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Iraq War-My Ten-Points Predictions


Syed Kamran Mirza


Now it is almost a perfect time that we can make some good predictions. My early predictions were that Iraq will be invaded and Saddam and his evil force will be destroyed by coalition forces lead by America and this venture will not be faltered by UN bargaining anyway. My closest friends can agree with me that I told them this outcome at least six months ago and I was 100% correct in that!  However, now that it has finally happened and Allied forces have successfully liberated most of Iraq, and encircled Baghdad, I would like to make some probable predictions about the future outcomes of this war. Big surprises are: The famous Chemical Ali is dead and mighty (?) Republican Guard Iraqi soldiers are running (through the bank of Tigris River) for their lives. We can surely make some good guesses about this war of Iraq. No, I am not any astrologer, nor I am any Prophet. My guess will be done right from my common sense and practical world, and not from any Islamic dreamland.


Most popular predictions in the market by peace-loving (?) left-leaning folks and all those millions Muslim folks are: Iraq war is due to arrogant personality of President Bush, war for oil, war to suppress Islam/muslim, war against Arabs, war to kill innocent Iraqi people etc. But I do not agree with any one of the above at all. This war happened only due to 9/11 and most pivotal reason of this war is Islamic terrorisms. Had there been no 9/11 there would be no Iraq war at this time, period.


Below are my  ten-points predictions:


  1. Iraq war will be ended within a reasonable time period with the expected outcomes. Saddam will be killed/captured like the Chemical Ali or flea like Osama Bin laden to the neighboring Iran or Syria. All key accomplices of Saddam will be caught/killed and punished by a war crime tribunal.


  1. Iraq will be ruled by a join government comprised of Iraqi opposition exile leaders and coalition forces. Iraq will enjoy a moderately acceptable democracy (not like western democracy) but it will be a democracy Arabian style. Iraqi people will be much happier and prosperous within a few years of stable government.


  1.  Presence of coalition force will be badly needed for stability and economical infrastructure development. Also to protect Iraq from the infiltration of jihadi Islamic elements/terrorists who bow to remove infidels from the Islamic holy lands.


  1. Iraq oil will be kept for Iraqi people and oil-wealth will be the nucleus of Iraqi economy. America and west will purchase Iraqi oil and Iraqi oil-business will be booming. Saudi Arabia may lose stable customer like US. Europe as well as US may loose interest on Saudi Arabian oil and may rather patronize Iraqi economy to grow like it did with Japan, Germany and South Korea after Second World War.



  1. Most importantly, Islamic jihadi terrorisms will get very hard time to show their Islamic zeal, and terrorism over all, will be diminished within 5-10 years. Islamic terrorism will never be increased as many erudite do predict frequently.


  1. During and after the Afghanistan war (demolition of Talebans)—many erudite predicted that Islamic terrorism will be fueled by this war and terrorism will be increased! I was not agreeing with them at that time and I was right. Terrorism has greatly decreased after the demolition of the nexus of al-Qaeda and Talibans in Afghanistan. Virtually no terrorist act happened in America or in anywhere in the west after 9/11. Iraq war will diminish terrorism even further. Because terrorist will hardly get any nest to proliferate and grow. Fortunaltely, no Muslim country will be so stupid enough to shelter any Islamic terrorists to bring the same fate on them like Iraq or Afghanistan.


  1. Finally, this victory of mighty America will be the toughest message to Whahabite (true Islam) Mullahs all over the world and their ardent dream of establishing Islamic paradise in the western infidel lands will be scrambled and diminished.


  1. Anti-war protests will slowly die down and things will be back on track again. Muslim’s jihadi protests will diminish rapidly after the total fall of Saddam Hossain. Entire Muslim world will be backing USA with their cooperation to build war-torn Iraq and their relation with the US will be normal again for their own-sake. Islamic myths of 7th century will be destroyed for good.


  1. Allied forces will find many chemical and biological weapons from the hidden treasures of Saddam, and al-Qaeda connections will be found (already found) and these findings will be used (as smoking guns) to show that this war was, in fact, a just war for world peace. And, after the demise of Saddam Hossain—millions of Iraqi public will overwhelmingly welcome American forces and they will dance in the Baghdad streets out of joy of freedom at last.


  1. After the war when Iraqis finally savor the sweet taste of their freedom and democracy—entire Arabs and Muslims might learn a lesson of their life-time to differentiate good from the bad. They may be able to think on the parameter of 21st century leaving the Islamic myths of 7th century to their behind.





My humble request to the readers: Please take this (above comments) as my democratic right to express my opinions as I thought. I am an US citizen and I love this country more than I love my native country. I respect my President and the US government. Because I am eating American foods, breathing American airs and this country gave me, and my family a plenty, which no other country could give. And I do believe that my Government is doing what is good for USA. I can not be hypocritical to a country which has given me so much. Not that I do not care for lost lives, human sufferings due to this war or any other war, but I also believe that to achieve peace sometimes we need to fight a war, which unfortunately could kill innocent people in crossfire (collateral damage), only to bring a lasting peace. I consider what my President is doing will be good for me and for my children’s future. I do not support people by their religious identity, but I do support what is right according to my judgment. By the way, I can never forgive Arabs for their cruelty in 1971 towards Bangalees freedom movement. You also have your right to express yourself as you think, and that is the beauty of democracy. Please feel free to comment on my article but please, please—do not attack my person leaving the subject unanswered. I would love to read your comments with good logic, and not with some ludicrous self-judged, preposterous and illogical comments some of you made in my earlier essay on Iraq war. Thanks.





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