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Ministers from 17 Muslim countries including Turkey and Bosnia  urged Denmark 's government to punish Jyllands-Posten for what they described as an "offence to Islam".

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated this week in the Gaza Strip, burning Danish flags and portraits of the Danish prime minister.  

Saudi Arabia and Syria recalled their ambassador to Denmark , while Libya said it was closing its embassy in Copenhagen , and Iraq , the country in which the Danish people are fighting to give them democracy, summoned the Danish envoy to condemn the cartoons.

The Arab League and countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) criticized the Danish Government for its refusal to take action against the newspaper and condemned it of “intolerance”.    

Arla Foods, one of Europe's largest dairy producers, said that its customers in Saudi Arabia appeared to have stopped selling its dairy produce and had begun a boycott of Danish goods.   

The incident hurt the Danish business and workers were laid off forcing The Confederation of Danish Industries to appeal Jyllands-Posten to print an apology for having commissioned the drawings.  

The Muslim media kept fueling the fire. Aljazeera was up in arms and in an angry article entitled “Has defaming Prophets become Freedom of speech?”, wrote: “Religion is people [sic] - People's ideologies and beliefs should be given great respect. And what journalists call ‘Freedom of expression’ should not by any means hurt the feelings of people; from any religions or sects" And:   

"In order to allow ‘Freedom of Speech’, governments and organizations must first understand what freedom of speech is,” elucidated Aljazeera patronizingly, the concept of democracy for the rest of us who according to them don’t know its meaning.  

Religion is not people. This is sophism at best. Maybe it’s time that these “grand gurus of democracy” descend from their high horses and take a closer look in the mirror to see how Muslims treat the non-Muslims wherever they are the majority. 

In Saudi Arabia , even the possession of a copy of the Bible is a crime and if Christian workers are caught meeting in their own homes praying with fellow Christians they could go to jail and be deported. Saudi Arabia , bases its constitution on the Quran and the sayings of Muhammad. Public practice of any other religion is banned.   

In Saudi Arabia a court sentenced a teacher to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes for discussing the Bible in the classroom and for telling his students that the Jews were right. He was taken to court by his colleagues and students and was flogged in public charged with promoting a “dubious ideology and mocking religion”.    

Aljazeera concluded: “The Islamic religion does not allow offensive remarks by both Muslims and Non-Muslims.”  

What rights Muslims should have on non-Muslims to allow or disallow them anything? Isn’t that preposterous? Also the claim that Muslims do not make offensive remarks of other faiths falls flat on its face when we read how Muhammad mocked the religion of the Meccans and at the first opportunity, broke his treaty with them; seized their temple, Ka'ba and destroyed their idols. What right did he have to do so? Isn't this violence? He even disparaged the Jews calling them apes and swine, and the Christians whom he called idol-worshippers for believing in Trinity.


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