Leaving Islam



Infidels of the World, Unite!


A message from the United Front for the Victims of Jihad.  

Please visit www.victimsofjihad.com and www.victimsofjihad.org (under construction)  

The United Front for the Victims of Jihad (UFVOJ) includes people throughout the world who find ourselves affected, in one way or another, by the actions of the adherents to Islam. Some have lost family members and friends to physical violence, while others have been cowed into forsaking their culture and their religion by Islamic overlords.  Others are citizens of one country or another that has been impacted by Islamists.  

The one binding element that brings us together from all over the world and from all over the political and cultural spectrum is that we ALL seek to reach out and make the world aware that the problem is NOT terrorism, that is merely a symptom. The problem with Islam is ISLAM itself.  This religion’s teachings are NOT peaceful, but instead spur devotees to the worst kind of actions and terrorism.  ISLAM MUST REFORM ITSELF.  

Uniting together we seek to educate and inform, while becoming politically active in defense of our lands, our peoples, our cultures, our families and ourselves.  We will no longer allow Islam to grow in the shadows; we will shine the light of truth on all its workings. We realize and recognize that no one ethnic group, no one nationality, no one race stands alone in this fight. We seek to serve as a “knowledge warehouse” or a one-stop-shop that can tell the story of all nationalities, giving the history of Islam’s terrible affect on every nation.  .

We are no longer Jews or Gentiles; Hindus or Buddhists; Anglo-Saxons or Slavs; Armenians or Greeks; Nigerians or Sudanese Animists; Catholics or Protestant; Orthodox or Evangelicals; Atheists or Agnostics.  We are simply human beings we all are VICTIMS OF JIHAD. WE ALL ARE VICTIMS OF ISLAMIC IMPERALISM. We refuse to be divided. We refuse to be intimidated by Islamic hegemony, Terrorism and aggression.  

Victims of Jihad will stand against the theological imperialism that is taking place worldwide today.  Islam seeks to convert and overthrow all nations of the world, and we must put a stop to it.  

Victims of jihad works in two ways; globally, through our website to bring attention to Islam around the world, and Locally, to motivate and support local efforts to stand against Islamic Imperialism and to fight Islamic oppression.  

Your ideal home town could be Bismark , North Dakota , or Kansas City , Missouri or Dublin , or Moscow or New Delhi (or some place similar to this).  However, if Islam is crouching into your community you must begin by pointing out the impact.  How? Since all politics are local, first, you MUST educate and influence your congressmen, senators, your governor; look to the governmental officials in your community.  If you could do that you have completed your contribution to this great cause.  That is YOUR job.  You must work within your community and educate your fellow citizens. 

If you can't influence your congressman, senator, or member of parliament ...try to educate and influence your councilman, your church/temple members or at least your friends and family. 

Regardless of our background, ethnicity, or religion we must work together.  Islam succeeds when we fail to work together!  We have one thing in common; we all are Victims of Islamic hegemony. 

There are multiple areas of concern, and these are true in many nations.  The Victims of Jihad need researchers; those who can take a single subject of interest and research it in depth, and submit the evidence to our website for publication.  These may be the written history of Islam in your country, or the story of a family member who was killed by Jihadists.  The proof is in the written tale.  Also, send us the visual history as well.  If you tell about a family member, send us the photo of that person.   Our website, with your help and support, will become a living memorial to the crimes of Islam, and a weapon to defeat their growth worldwide. 

For centuries men, women and children have been killed by imperialist Islamists, yet today we live in a world that fears to speak out against the root of this violence lest we be accused of “intolerance”.  

In uniting together we seek to educate, to inform, and to ignite political activism in our common defense of each person’s land, people, culture, families and self.   

Victims of Jihad website is a one-stop-shop; a knowledge warehouse.  As a single point of reference for the media and concerned individuals and organizations around the world, victimsofjihad.com will spread the latest news and provide information on the actions of Islam.  UFVOJ seeks to serve as a data warehouse, containing information from around the globe that tells the story of all nationalities that have been victims of Islamic imperialist ambitions.  No one group is alone in suffering, Islam has abused peoples wherever it has gone, and continues in this path today.  

This site will provide links to other informative sites around the globe.  Although we can not give everything to everyone, we are pleased to be able to be a link in the chain of information that will contain and stop the secret terror that is Islam.

This site will serve as a center of action and a means of remembrance for the millions of people whose voices have been silenced at the hands of Islam.

 This site will provide educational materials and a place to openly discuss and expose the fears and concerns of the people of the world, a repository of facts and evidence of the true nature of Islam.

Most importantly, this site and the members of UFVOJ stand before the world and demand of Islam (its followers, supporting organizations, cultures and nation-states) an accounting of their actions throughout history and in the entire world today.  

To promote the greatest effectiveness of our mission, UFVOJ has two aspects of our work – global and local.  While the web site focuses on global issues, the local aspect involves each person who is concerned about these issues, working in his or her hometown.   

Our Demands of Islam  

·                                 Islam must acknowledge and apologize for the death and destruction of non-Muslims worldwide in the name of Jihad.

·                                 Iran , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are the true Axis of Evil.  They must stop religious and racial apartheid of non-Muslims immediately.

·                                 Iran , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have exported religious terrorism for the past two decades; these three nation-states must be demilitarized and they should compensate the victims of their worldwide religious terrorism.

·                                 Wahhabi Islam must stop propagating its theology of hatred. Theological seminaries in Iran , Pakistan , and Saudi Arabia spewing religious and racial hate should be closed.

·                                 Islam must return the stolen lands of the non-believers and their places of worship.

·                                 Islam should compensate the victims of Islamic slave trade worldwide.

·                                 Holocaust Museums must be built for the Victims of Jihad

·                                 Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States must end all forms of discrimination against the immigrants in their respective nations.   Victims of rape, involuntary servitude, and religious and economic apartheid should be compensated by the Saudi Arabians.

·                                 There should be a unified Global Response to the Wahhabi Islamic Terrorism worldwide   by the members of the United Nations Security Council.






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