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Islamic Terrorism is more dangerous than the Communism of the last Century

Syed Kamran Mirza

December 22, 2005

A friend of mine has forwarded an article from Washington post  written by Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski the renown American foreign policy expert, and the theme of his article was: Is the Communism and Islamic terrorism has anything in common? More precisely, he has stated in his article with firm voice that the ‘Islamic terrorists are much weaker than communism’ hence the west should not take Islamic terrorists so seriously!  

Quite frankly, I do not agree with Mr. Brzezinski’s opinion on several important points of his article which has delved the most important political issues of this 21st century. Mr. Brzezinski is a famous US foreign policy expert and was the security advisor to the American President Jimmy Carter. He was perhaps one of the key persons responsible for creating Osama Bin Laden (the Frankenstein of American foreign politics) in the 80’s by his relentless campaign and ardently teaching of Islamic jihad. By the help of Saudi Islamic crooks he recruited thousands of young Arab jihadis, gave them jihadi training, weapons, money and other logistic supports to fight the Communism (USSR). And now he thinks Islamic terrorism is not as dangerous as Communism of the past. It is only out of ignorance of Islamic zealotry that Mr. Brzezinski’s is making such absurd comments. However, with due respect to Mr. Brezezinski below are my comments against his opinions.  

In my view, if Communism was a thousand pounds Gorilla; then the Islamic terrorism is a ten thousand pounds Gorilla. Communism might have had Nukes to destroy the entire planet; but the communists did not dare to even touch one single hair of America (anywhere in the whole world) during 50 years of cold war because it feared retaliation. On the other hand, these devilish ideologically brainwashed Islamic terrorists have already destroyed over a dozen of American Embassies/installations overseas, have killed many hundreds of American abroad, have destroyed the American warships and the American Army installations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; (By the way all these happened during the reign of two Democratic Presidents: Carter and Clinton) and finally have destroyed the pride of America WTC, and the Pentagon right here in the soil of America—killing over three thousand innocent Americans.  

All the above terrorisms happened before the Iraq war. For fifty years Communism made thousands of Nukes but did not have a single suicide bomber. The Islamic terrorism counts with thousands of suicide bombers which are more practical and more efficient than Nukes.  

These deadly human bombs are indiscriminately blasting and killing innocent civilians throughout the world. Can Mr. Brzezinski still claim that Communism was stronger than Islamic terrorism? Mr. Brezezinski must be kidding! [Was the mighty communism at all capable of giving such apocalyptic scenery (above) of the destruction of American property right in the heart of America ? ]  

Just to refute Mr. Brzezinski’s inaccurate comparison of communism with Islamic terrorism, let me cite a few unparallel examples: To quell the monster of Islamic terrorism , America has already fought and still is fighting two major wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) spending tens of thousands of human lives and hundreds of billions of dollars as well; overhauled many US administrative strategies; created a brand new Homeland Security Department, many other security arrangements worldwide, federal Air marshal etc. spending hundreds of billions of dollars. To handle the communist threat America did not have to do a fraction of that. Yet the control of Islamic terrorism is not in the sight at all.  

Like many other (Democrats and leftists) naive Americans, Mr. Brzezinski does not know Islam not the zealotry of its followers. He thing just because the Islamic terrorists do not have a strong organization as the communists did, they are weak, vulnerable and are not a great threat! Fact is, these Islamic terrorists actually do not have any home or country or any geographical boundary. They are everywhere all over the world including America , and they are like shadow which can not be seen before they blast their deadly bombs. Islamic terrorists have one common home which is the religion of Islam and they get their instructions from the Quran. They are brainwashed and solidly bonded by this deadly ideology. Islamic terrorists are more dangerous and more powerful because of their fanatical faith and because they have no home and can’t be targeted, than the communist that had an identifiable home and organization having only a loosely bonded political theme. Had the Islamic terrorists got any particular home or geographical identity, then it would have been very easy for a super power like America to destroy it completely. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Islamic terrorism.  

Like Mr. Brzezinski, President George Bush and British PM Tony Blair also thought initially that Islam/religion was not the factor, or those terrorists are not bonded with the Islamic ideology. They both initially said “Islam is peace”. But now with time they both have been educated well about this menacing threat. Now they are uttering the correct adjectives about these Islamic terrorists. The “murderous ideology of the Islamic radicals”, “Islamic radicalism,” “militant jihadism”, “Islamofascism”, or “Islamic

Caliphate” are the right words for President Bush and PM Blair to use for describing Islamic terrorists. Before, they both used to tell all wrong things about the Islamic terrorists. Because, it has been proven time and again by actions and figures that Islamic terrorism is indeed connected and greatly emboldened by the murderous ideology of Islam.  

Mr. Brzezinski’s another naďve theory is that—it’s the “poverty and oppression” that is creating suicide bombers, and not Islam. He is wrong here too. So far Islamists blasted hundreds of suicide bombs. Not a single case was proven that they did it because of oppressions. I have followed every news about these suicide bombers, and read several dozens of articles about those captured would be suicide bombers (around the world) who were interviewed by various reporters. Almost all  of them vividly and proudly told the reporters that they have done it by religious motivations/convictions, and wanted to become martyrs. None of them said that they did it because of any oppression or due to poverty. They all wanted to enter Islamic lustful heaven by killing innocent human beings. All those Nineteen 9/11 terrorists who destroyed WTC and Pentagon were from affluent rich and educated Arab families, and they were all University graduates. They all left the messages behind that they did it to go to heaven to enjoy 72 virgin houris. Please mind that poverty also do exist in India , China , and many other countries of Africa and Asia . Those poor Hindus, poor Buddhists, or poor Christians, Animists or poor Pagans do not commit suicide bombings to kill kaffirs. Only Muslims do it. Therefore, it is Islam (religion) the cause, and not any poverty or oppressions. Communism could not create a single suicide bomber to kill any capitalists. But the deadly ideology of Islam can create tens of thousands of suicide bombers world wide.  

Please consider the case of Bangladesh today. In Bangladesh Islamic terrorist are blasting deadly bombs everywhere killing innocent peoples almost on daily basis. All those involved in these killings are Islamists (Madrassa students, Madrassa teachers, muftis, maoulanas, Imams, etc.). The poor Bengalis beggars will never commit suicide to kill people even if the beggars are starving for several weeks, unless they are fanatically brainwashed by heavenly bait of Islam. Mind you no human wants to die even for billion dollars; but he will die for a cause.  

It’s absolutely incorrect to claim that major religious figures condemned Islamic terrorism. Pope may have done it but not grand mufti of Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic big mullah. Not even 2% Islamic mullahs of the entire world did condemn Islamic terrorism. Their condemnation has the deceitful tactics of fooling the western world. They may condemn terrorism (only externally), but never condemn jihadist Islamists. Actually they call it jihad; how they can condemn jihad? Could they go against the Quran? Virtually all the Muslims from Madrassas, Mosques, Islamic centers vehemently support Osama bin Laden and his Islamic terrorist’s gang whole heartedly. Even the so called moderate or ignorant Muslims do support (clandestinely) Osama’s grand mission of fighting the west.

Mr. Brzezinski’s analogy of IRA terrorism with Islamic terrorism is another sign of naivety and lack of understanding of the real problem of Islamic terrorism. IRA terrorism in Northern Ireland or Basque terrorism in Spain is purely local in nature and their struggle is not to establish or safeguard Christianity or any other religion. IRA or Basque people never blasted their bombs in Indonesia , Philipine, Tunesia or in America . Most importantly, IRA and Basque terrorists did not commit suicide bombings. Islamic terrorists are blasting suicide bombs all over the world. What kind of analogy is it?  

This Islamic utopia was started after the rise of Islamic regime in Iran after the fall of the Shah of Iran. Osama bin Laden saw the victory over USSR in Afghan war as the victory of Islam over the enemy of Islam—the Russian infidels. He has definitely considered it as the victory of Islam by the Allah’s divine inspirational assistance and never considered American superior weapons/technology any real factor for this victory over Russian Communists. Apparently this was the pivotal spiritually inspirational mindset of Osama bin Laden (according to his famous “fatwa of Osama bin Laden” published after 9/11) which has aroused the divine passions of his chosen al-Qaeda jihadis with the dream of establishing an Islamic Caliphate throughout the entire world, as per the dictum of holy Qur’an.

Therefore, prime and ultimate driving force behind the present Islamic terrorist’s utopia is Islam and religious zeal, and not the poverty. Unless the west understands the ultimate cause of this madness, in way it can defeat this terrorist monster. This is not the time of critiquing or debating why America has gone to Iraq . This is the time to unite and find the way to win this Iraq war—which will leave a strong message to those Islamic jihadis al Qaeda, which will definitely discourage future recruits of jihadis and will help evaporate their dream of establishing Islamic Caliphate.  

The dangerous terrorist ideology must be fought in two fronts: Militarily and ideologically. West must investigate what lies in Islam/Quran that can very easily turn a simple human into a deadly bomb. Mr. Brezezinski’s absurd theory will do no good. Cutting and running from Iraq war leaving the job unfinished will only give the jubilant inspirations to those jihadis which will embolden their Islamic zeal even further to recruit more jihadis to stage more dangerous 9/11 than the one they have already staged in 2001.  

If the President Bush listens to Mr. Brzezinski’s absurd theme and withdraws from Iraq without finishing the job, this shortsightedness of America will leave a dangerous message to those jihadis dreamers. Islamists will declare that they have defeated USSR (one super power) in Afghanistan , and defeated the biggest super power America in Iraq . And credit all that to the divine help from Allah. This will be a devastating defeat for the west and will invite catastrophic terrorisms and untold devastations in the entire western world including America . There will be no power on earth to stop Islamic/jihadis human bombs which will be relentlessly blasting bombs everywhere in the west with much Islamic zeal and a great passion of establishing Islamic caliphate as per Quranic predications by Allah. This will lead to the third world war which may destroy our entire civilization.

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