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Why Most Muslims Support Saddam?

Syed Kamran Mirza

It is almost a mystery how people’s sentiment works. Especially, I do not quite fathom how and why almost 99.9999% Muslims today wholeheartedly support Iraqi president Saddam Hossain. Widespread war protests have erupted throughout the Muslim world on daily basis. Is it for the sake of peace, or is it because they are saddened by the loss of human lives in war?  Is it because they are exercising their ardent force of humanity, or is it because they are simply motivated by Islamo-mania? Which one is correct? Let me examine this case in point: 

Who is Saddam Hossain? 

Saddam Hossain is known as the most brutal, despotic tyrannical dictator of the century. There is no match or no parallel for him if we compare all the qualities of Saddam Hossain with any other despotic dictor. This diabolic dictator killed over two millions Muslims (Sunni, Shiites and Kurdish together) during his 24 years of despotic rule. He gassed tens of thousands of his own peoples (Kurdish muslims), killed/assassinated hundreds of thousands of his own muslim brothers, tortured/maimed/imprisoned tens of thousands of his own people. He even killed or imprisoned many of his own relatives. And he drove 500,000 thousands of his own citizens out of the country. Just other day a CNN reporter was interviewing one such Iraqi dissident (can not remember name, but he was a high level officer under Saddam’s Govt.). Reporter asked him if he was worried about many co-lateral damage/killings of civilian in Iraq during US intense bombing (daisy cutters). This Iraqi replied: “Saddam annihilated more than 2 millions Iraqi citizen (All Muslims) during his 23 years of dictatorial rule. Why should I be worried for a few thousands of collateral loss of lives to free Iraqi people from the cruel hands of Saddam?” 

He plundered oil-wealth of Iraq only to become one of the richest man (Owned $7 Billions fortune in foreign banks) on earth, built more than 45 luxurious Kingly Palaces leaving 60% of his own citizen unfed or poorly fed. He gathered most of the lethal weapons of mass destruction and he poisoned his own people in a thousands. Invaded and occupied his Muslim brotherly country Kuwait and fought a terrible war lasting more than eight years with his Muslim neighbor Iran killing millions of Muslims. Yet Muslims got to support Saddam Hossain.  

Why? Simply because Saddam is a born Muslim and his country is a Muslim populated country. It really does not matter that Saddam is a devilish human being, does not matter Saddam never helped any Muslim or non-Muslim country with humanitarian aid (By the way, America and Britain are the greatest champions of humanitarian help throughout the whole world irrespective religion, race or creed), but it is most important religious duty for every Muslim to support another Muslim. It is the most holy teaching of Islam to support and love fellow Muslim and it is the rule of thumb in Islamic doctrine. THIS IS KNOWN AS ARDENT DUTY OF IALAMIC UMMA. I call it “umma-bazi”, or syndrome of Islamic Brotherhood. The ethics and equal justice applies only for fellow Muslims and not for non-Muslims or any infidels. 

Interestingly, Muslims of course can fight another Muslims and in that case, Muslims can choose their respective friends whom to support, but when comes the conflict between a Muslim vs. non-Muslim—every Muslim should blindly support Muslim only. This is the ardent duty of Islamic Ummabazi (Islamic Brotherhood). Remember first Gulp war in 1991? Saudi Clerics were protesting the involvement of America and other western infidels to rescue Kuwaiti Muslims with pure Quranic fatwas. They did not like that an infidel country do the job of removing Iraqi occupation of another Muslim country. Also please try to refresh your memory and recapitulate what happened during our liberation war in 1971. Entire Muslim world blindly and ardently supported Pakistan marauding soldiers to kill and rape Bangalee infidels (Hindus) and not so good Bangalee Muslims. Even our own Bengali Mullahs/Maulanas/Madrasha students (Razakars and Al-Badars) and pukka (pure) Muslims did support Pakistani invaders and fought in favor of Pakistan only to save Islam, read Pakistan. 

You should not be surprised for that at all! Because to all Arab Muslims Bangalees were not good Muslims at all. But I can bet million dollars that if, ‘71 war of liberation was between Bangalees and Indian government—entire Muslim world would have definitely supported Bangalees in their struggle. Does this make it crystal-clear why today entire Muslim populated world including Bangladesh support Saddam’s regime today? 

Here is a historical account/incident to support my claim: 


Abul Ala Maududi was furious at this unIslamic opinion of those Islamic scholars. Maududi actually wanted to hear that Muslims did say that ‘believing Muslim but unjust king was the superior to the un-believing just king’.  Because, in Islam a Muslim is always superior to any non-muslim/infidels. In the above historical quote what we have learned is that, non-Muslim ruler can never be the best ruler than a despotic Muslim ruler. Besides this above historical account, there are many sahi hadiths and Quranic dictum which suggest the Islamic principal of supporting Muslim only if the conflict is with non-Muslim. Remember mother Teresa—an angelic woman? She will not go to heaven and no Muslim should praise her for her extra-ordinary humanity either, because she was not a Muslim. That was what we heard from most erudite Islamists.  

Do you know this? If the Iraq was not a Muslim country, or tomorrow world hears that Saddam and his countrymen have converted to other religion (Christian, Hindu or Buddhism) all the people of Muslim world will be totally silent and will go with their normal business. Or, if this war of America-Brit was against North Korean despotic communist ruler, no Muslim country would ever demonstrate any street show like the one we are encountering today. I can bet my bottom dollars on this assertion of mine. Don’t believe me? Here are some tips for you:  Just 3-4 years ago NATO-Pact countries viciously attacked Serbian Yugoslavian nation of Dictator Slobodan Miloslave (another despotic leader) only to save a endangered Muslim-European nation Bosnia. Entire Muslim world was deadly silent; rather Muslims were happy that Christian nations were whipping another Christian nation (to save a Muslim nation) with relentless bombings and untold destructions. No, I have not heard any Muslim to tell that they were so sorry that NATO bombings are killing innocent women and children in a Catholic nation of Europe! Picture among the Muslim countries would have been quite different if Miloslave was a Muslim ruler like Saddam. We have not seen any such sympathy-demonstration after the dastardly incident of 9/11 in any Muslim country. Rather we have seen many joyous cheerful dances in the Arab streets for the success of al-Qaeda Islamic terrorists.


War for oil: (?) 

Most frequent claims by Muslims are:  (1) America attacked Iraq to grab Iraqi oil; (2) this war is against Islam, (3) America and the west want to destroy Islam. When Afghanistan was attacked—they told us that American infidels want to destroy Islam in Afghanistan and want to convert Afghan people to Christianity. Other day one friend of mine was telling me that—America will destroy Islam in Iraq and they will convert entire Iraqi people into Christianity. Some even claim that America will occupy entire Arab to grab their oil and to destroy Islam. Remember first Gulf war in 1991?  During first Gulf war to liberate Kuwait, many Muslims erudite told us that America is going to occupy Arab oils (with this excuse of ‘Kuwaiti liberation war’) and to destroy Islam. 

Fact of the matter is, Afghan was liberated from those mad Taliban’s and Islam still exists in Afghanistan.  Afghan peoples are much happier than before. Islam still remains and flourishing in Arab peninsula and America did not occupy Arab oils. So what? Muslims will still cry for Saddam and cry for Islam. Surprisingly, Christian west never cry for any Christian, they never cry by saying “Christianity is in danger or Christianity will be destroyed”. In fact west never bring their religious identity at the fore for any matter. They never go to the street when an innocent Christian-born human being is slaughtered by Muslims, or a Christian Church is bombed by Islamic terrorists in Pakistan. Do you know what? To day all over the world pure Muslims are declaring Islamic Jihad against the infidel west. I wonder where are those big-mouth Islamists who were telling us “Jihad means peaceful struggle” ? Where they now who were telling us that in Islam suicide are is not permitted?  Only Allah (SBT) knows when Muslim will be human again and tell us the truth about real Islam! 






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