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Bridges TV, Dialogue and Bridge-building---Some Exegesis of Muslim’s Mindsets

By Syed Kamran Mirza
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Very recently, readers of the “News From Bangladesh (a web Journal) have read two thought-provoking comment essays: ("Clash versus dialogue: Actions can speak louder than words" and "Bridges TV: Building or Breaking ‘em?") which were marvelously penned by Mr. Syed M. Islam (SMI). I was very much impressed by the courageous and straight-forward comments made by SMI in these two above mentioned write-ups. I wonder what the reaction (to these comments) amongst those erudite Islamists of NABIC was!

It was the same observations and experiences made me angry upon these so called erudite selfish Muslims living in the democratic paradise of the western infidel lands. These selfish ‘born-again’ Muslim immigrants hate American people, their culture, their religion, their life-style but they only love US dollar. They are the typical hypocrites (Munafek) who are utterly ungrateful to the host country. These Islamists hate their western colleagues inside their hearts, but they exhibit their false sympathy and love to those western colleagues externally.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s I used to attend some Muslim congregations like Friday Jumma prayer, Islamic Jalsa or Eid-Namaj etc. And almost 100% times I was hearing the broken record of Islam’s superiority as a religion (satya dhormo or true religion) and in many instances pukka muslims shouted anti-American slogans in the closed door milaad-mahfils and in khutbahs during Friday prayers.

It was very common to hear anti-Jew and Anti-American vitriolic rhetoric especially when Imams used to bring unnecessary politics in the Mosque (describe misery and destructions in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya by the Jews, Hindus and western infidels) during every Khutbah. This was very common phenomenon during pre-9/11 period. I was sick and tired of hearing bad talk/criticism about America in every gathering of Bangali Muslims where majority of Muslims used to (not anymore after 9/11) express their despair and detest about this country of ample opportunity and always used to brag about Muslim and Islam’s past glory.

I used to receive many pamphlets (by mail) bearing vivid description of all those so called bad things in America and was cautioning us to save our children from the destruction and pollution by this western infidel’s filthy culture. These pamphlets used bring bad news for the future of our children and used to invite us to send our children to the Mosque to attend Islamic education. One mullah frequently preached that we should not send our children to the American public school, because it is haram for Muslim to attend the school of infidel Christians. I asked the same mullah, if living in an infidel land is also haram! He never answered my question.

I still vividly remember all those fiery speeches (pre-9/11 period) of some most famous erudite Islamists in the annual congregation of ICNA held in Madison Square Gareden, New York City.

The most famous Islamic pundit Mullah Hamza Yousuf told in his fiery speech that, "we will washout all the dirt of American society by the Nur (light) of Islam". Readers can see the ulterior motives of these ultra Islamists!

These Islamic ungrateful dreamers wanted to change this secular country into a 7th century Islamic paradise. They never wanted to blend in with the host nation; rather they wanted the host nation to blend with the Muslim immigrants. Fortunately after 9/11, these selfish, ungrateful Islamic pundits have gone underground in hibernation.

Their dream of changing the western secular Government by 7th century barbaric Beduin rules (read Sharia) has been shattered. It is quite fortunate that after 9/11 most Islamic organizations like NABIC, ISNA, ICNA, AMA and CAIR are under the high power Microscope of Uncle Sam. Thanks God, America has been saved!

Muslim TV:

According to SMI, the New York-based Bridges Network, Inc., is about to start a Muslim only TV, i.e. a TV station only to broadcast Muslim’s propaganda. What a fertile idea! Folks, could you please tell me why only Muslim needs a separate TV station? Have we heard about Hindu TV, Jewish TV, Buddhist TV or Christian TV? Those who read my essay: "Why critique only Islam" posted in NFB not long ago, can now realize what the message of that essay was.

I wanted to state that Islam is a peculiarly unique religion on earth. Now my honorable readers can exactly see what the point was in that essay I tried to make. No other religions in USA need to establish a separate TV to make propaganda for that particular religion. But Muslim does need one. Question is why? What is the ulterior motive to open a separate TV for only Muslim? This will only show that Islam/Muslim does advocate the concept of separatism. Instead of bridge-building this Muslim only TV will only separate Muslims from the mainstream people of the host country.

The end result will be the Muslim only immigrants will be unable to blend with the people of host country. I can quote here the most appropriate comments made by SMI. The SMI said, "

"In a potential worst case scenario, if they promote societal segregation for Muslims so that they could eventually lobby for a sovereign Muslim-land smack dab in the middle of the US, if only to remove the last vestiges of obstacles between them and Allah—la Illaha Ill Allah--then it’d seem reasonable to hope that the US military would round them up and swiftly ship them out to any of the haloed Islamic lands, with choices varying from Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, to some other allegedly imperfect but working examples of the religion that claim to offer perfect rules for all times and for all people."

If Muslim immigrants fail to blend with the host country’s culture then it is quite possible that the grim scenario described by Mr. SMI could come true one day! The universal rule of thumb is that it is always the foreign born immigrants who must learn how to blend with the society of the host country, and not the other way around. Consider this hilarious unique veiling case of Florida Motor Vehicle Association.

One Muslim woman refused to expose her face in order to photograph for the driving license. Muslim or Islam is again on trial and Muslim is the subject of media craze again. This pukka muslimaah Sultana Freeman believes that taking a photograph of her face would violate the Qur’an the Muslim holy book. Her license was revoked. Is that what Muslim TV will try to illustrate with the Islamic fatwa?

Ulterior Motives:

May be Muslim TV will try to do the counter propaganda which will be contrary to the mainstream American Medias. Very often, I hear ample angers and disdain by many Muslim immigrants that western Medias are controlled by Jews (which is totally wrong) who simply broadcast untrue (?) news about Muslim’s involvement in terrorism.

Many vehemently complain that western Medias continuously defame Islam by quoting Islamic/Muslim names of the perpetrating terrorists. But when terrorism is done by any non-Muslim then they never blame any other religion.

Muslims fail to understand the very simple fact—that among 95% of the terrorist incidents the perpetrator is having Muslim/Islamic name, and belonged to some Islamic organizations (such as: Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbullah, al-Qaeda, Jai-se-Muhammad etc.). Terrorists proudly announce their name and affiliation with some famous Islamic organization and they openly declare Jihad against western infidels—enemy of Islam. Yet, Muslims want Medias to not to utter any Muslim or Islamic name during terrorist’s news broadcast. What a wishful blame!

During that famous sniper shooting incident of Washington, D.C.—when all Medias were simultaneously bombarding the name of perpetrator sniper shooter John Allen Muhammad (a convert Muslim), many Muslims were utterly annoyed with the Medias for uttering the word "Muhammad" again and again. One of my relative Muslimaah asked me very angrily why American Medias continuously calling the name of Muhammad and defaming Muslim’s prophet’s name?

I asked her to tell me how to avoid that! When the perpetrator himself gave the name: John Allen Muhammad, then should they call him Gupta, Chakraborty or George? Well folks, this is called Islamic mindsets.

I believe, the would be Muslim only TV will try to change the name of terrorist from Muhammad to Madona or Malivo, or they will try to call the terrorist as by Hindu name and will broadcast as: "no no Western Medias are telling wrong name, this terrorist is a Hindu and not a Muslim and his name is Guvinda Chakroborty etc, and no way his name is Muhammad al-Salam.

Or, that Muslim name is a fake name and the said terrorist is not a real good muslim, or Islam was hijacked by a misguided Muslim etc." Well, that may be the sole purpose of a Muslim only TV. It will be very amazing to see how Muslim TV does change the image of the Muslims!


Every where in the whole world Muslims only are in collision course with the host nations and non-Muslims. Nobody ever heard any problem with Hindu, Buddha or Jewish immigrants, anywhere in the entire world. Why? Because, only Muslims consider them superior to others. Muslims hate all non-Muslims randomly and generally. Muslims hate Jews randomly and seriously. In every mosques of all Muslim nations—pukka Muslims curse all non-Muslims on daily basis during their prayers.

Take this hypocritical behavior of Saudi Clerics. Just two days before May 12 Bombings in Riyadh, several Saudi Clerics gave fatwa to kill Americans and Jews. Even after the bombings, MSNBC reporter visited Saudi Arabia when she found Saudi school syllabus have all the elements of western hatreds.

Mosque Imams pray to Allah daily during each prayer: "O God destroy America and Jews the enemies of Islam." In entire Arab world—Imams in the Mosques regularly give sermon, "if you’re not killing the Americans and the Jew pigs, you’re not a true Muslim." Folks, this is the real face of peaceful Islam!


Most interesting and puzzling to me is most Muslim immigrants living in America still do not believe that 9/11 has anything to do with Muslim or Islam. They still deny that Osama and his ilk are responsible for 9/11 horrendous episode.

Although, Osama and his al-Qaeda buddies never denied the allegation and Osama even bragged about his meticulous execution of 9/11 and great success of terrorism. Osama literally admitted the responsibility of 9/11 very proudly and threatened the west to be ready for more grievous terrorist acts coming from his soldiers of Allah.

In spite of all this; most Muslims living in America still do not like to believe that it was Osama who actually did it. They still try to focus on their wishful Jewish and white house conspiracy. Most Muslims all over the world (Middle eastern, Bangladesh, Pakistani etc.) do not believe that Muslims have anything to do with 9/11. They blame Jewish and American conspiracy to destroy Islam.

As of this day, we never could hear any bold condemnation of 9/11 accusing Osama Bin laden by any Government authority of Muslim countries. They condemned the act of 9/11 terrorism but they are not sure who did it. They try to demonstrate that they hate terrorism and Osama and his ilk, but no Muslim Government would like to capture/arrest Osama bin Laden, even though Osama is comfortably living in their own country. Because they are afraid of their own citizen who whole heartedly support Osama and also support what Osama does.

Same is with all those western living Muslim organizations. They condemned very mildly (externally only but in their heart they are gloating by the Osam’s success) but never was their condemnation hard-pressed upon Osama or Muslim terrorists with surety. They are always skeptical about the role of al-Qaeda to stage 9/11 terrorism in America. Therefore, Muslims condemned the act of terrorism of 9/11 but they do not condemn any Muslims including Osama’s al-Qaeda holy warriors. In their hearts, they sense a hidden conspiracy to defame innocent Islam.


Among the all immigrants in America and the west—only Muslims brag about Islam/Muslim. Muslims always try to play number game and brag about rapid growth of Muslim population in America, which no other religious groups do. They forget that this rapid growth is simply by more immigrants from Muslim majority countries who are mostly poor.

Muslim origin Immigrants love to identify themselves as Muslim rather than their national origins. On the other hand, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish immigrants will always identify them as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish etc. and never will call them as Hindu, Buddies or by any other religious affiliation.

We know, in America there are plenty of Hindus and Buddies and they are reaping plentiful benefit out of this great land of opportunity of America. But we will never know how many million Hindus or buddies are in US. Because, neither of them brag about their numbers. They call them Indian, or Indian-American, period. Recently, in American school student’s spelling contest (spelling bee) one 13 year old Indian-American boy got the Championship award beating over two millions American students.

This brilliant boy was called an Indian origin American, but we will never know his religious identity. Why? Because no Indian called him by his religious markers; they simply called him an Indian pride. I am quite sure (100%) that had this boy from any Muslim country (or from a Muslim family) we would immediately hear his religious identity first. Muslims would brag by uttering that a Muslim boy becomes the champion of spelling bee contest. Some even would bring some lousy theory that Islamic miracle was behind his success.

Bragging about own religion:

No nation is so biased to brag about own religion like Muslims. To the westerners religion is a thing of the past and very personal. I am in this country for almost 30 years. I was never asked ‘what is my religious identity’ by any mainstream American colleagues of mine. I never heard them discussing anything about any religion at all. This is not to claim that these people are all non-believers. Actually most of them are believers but they keep their spiritual business absolutely private at home. But this is quite different with the Muslim origin immigrants.

Infections of Ummaism:

Ummaism or Ummabazi is a chronic and inherent disease for Muslims in general. A Muslim can fight another Muslim but when non-Muslim attacks one of them—then both Muslims will join together to fight the non-Muslim. Take the case of recent Iraq war and the demise of Saddam Hossain’s reign of terror. Saddam caused havoc for the Iraqi people and Saddam was a monster in proportion. No Muslims liked Saddam Hossain and every body wanted Saddam’s fall. Mighty America destroyed Saddam’s kingdom of terror by spending Billions of dollars and by spilling American Bloods.

Many people are happy to see the demise of this Arab monster. But all most 95% Muslims thorough out the world did not like Saddam’s removal by America. Muslims are terribly sad and shocked by the fall of Saddam Hossain at the hands of Americans. They wanted Saddam’s removal but not by the American infidels. They would prefer to see Saddam gone by some Muslim warriors. What a strange mentality?

Many Muslim friends of mine were terribly upset that Saddam was so miserably defeated by the American might and they are openly cursing for America. They even described some historical scenarios that, military might does not last long and someday Allah (SBT) will destroy American might and America will be very weak and poor.

By the way, these erudite Muslims are comfortably living in America yet they are whole heartedly praying to Allah for America’s fall. They have no sympathy/empathy for 9/11’s terrible loss and no sympathy for America at all. They are furious on American Government and President Bush.

When I asked them how they will be benefited by the fallen economy of America (?), they remain mum. I told them that by praying for the fall of American might and economy—we are directly inviting a disaster for ourselves and for our children. I do not able to fathom what Iraq or any Muslim will, or can do for my generation in America? How does America’s fall can benefit any Muslims living in America?

Muslims in America are in vigorous campaign to unseat George Bush from the Presidency and they are doing everything possible to convince Muslim voters not to vote Bush in 2004 Election. Interestingly enough, this same mullah groups did vigorous campaign in favor of Bush in the last US election of Presidency. I know the US rule of thumb regarding foreign policy and I am convinced, no matter who becomes the US president (be it a Republican or a Democrat)—foreign policy remains identical. Absolutely no difference when the national interest comes.

I am profoundly happy that Saddam is gone, no matter who has removed this monster, but it was important that Iraqi people be liberated from the tyranny of Saddam. I do consider very strongly that America’s might and prosperous economy will surely benefit my generation who will be living in this land of equality and civility. I strongly believe that Saddam or any Muslims living in the Arab desert will do no good for me at all.

Therefore, I will continue to be proud of my new adapted land America and will continue to pray for better and stronger America, and definitely not praying (like those hypocrites) for a weak and poor America. But this can not be the mindset of those Muslims severely infected (childhood brain-wash) by the virus of Islamic Ummabazi. These hypocrites will love to reap the benefit in America, on the contrary they will keep praying for Muslim Ummah and Arab’s prosperity and well beings of Muslim tyrants like Saddam Hossain.


Muslims should learn to practice their religion in private and never should dream of silly Islamization of their host country. They hardly need any Muslim only TV or any silly dialogue or ludicrous bridge-building utopia. They should learn how to blend successfully with the host nation’s culture and political life. Never should espouse Islamic Sharia (7th century barbaric Bedouin laws) to their new-found host country—a best secular paradise on the planet.

Like all other immigrants Muslims are also un-invited guests in America and Muslims should try to mix/blend with the host nation and should never try to separate their identity by creating unnecessary TV-station, dialogue or bridge-building futile silly ideas. Muslim origin immigrants should be proud of their national roots (not religious roots) and try to identify themselves by their national origin only. Most of all, they should be proud human beings as American. Thanks.





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