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  Muslims playing game of victim; how to deal with them?

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We frequently hear about the “bad image” of America in the Arab world, or Muslim world everywhere. But what about the image problem of the Muslims in general to the Westerners? Do they not realize yet that in the West, Muslim or Islam means terrorist? The continuous uncivilized behavior of the Muslims have generated following comments from an American citizen:

"How can you people expect to be respected by the world, when at the news of a single tiny incident on the other side of the world you start tearing up cities and killing people? When 19 Moslem men committed the greatest act of terrorism in history against America, killing 3,000 people and destroying a major part of our greatest city and almost destroying our Capitol Building, and when millions of Moslems around the world cheered this crime, were there any anti-Moslem riots in America? No. Yet on hearing about a single supposed incident in a military prison housing dangerous Moslem terrorists, you Moslems, including you Afghanis for whom we’ve done so much, act as though your whole religion has been attacked by America. So grow up, Moslems. If you want to get along with America , then see America as a whole, see our good intentions and the good things we’re trying to do for you. But if you’re going to go crazy every time we make a mistake or every time you hear something about us you don’t like, you only persuade us that any civilized relationship with you is impossible (by Lawrence Auster)."

Have you seen how those Islamists in London were dancing like rabid dogs? I wonder how in the world British fools have allowed these rabid mullahs to curse President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair and repeatedly uttered “Death to America , Death to Bush”. They even threatened to kill them. They applauded 9/11 destructions and promised to destroy White House too! They viciously chanted, “Death to America ” and “White house is next”. Quite amazingly, at last, these Islamists took the responsibility of destroying WTC in New York City . These people are vigorously exploiting Western democracy, no doubt about it. Now, can anybody tell me why the civilized world should respect these bearded Billy goats? They looked exactly like those uncivilized people of 7th century Arabia .

Fortunately, as of now, Western educated Islamists living in the kaffir land of USA did not show their real face, not yet! May be post 9/11 hard line attitude of America towards this peace loving Islamists and patriot act might have tamed or transformed them into somewhat peaceful humans. After all these Islamists really care for glittering life of infidel lands and they do not like to be deported back to their Islamic paradise! Pre-9/11 period was a different story! Islamists in the Western Kaffirland of America also did demonstrate (with full bellicosity) in the streets of America, only because they saw something like Arabic alphabet in ‘Nike shoes’ or simply because they saw the statue of Prophet Muhammad in the Supreme court Building in Washington, DC.

This time, of course, it’s a whole different story. Instead of Jihadi street demonstrations, American Muslim Organization (CAIR) has decided to distribute thousands of Qur’anic copies to any American, and their intention is to turn a negative image of Muslims into a positive one. Who knows what is in their minds? Do they know that these kaffir Americans will not do ablution (wash their hands and face which is an obligatory job) before touching the Qur’an?  Or what will happen if these kaffirs suddenly discover after reading the hundreds of verses in Qur’an advocating killings, chopping and destroying all kaffirs including Christians and Jews?  What will happen when these kaffirs will treat this Qur’an just like any other storybooks or left it in the floor while their dogs will run and jump over this Qur’an?  What a great Idea by the Islamists!  

On May 19, 2005 the greatest Islamic hero Abu Musab al-Zarqawi released a chilling audio file in which Zarqawi emphatically declared: "The shedding of Muslim blood ... is allowed in order to avoid the greater evil of disrupting jihad. Protecting religion is more important than protecting lives, honor or wealth.  Many scholars have sanctified killing of infidels by any method including martyrdom operations even if it meant killing innocent Muslims. This legality has been agreed upon ... so as not to disrupt jihad," or "holy war". 


After listening the Zarqawi’s tape Lt. Gen. John Abizaid, head of the U.S. Army's Central Command said, "It's the same old thing. He says that it's OK to kill Muslims, and that it's an Islamic duty. And it's incorrect. That's not true." Fact is, Lt. Gen. Abizaid does not know what he is speaking about! May be he also will get one free copy of Qur’an from CAIR. I advice him to read it carefully and discover that he is in fact dead wrong about Islam. Qur’an clearly sanctifies killing non-Muslims of all kinds.

Most funny thing is even the cradle of Islam Saudi Arabia also vehemently condemned the West for the desecration of Qur’an. Many Imams of Saudi Arabia issued rigorous fatwa’s against the western infidels for desecration their Qur’an.  But conversely we know very well that in Saudi Arabia except Islam no other religion is allowed to observe by the followers of that religion.  A Christian cannot carry their Bible with him. If Saudi Muttawalli (Islamic Police) can find a Bible inside the suitcase of a Christian, the police will confiscate the Bible and later they will dump it in the dustbin.  Very recently some Pakistani Christians have been arrested by the Saudi police simply because they were reading their Bible inside their home. On the other hand same Saudis dare to criticize others for desecration of Qur’an! What hypocrisy!

In conclusion, I like to draw the attention of all western kaffirs that they should take all Islamists (gullible folks in the Muslim world, and those western educated Islamists living in the kaffir lands) very seriously. That is, they (kaffirs) should learn well how to deal with the Islamists. They should try to demystify Qur’an more and more in order to bring sense to all the Islamists.  Only then these Islamists will be fit to exist in the civilized world of the 21st century!  My advice to all Islamists are plain and simple: If the Muslims want other people to honor their Qur’an and their religion Islam, they must learn to respect other religions equally also. 


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