Leaving Islam






Stop Supporting Islamism.

 By Torog

As the war in Iraq comes to a conclusion the U.S. and the rest of the free world must come to grips with some facts that we have swept under the rug for far too long. 

 We must take immediate steps to eliminate our need for Mid East oil (it is currently 20% of our supply) and cut off this source of funds to the Saudis who shake our hands, smile and take our money then fund schools that teach hatred of the west and preach "Jihad" they have played this game for far too long. We must address the fact that these "friends" have held U.S. citizens against their will while our state department has used the cop-out that it is and issue of child custody even though the woman in question is now an adult and a U.S. citizen. 

 We must address the fundamental belief system of the Muslim world with the true test of criticism. We must address the fact that in countries like Sudan a fundamentalist Islamic state is murdering all who oppose it with the full approval of it's mullahs. We must stop being afraid to criticize the arrogant, misogynistic behavior of a large segment of the world just because "it's their religion" or "it's their culture." 

Fact: We support the Saudis who use their money to fund schools of hatred and run a country where "woman’s rights" are defined as the right to be obedient to "God" and her husband. Fact: In Sudan the world is doing nothing to stop the genocidal killing of all non-Muslims.
Fact: Our "friends" in Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan and our enemies in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and other countries run totalitarian, backwards, woman abusing regimes and then blame us for their failures. We justify their barbaric behavior towards anyone not of their ilk by saying "they are angry young men that feel powerless so they direct their anger at us." Hopefully one day their women will wake up to their sick, hateful attitude toward the world and crush them from within. 

Marines, Sailors, Aviators did not die for this. 

Reporters did not die for this. 

Women and children die, suffer abuse and torture daily because we will not confront the leaders of theses states that terrorize their own people and then blame the west. 

Most Americans and Europeans do not comprehend the fact that the battle that is forming is one of ideology and we must face the fact that while our own societies in the west have problems they are superior to the misogynistic societies of the Middle East. Apologist for these purveyors of an ideology of hatred point to rape and domestic abuse statistics to support claims of moral superiority yet ignore the fact that in their countries a woman will be jailed, subjected to more rape or even killed, hence rapes and abuse go unreported. 

We have treated the people of these nations poorly in the fact that we have not had the moral courage to stop supporting their sick societies. 

My vent, my steam, my "rage against the machine." 

The lying, hypocritical U.N. will do nothing. 

The misled and misleading clergy of the world will in large part do nothing. 

The citizens of the U.S. and U.K. and other countries where free speech is still allowed must demand that we stop the funding of these governments, even if it hurts our economy, I will gladly pay more for gas not tainted with the blood of the women of these oppressive countries. 

We must examine the nature of Islam and its teachings and realize the real danger they pose to rational thought and individual freedom. We must quit lying for a "religion" that seeks to kill or enslave all who would not bow to it.  

We are a superpower; we don't need these despots as buffers from the Soviets anymore. Lets use that to force them to act like civilized human beings. Lets own up to our mistakes in supporting these people and use that superpower status to build a free world. Want to call that imperialism? Better imperialism with individual freedom than nationalism or religious fascism. 

Go and look for yourselves at what is really occurring in these countries, don't buy the whitewash of western apologist, speak to those that have fled these countries in terror, to those that hide forever in fear of some fanatic killing them for some supposed offense. 

When they abused their own people we did nothing for it was so far away. 

When they raped and killed their own women we did nothing, as they were our business partners. 

When they hid their hatred against us and claimed that their religion is a religion of peace we believed them. 

When their religious leaders called for the murder of their critics we cringed but did nothing. 

When their "offense" at a secular newspaper article resulted in the outright murder of 200 Christians in Nigeria we wrote it off as "religious tensions." 

When will we demand that enough is enough?






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