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This site explains that there are two versions of the Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights of 1981; one in Arabic and one in English. In the English version there is a provision saying that the Arabic version is definitive. However, the differences between the Arabic and English texts are substantial. The English version has been watered down for western consumption while the definitive Arabic version has a much more conservative tone.

This Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights not only hampers the rights of women, it also denies the rights of non-Muslims and disregards their freedom of expression and freedom of religion and belief.

Muslims believe that since Muhammad was a messenger of God, he was above the Golden Rule.  "His actions and his teachings were inspired by God," they claim, "while the Golden Rule is rooted in human conscience, which is defective." This narcissistic mentality, which constitutes the core of Islamic mindset, allows Muslims to breach the Golden Rule, abuse the non-Muslims, or those Muslims that they think are heretics, and deny them their basic human rights and even kill them with peace of mind and clarity of conscience. While at the same time they demand especial privileges for themselves from non-Islamic.  

For example, on September 23, 2005, CAIR, which stands for Coning Americans with Islamic Ruse, issued a plea asking Muslims and “people of conscience” [sic] to write to their representatives and urge the U.S. Congress to recognize Islam as a “great religion of the world and express its deepest respect to Muslims.”(1)  

Can you imagine that the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists or even the Christians make such demands?  Why only Muslims need the confirmation of others that their religion is great?  Isn't this the sign of insecurity of these poor souls?  Imagine Hindus, Jews or Buddhists, soliciting the politicians to declare that their religion is great! That is laughable! It just does not happen. They don't need anyone's approval to feel good about their religions. 

Furthermore, don’t we have the separation of religion and state in America? Haven’t these Muslims sworn to the American constitution?  Why they expect the Congress, which is government, endorse their religion?  Doesn’t this very bizarre demand show that these people do not even respect the constitution?  Why should any governmental body endorse and praise any religion?  On the contrary, since Islam has political ambition, aims to overthrow the government of the U.S. and establish the Khilafat, the government must classify it as a subversive force and ban it.  Since the ideology of Islamic terrorism is Islam, it is the responsibility of the government to combat Islam and eradicate it. The first duty of the government is to protect the constitution. Islam wants to abolish the constitution. How can the parliament recognize Islam and say it is great?

This outrageous demand becomes more shocking when we see that at the same time that Muslims ask to be praised the Christians in Pakistan are systematically raped and killed ( 2, 3, 4, 5 ) by Muslims and the perpetrators go unpunished. In Bangladesh the Hindus are persecuted and killed. The non-Muslims in all Islamic countries have no human rights at all.  

Muslims have entered into Muhammad’s narcissistic bubble universe, they think like him and emulate him in every sense. They see nothing wrong in abusing the non-Muslims and trampling their human rights while at the same time they demand undeserving, respect and preferential treatment. CAIR that has never condemned Islamic terrorism and in many cases has even endorsed it and has found its victims guilty for not understanding Muslims, has the chutzpah to demand the Congress to declare Islam a “great religion of the world and express its deepest respect to Muslims.” It is interesting to note that quite a few of CAIR’s top directors have been convicted of collaborating with the terrorists.  

What is regrettable is that the President of the USA in a desperate act of dhimmitude and to appease Muslims, the same very people who have declared war on America and are engaged in killing the Americans and plan to overthrow its government, issued a statement praising Muslims for their “commitment to spiritual growth and charity” and welcomed the “contributions that Muslims have made to American society.” (6) The President did not say what contributions. Was he talking about the 9/11?

Because about 2 million Muslims live in America and among them there are some who are terrorists, Americans are forced to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on homeland security. I have no idea how much is the actual cost. When you think about the security in all levels of governments and private businesses, this number could be astronomical. Let us be conservative and say it costs only $200 billion dollars per year. I reality think it is many times more. (Does anyone have any idea?) With just $200 billion dollars, every Muslim, including their children cost the taxpayers $100,000 dollars per year. This is how much it costs us the privilege of having Muslims in our country. This is the real "contribution" of Muslims to America Mr. President. If all Muslims were expelled from America, would we need to spend this much on security? Once you add the cost of the real damage caused in terrorist attacks, such as to planes, buildings, etc. this cost will be much higher. Here we are only talking about monetary cost. Can anyone calculate the price that the families of the victims of terrorism pay? The same can be said in all other countries that host Muslims and as the result have become targets of Islamic terrorism.  

House Rep. Betty McCollum (7 and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (8)  also released statements of praise of Muslims. Maybe the patriotic Americans should write to their elected representatives and educate them about the goals of Islam in America. They should also be reminded that as politicians they are not allowed to issue statements endorsing any religion. Imagine the scandal and uproar that would ensue if a Senator praises Christianity. The good liberals will never tolerate that. If Islam is religion, keep religion out of the government. If it is politics, combat it. Would these politicians still praise and thank Muslims if they knew what Muslims plan to do with America and its constitution?    

Mr. Zakaria articulated the disdain Muslims have for the Golden Rule very eloquently. We should listen to him when he lambastes the Golden Rule. He is a true Muslim who speaks the truth about Islam. 


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