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All the Islamic terrorists arrested by police in Europe (especially in Netherlands such as Van Gogh killing) readily cited Quran as their teacher to commit terrorism in order to kill infidels. In the train terrorism incident at Madrid (Spain) the Islamic terrorists were all longtime resident of Spain (North American and Syrian born) who admitted to police that they were “inspired by the doctrines (Koran) of Islam” to rise up against their adopted host country to kill 191 Spanish innocent citizen.  

Recently, in Bangladesh (a newly infested nation by Islamic jihadis) has experienced an epidemic of bomb blasts by Islamic terrorists of Bangladeshi variety including scores of suicide bombings to kill judges in the various court premises.  In such process of suicide bombing attempts, two have been captured by the police. When asked by the reporters why they were going to kill people by suicide method, they have answered: “We were doing it by the order of Quranic instructions by Allah”.  When Bangladesh terrorist leader Maulana Shaikh Rahman and Bangla Bhai have been captured by the police, Maulana Shaikh Rahman said: “We have done it to establish Allah’s laws in Bangladesh and we were doing it according to the Quran.” Showing one copy of Quran in his hand, he (Maulana) said: “If I am a terrorist, then Quran also a terrorist”. What could be the more clear evidence that Islamic terrorists are directly getting incitement and encouragement from the holy Quran?

More recently, the 20th hijacker of 9/11 terrorism Zacaria Moussaoui proudly declared in the court: “I wish I could kill more Americans, because my religion Islam (which is of course Quran) demands that I kill infidels.”  Zacaria Moussaoui or any other Islamic terrorists never told that they have been incited by the teaching of ahadiths or Sharia laws alone. In fact, all most all Sharia laws are rooted to the Quran and supported by hadiths. 

Point to ponder that life is invaluable and extremely precious to every human (Rich, poor, young, old, sick or even handicapped) and no one wants to die in vain without any real purpose or gains. Only a superior/divine lustful hopes and inspiration due to brainwashing can trigger somebody to take his/her life. Islamic terrorists are definitely inspired by such lustful afterlife. Palestinian young boys and girls of 12-16 do not die just for revenge or to free their motherland. They definitely have the vision of Islamic heavenly pleasures (due to brainwashing) which inspire them to wear a deadly suicide belt around their young and tender bodies. Qur’an is readily available almost in every house of Muslims in general, but books of Hadiths are very rarely available to the ordinary Muslims. General Muslims do not get motivation from the Hadiths, because they do not get chance to read hadiths. Besides, Muslims do not take hadith as seriously as Quranic dictums, and to do something as serious as killing innocent people in exchange (suicide) of own life Muslims surely need Quranic instructions; and for that reason Quran has plenty of it.  

Are all the suicide bombings same? 

Islamic apologists often argue that suicide bombings for the cause of freedom fighting committed not only by the Muslims, but by many other nations (Tamil, Jews, and Japanese Kamakazies) committed suicide bombings for their own freedom struggle. According to them, Muslims are committing suicide today for their freedom struggle. Therefore, suicide bombings by Muslim youths have nothing to do with Islam! Most prudent question can be asked here: Are all those past suicide bombings same as Islamic suicide bombings today? Are their pattern same? Let us examine:  

Those so called Tamil Tiger, Jews or Japanese Kamakazis may have used technique of suicide bombings very rarely as their desperate quest only to free their own motherland, and their suicide acts were absolutely limited to their own land targeting soldiers, leaders and not innocent civilians. Tamil, Jews, Kamakazies or IRA never blasted bombs in other countries outside their own geographic boundary; they only primarily did blast bombs within their own border. Rarely, isolated single bomb in the vicinity of their border, such as Tamil’s killing Razib Ghandi for his support of Sri Lankan Government. But they never ever came to America, Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc. to blast suicide bombs inside restaurants, bus, train, metro, ocean beaches, tourist resorts etc. None of those above did suicide bombings throughout the whole world globally like those Islamists vigorously doing it today.  How many Tamil blasted suicide bomb in Europe or America?  Was there any global jihadi phenomenon of suicide bombings by Tamil Tigers like those Islamists?     

Islamists also now telling us that those Muslim youths blasting their jihadi suicide bombs only to take revenge for Iraq war. As if, before Iraq war Islamic jihadis were very gentle and were sitting idle.  May I ask why those Islamic jihadis were blasting bombs relentlessly at US military camps in Saudi Arabia , American Embassies in Tanzania , Uganda , Pakistan , Nairobi and elsewhere, much before Iraq war?  Why they killed more than 3000 innocent civilians in WTC? Why they bombed US ship at Yemen?  Why they bombed US barrack at Beirut?  Was their Iraq war then?  


Quite obviously, the cause of Islamic fanaticism, zealotry and suicide terrorism is rooted in the Holy Qur’an (9:111; 3:169; 4:74; 4:95). Terrorists like Osama bin Laden and others are the victims of Quranic scriptural immoral teachings. They believe Quran by their hearts and try to follow the Quran in Toto! But the general born Muslims do not follow Quran at all, and that is why they believe in their own peaceful illusionary vision of Islam, which never existed in the history of Islam. 

However, the zeal of Islamic fanaticism could have energized by the Middle East Political situation of Palestine and Israel. But this has also much to do with their inherent hatred towards Jews and other non-Muslims which they have acquired primarily from the teachings of Quran and some supports from hadiths in the Madrasshas in their early lives.  

Osama bin Laden is the true Muslim who follows Quran and hadiths in ‘Toto’ and this hero of Muslim interprets Quranic verses and hadiths as per the needs of Islamic Umma, and of course, as per the real spirit of medieval Islam. In fact, gullible Muslims consider OBL as the mirror image of Prophet Muhammd and many things about him (OBL) are 100% compatible with the life and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad. That is why true Muslims (Maulanas, Mullahs, Madrassha students [Talibans], all leaders of Islamic political parties) of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other Muslim countries are supporting Osama and his host, Talibans of Afghanistan. It’s totally irrelevant and useless to claim that Osama, al-Qaeda terrorists and Talibans are not true Muslims, or they are Muslims by their distorted views of Islam! Actually, they are the real Muslims, and they are the Muslims by the book. All others so called progressive Muslims (living in the western comfort) are simply Muslims by virtue of their birth in a Muslim family.

Time has arrived now to identify and intervening the real cause of this ancient medieval stupidity. Real problem is with the ancient Bedouin teachings of Islam (read Qur’an) which are outdated and no longer fitting the today’s civilized world. Islamic terrorism is the giant problem of entire mankind today and fanatic Muslims are the zombies at the hands of immoral Quarnic teachings. How can one cure a body by keeping the cancerous lesion inside the body?  Nothing can change this precarious situation of Muslims unless we realize the real problem (read Quran) and take care of it.  Finally, let me close this essay by a famous quotation.

“Religion is an insult to human dignity.  With or without it, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.  But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”-- by Nobel Laureate physicist Steven Weinberg



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