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The Fields Bloom in Spring 

By Ali Sina


Dear Mr. Sina,  

I came across your site sometime back and have been following it with interest ever since.  

Although many different aspects have been covered by you and other writers and I feel that the case that has been put forward is quite convincing and there would surely be many Muslims who would be having their doubts to start with and then moving on to the stage of conviction but an important aspect is that the majority of such people would never openly declare apostasy due to the severe repercussions that such a thing would have on their lives especially if living in an Islamic country.  

Based on the above how do you see the demise of Islam?  

Best Regards,




They donít have to declare their apostasy. It will come naturally. In Iran , most people are not believers anymore. They openly say they do not believe. If we make Muslims doubt, the terrorist lords cannot take gullible kids and train them as terrorists telling them ďIslam is in dangerĒ. So what if Islam is in danger. If they donít believe they will not want to become suicide bombers.  

It will all happen. But there are several steps in between. First we must reach the non-Muslims. Muslims get their confirmation through acceptance of others. Once the entire world rejects Islam, they will be very disconcerted and will start doubting their faith. This is a very important step. Educating the non-Muslims to reject Islam is crucial. The leftist lackeys of Muslims and the useful idiots are the greatest enemies of mankind. Do not underestimate their threat. They are more dangerous than the terrorists. If the terrorists are the burning fire, these useful idiots are the gasoline. Do not let their appearance fool you. The combination of these two is lethal. Look at Spain. After the Spaniards capitulated to pressure and obeyed the terrorists electing a leftist government, this government then did something completely counterintuitive. It not only legalized the illegal immigrants, it opened the gates of Spain to more Muslim immigration. Spain will burn like hell in just a few more years. The damage done in Spain is irreversible. The Spaniards must brace themselves for blood in their streets. Whatever they gained after throwing out the Moors is lost by one leftist government. The leftists are the real enemies of the West or wherever they are. This is true also in India as it was in Iran. Without them and their nod of approval, rationalizations and justifications and even cooperation, Islam will be weakened and terrorism will disappear. Terrorists come from Muslims. If Muslims start doubting Islam, that would be the end of terrorism. This is stupid simple.

Step two is reaching the masses of Muslims and this means through other means and not just through the Internet. Of course we donít have to reach each and everyone. That is an impossible task. But if we reach the elite, they will in turn reach others, and others will reach others. This will grow exponentially.  

In all exponential growths, at first the progress seems to be very slow. But as time passes the growth becomes bigger even though the rate of growth stays the same or diminishes. Then suddenly everything will transform. 

To grow, we will use the power of liberated Muslims. They are the greatest strength of our campaign. That is why those who advocate violence against Muslims are dead wrong. They are not just morally wrong, they are also strategically wrong. Our success depends on conquering the hearts and the minds of Muslims. This is inevitable. People donít want to live in lies. At first there will be resistance, but once the seed of doubt is sown, that seed will eventually germinate and change will happen.  

The non-Muslims must direct their anger at Islam and pound it relentlessly and with no compromise. The anger should not be directed against the people, but at their nefarious ideology. However, they also must show strength. It means they must not give it to Muslims' demands and never cave it to their bullishness. Be firm against them and if necessary, round them up, send them back home from where they came or keep them in concentration camps. If they become dangerous, we must protect ourselves. How would we deal with our loved ones if they become infected with chicken flue? We quarantine them. Firmness against Islamic hooliganism and misdemeanor is essential. We must use force to contain their misbehavior but never abuse the power. The message must be given clear and loud that we do not accept their Islam and this is not negotiable. All religions in civilized societies are welcomed, but a fascistic doctrine that strives to overthrow our governments is not religion and we cannot accept it even if it is disguised as one.  

Eventually change will come. A knowledgeable farmer sows his seeds in the fall. But he does not expect to reap until summer. The winter comes and goes and nothing happens. But he does not despair. He knows the nature and how it works. He waits patiently and does what he has to do diligently. Then the spring comes and the fields bloom.  

Today we are just sowing the seeds. This message must be scattered wide and far and especially among non-Muslims. But do not expect immediate result. Yes people are leaving Islam already. But it is not the beginning yet. What you see now is like the pre dawn twilight. We have come out of complete darkness. Before 9/11, it was complete darkness. Lies prevailed everywhere. Things have changed since. Many people have already seen the truth and more people are seeing it everyday. But it is not the dawn yet. Wait until this sun reaches its zenith.  

Truth is very powerful. It is as powerful as the light of the Sun. No darkness can stand it.  








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