Islam imposes Hijab. Has this anything to do with Muhammad's worries as an aging man who wanted to control his beautiful wives and protect them from they prying eyes of the young men whom he feared as rivals? He constantly kept emphasizing the importance of obeying one's husband. Did this have anything to do with the fact that most of his wives were teenagers and as such rebellious?

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