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 The other structural flaw in the western society is the rampant immorality.  In the name of freedom, libertinage and immorality are promoted. Pornography is protected as freedom of speech and is easily accessible through the Internet, TV and movies even by children. Judeo-Christianity, which despite their past excesses and present flaws, promote morality, family values and decency, are now under attack. Funny thing is that it is politically correct to vilify Judaism and Christianity, but it is not when it comes to Islam. 

The problem is that we have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. We got rid of religion but at the same time we throw away morality too. Alternative lifestyles have gained legitimacy. Not only homosexuality is completely accepted, gays have even "pride" parades which are grotesque displays of obscenity. Homosexuality is a disorder no different from zoophilia (bestiality), necrophilia (erotic attraction to corpses), coprophilia (sexual arousal associated with feces), urophilia (sexual arousal associated with urine), pedophilia, and a host of other paraphilias (sexual deviances).  Our sexuality is affected by our fantasies. Some of these fantasies have their roots in our childhood. We have the power to control our thoughts but many people don't do it because they get pleasure in their fantasies.

One thing is to have the protection of human rights for homosexuals and quite something else is this promotion of indecency.  It would be immoral and unethical to deny the homosexuals their human rights. But it is also immoral to consider disorders as normal. None of these deviances biological. They are acquired by fantasizing about them.  

A member of the FFI forum wrote: "I have a client who told me in detail the whole story of his transformation, in a year's time, from a homophobic heterosexual into a bisexual. The first 40 years of his life he was as repulsed as any hetero by the idea of contact with other males' genitals, or any kind of sexual relation to males. In a year's time, to his own amazement and great discomfort, he found that through the working of his own imagination, active in internet sex chat rooms, he was turning by an odd route into a bisexual of sorts, who occasionally dressed as a female and did sexual favors for men." 

This is not uncommon at all. Once you are exposed to an idea, you become "curious" and eventually you want to experiment it. 

It is propaganda that people, who had lived a full life of heterosexuality, were married and had children, were denying their real sexuality all that time. There is historic evidence that entire populations can convert to homosexuality under certain conditions.  

In ancient China where the emperors had thousands of wives, and obviously could not satisfy all of them, the imperial wives sought sexual release with other harem inhabitants, including eunuchs.” [1]

Also ancestral law in ancient Sparta mandated same-sex relationships with youths who were coming of age for all adult men, so long as the men eventually took wives and produced children. The Spartans thought that love and erotic relationships between experienced and novice soldiers would solidify combat loyalty and encourage heroic tactics as men vied to impress their lovers. [2]

These stories show that people can be conditioned to become homosexuals. Just as rats can be fixed to acquire taste for rats and become cannibal, or dogs can be trained to become man eaters (as some Persian kings used to have them) people can be introduced gradually into homosexuality and that is what the the porn industry does and those who disagree dare not protest for the fear of being branded bigots. This is another symptom of sick PC mentality. 

Women are particularly targeted by lesbians and are encouraged to enter their circle. There is an active campaign to "homosexualize" the society, by first claiming that it is normal and then by gradually desensitizing the population and making them "curious" and eventually bisexual and homosexual. On one hand we hear adamant denial that homosexuality is an acquired taste. You are made to believe that people are born with it and on the other hand I have seen movies on TV promoting lesbianism as the solution to failed marriages where a completely heterosexual woman is helped compassionately by her lesbian friends and slowly is introduced into this lifestyle where eventually she  finds her happiness by becomes a lesbian.  

Homosexuality is a cause, much like a religion. What is the philosophy behind gay pride parades? The same philosophy that there is behind Muslim demonstrations! Show of force and promotion of the ethos! Homosexuals promote their lifestyle much like religionists promote their religion. I suppose they realize that the bigger is their number, the more political clout they can wield.

Make no mistake: Homosexuals' human right must be protected. It is bigoted to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or preferences just as it is to discriminate based on race or religion. Nonetheless there is no justification to promote this lifestyle and pretend that it is normal. What about bisexuality and promiscuity? Are these normal  too? Do we have to live out all our sexual fantasies? We are in control of our fantasies. If a certain fantasy is pernicious, we can replace is with a different fantasy. Promiscuity is particularly promoted by homosexuals and bisexuals.  

We are living in a culture that if you criticize immorality you could be branded as a "bigot". I am going to lose a lot of support just by saying this. I am not a politician and I am not running a popularity contest. My job is to defend our world from Islam. You asked why the westerners convert to Islam and I must tell the truth as I see it. If that offends anyone, let him be offended. 

Recently the Supreme Court judges of Canada legalized swinger clubs where people reconvene and practice swapping or swinging, even orgy gang-bangs.  The Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote: “Consensual conduct behind code-locked doors can hardly be supposed to jeopardize a society as vigorous and tolerant as Canadian society”. The lawyer for the swinger clubs said “It does not contaminate society. It does not hurt; it does not do any harm to society and to the public in general”.

Are these a fair statements? What message are we sending to our children? What values are we espousing as the society? What is so vigorous about the Canadian or Western society when there are no moral standards set in place at all? Let us not confuse libertinage with tolerance. A lax society is not a vigorous society. It is in fact a very vulnerable and weak society that can fall at anytime.

Homosexuals have made the world believe that their sexual choice is beyond their control. But is wife swapping also beyond our control? No! the truth is that the western society promotes perversity. Beaches are filled with nudists. Is that the insignia of a vigorous society? Make a Google search with "Christian nudists" and see how many entries you find. If you want to be nudist why call it Christian? Where did Jesus say that it is Christian to flaunt your genital to everyone? Do as you please; but why defile Christianity and make Islam look attractive?  Leave something sacred for heaven's sake.

While the Western society gives total freedom to the individuals to do whatever “consenting adults” please, which admittedly is better than having the government poke into your private life and your bedroom, like in Islamic countries, there are no moral compasses to tell what is  right from wrong. The very notion of right and wrong has come under question. The motto is "if it feels good do it". Hedonism rules! Talking about morality can be offensive. Morality is a politically incorrect subject. Many people are genuinely offended if someone speaks of morality and family values. It is okay if you talk about your sexual fantasies and deviances. This is called "liberation". But you would be frowned at if you talk about morality in public. Then you'd be accused of trying to impose your values on others.

Talk to those who have converted to Islam  and ask them why. (See this video) Read the stories of Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam),  John Walker Lindh (the American Taliban), Yvonne Ridley (the BBC journalist who was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and upon returning to UK converted to Islam),  Muriel Degauque (the Belgian woman who became the first White suicide bomber in Iraq killing six people) or the pop singer Michael Jackson.  All these people come from broken or dysfunctional families where proper guidance was lacking. All of them were dragged into excesses of sex, drug o booze prior to converting to Islam. John, at the age of 16 had to endure the trauma of witnessing his father leave his mother to pursue his homosexual relationship with another man. These converts were searching for an authority to pull them out of their tormented lives and give them the direction that they have never had. They craved for an iron fist to set their lives straight. In Islam they found the answer. They, and basically all those who convert to Islam will tell you that they were fed up of the immorality in the West and that was the main reason they were attracted to Islam – going from one extreme to another. 

Nature hates vacuum. Once a society is depleted of moral values, it creates a vacuum that will be filled by doctrines that hold to such values, even though those values are draconian and oppressive. In fact the more a society is devoid of morality, the more promising prudish and unpermissive doctrines look. Licentious societies create a spiritual vacuum that legalistic religions such as Islam fill. The glitter of a libertine life is soon faded and the soul yearns for something more meaningful, more profound and otherworldly. "There must be more to life than carnal pleasures", is the inner calling of every soul. 

A society that is not founded on morality falls apart and becomes easy prey to puritan cults such as Islam that on the surface, promote family values and morality. 

The strength of an individual is not in his extreme freedom and libertine lifestyle, but in the stalwartness of his character and his moral vigor. The society is made of individuals. What is true for an individual is also true for the society. A society that is not founded on moral values is doomed to fall. 1700 years ago the advanced but lax Roman Empire fell to an obscure puritan sect called Christianity and more than one thousand years of darkness cast their shadow over Europe. The danger today is that with the fall of the Western civilization, what would come to power is one of the most nefarious and dangerous doctrines humanity has ever seen, from which there could be no recovery ever. 

Irrespective of our intellectual and technological advances, if we are lascivious as a society we will be vulnerable, not just vis-à-vis Islam but to any absolutist doctrine that may rise from the East or the West. The human society is part of the nature. It responds to natural laws. If the pendulum is pulled to one extreme, it will swing back to the other extreme. This is an inescapable truth based on natural laws. If we want our civilization to survive, we have to watch for the extremes. We have to reclaim our morality, both individually and as the society. To protect ourselves from extremisms, we have to maintain moderation.

Licentious lifestyles and sexual experimentations promoted by the New Age cults and social liberals destabilize family. All the technological feats are ornaments; the foundation of the human society is family. Once the foundation is weakened, the society will fall. Morality is the mortar of a strong, healthy and functional family.

This is in nutshell why westerners fall prey to Islam. It is because of these two structural flaws. Political correctness and immorality will make the Western society crumble. It is not enough to be on the offensive. We must also shore up our own defenses and make our society immune to attacks.  Sadly we are doing neither. 

If you disagree with Ali Sina's comments on homosexuality as a source of the loss of morality in the western societies, post it on here.

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