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What insanity!  

Is there any hope for Muslims at all? If this is how an educated Muslim thinks, what hope is there? Are Muslims blind? Can’t this doctor see that the cause of the poverty and backwardness of Muslims is Islam?  

If as he says, the way to overcome the misery of Muslims is to become even more Islamic, how can he explain the fact that the countries that are not Islamic at all are better than those that are Islamic? How many brain cells does it take to see that Islam is the cause of it all? How can he explain the fact that the countries that are more Islamic ( Afghanistan , Iran , Pakistan , Bangladesh ) are more backward than those that are less Islamic ( Morocco , Turkey , Qatar )?  

At which period in the history, Muslims were prosperous and productive? The only time they were prosperous was when they looted the wealth of other nations. When that loot ended, so did their prosperity.  

This is outrageous that an educated man, a doctor to boot, make such poor diagnosis of what went wrong.   

The question “what went wrong” is mute. It implies that there was a time that something was right! At what time anything was right in Islam doctor? Islam was wrong from the beginning. Islam is not sick. It is the sickness itself. You can’t cure Islam. You must overcome it and eradicate it.  

The cause of the poverty and ignorance of Muslims is Islam. It is the five times prayers, it is the one month fasting, it is the reading of the Quran instead of science, it is the wasting of people's time teaching them the Islamic way of defecation, urination and copulation, and it is observing all those stupid Islamic rituals that has made Muslims backward, lazy and poor. How by doing more of the same Dr. Saleem, do you expect to remedy the problem? This kind of mentality is mind-boggling. Only a Muslim can be so blinded by his faith that cannot see the forest for the trees.      

Dr. Saleem, you got it all wrong my man. What past you want us to return to? The past of Islam is all savagery, war and mayhem. Well, Osama Bin Laden and his ilk are trying to go back to that past. Are you with them?  

Isn't funny that not even our good doctor is sure that such “glorious” past ever existed? He says we should return to our “imagined” past. In other words go after a fantasy, an illusion, a mirage! I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.    

Dr. Saleem’s diagnosis number 2 is even funnier. First he says “Muslims are poor, illiterate and weak because we have refused to change with time.” Fair enough! But then he surprises us and concludes “Keep pace with time -- al Quran”

Can’t you see doctor that this al Quran is the very cause of our backwardness? It is this damn al-Quran that does not let us go forward. What does this book teach us? Hate, and hate and more hate! That is all you learn from this book.

Okay, I take that back. You learn also that there are Jinns all around us watching whatever we do. (Darn! From today I am going to take my showers in my swimming suit; and to change, I will cover myself with a towel, just in case a voyeur gay jinn is sitting in front of me watching.) 

It also teaches that the mountains are like pegs, holding the Earth from shaking.

That the sun rises and sets in murky waters

That sperms are generated in the spine

That the first thing created in fetus is the bone and then this bone is covered with flesh.

That there is a winged horsy with a human face that took Muhammad to the heaven.

That Muhammad cleft asunder the Moon. 

That the sky is supported by invisible pillars.

That the stars are adornments hanging from the lower heaven while the Moon is above them.

That the “shooting stars” are missiles that Allah and his angels throw at the Jinns when they climb on each others’ shoulders to eavesdrop on the conversation of the “Exalted Assembly”.

That the Earth is spread like a bed.

Oh yeah! All these “scientific facts” and more are in the Quran. The non-Muslims read the Quran and then go and discover and invent new things. I wonder why Muslims who read the Quran more can't do that!

Sir! With all due respect! How much stupidity is enough? The poor Muslims are drowning in the cesspool of Islam and all you can tell them is go deeper? Is this your remedy?

You are mistaken Dr. Saleem. The problem of Muslims is the Quran. To recover they have to leave this book of lies, hate and stupidity. It's this book that is chaining them to the 7th century and does not let them keep pace with the time.

Wake up Sir and help these wretched people out of this cesspool. Enough with self deception! It’s time to face the truth. Islam is the cause of the backwardness of the Muslims. What other proof you need beyond what you yourself have written?

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