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Once You Believe it, You See It 

Ali Sina 


Dear Ali Sina, 

I have spent several hours reading your website. It is excellent, and I deeply resonate with most of your writing. I have sent a message to Democracy Now asking them to interview you. 

What is exciting about your work is that you seem to succeed in getting people out of the deep idiocy called "Islam" and at least some of them seem to stay free rather than falling into the idiocy of the other Bronze Age religions (Christianity, Hinduism, etc).  

I am excited about your assertion that Islam could cease to exist within coming 30 years. This is incredible courage to think that. It seems unthinkable, impossible, but then I never thought that Soviet Union could cease to exist, ether. I admire your courage and clarity of purpose.  

I just read the letter from the 16 years old Pakistani girl being forced to marry a mullah. I read your reply to it and felt touched by your love and caring for this young girl! 

I thought that this letter could/should be forwarded to all kind of places: Magazines, newspapers, Congressmen, Women's organizations, and any other place we could think of. 



I have only one hesitation and only one defense for Islam; perhaps it creates a contra-weight Christianity. And I would hate to see the fall of Islam as victory for the Christian and Hindu fundamentalists.



Dear Veet,  

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Yes the site has its effect on Muslims. The result is very encouraging.

All human achievements first bud in someone’s mind. It starts as an idea. Then it passes from one mind to another and it keeps evolving and taking its own life independent of the one who originally thought it. Sometimes greatest achievements start with ideas that at first seem crazy and impossible. Once the idea takes shape and is accepted by many, it would not be seen as crazy anymore. If the idea is pursued diligently it becomes a reality. Of course you need someone crazy enough to think of a crazy idea, dare to believe in it when no one else does, risk to be ridiculed but still stand by it and offer it as doable in the first place. All we have to do is to spread this idea until it becomes widely accepted. And as you know, nothing is more powerful than an idea that its time has come.

The idea of seeing the end of Islam in a few short decades, like the idea of seeing the end of communism, may look crazy at first, but if many people believe in it and work towards achieving it, it will happen. Muslim terrorists are giving us a big hand in making this idea materialize.

I always said; this is not a PROPHECY but a PROMISE. What I mean is that it won’t happen on its own. It is not just destined to happen. It will happen if people believe in it and make it happen. We humans have no control over hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. If we are intelligent, we maybe able to predict them in time to get out of the way, but we can't prevent them. If they're ought to happen, they'll happen. Social changes are in our own sphere of control. We write the history. History is the outcome of our own doings. We are in control of what we do and how the history should be written. Communism came to power, because someone gave us a stupid idea and many believed in him. Communism fell when that idea was found wanting and no more attractive. Nazism and fascism took root and wreaked havoc, because many let themselves to be fooled by a sick and false idea that some people are superior to others. Even though this idea is utterly foolish, it became popular because some people believed in it and pushed it forward. It advanced because few opposed it, when it was yet a fledgling idea. Once enough people rose against that idea, Nazism and fascism fell and were defeated. 

So as you see, ideas advance and take root not because of their merits and validity but because of the support that they receive. Even the most nefarious and absurd idea, once receives enough support, grows and becomes dominant. Nazism and communism did not fall on their own. They were brought down by people who rose against them and defeated them. They were defeated by people who believed that they should be defeated and fought against them.

Islam is a sick idea handed to us by a very sick man. It is total insanity. Despite that it grew because its founder instilled zealotry in his foolhardy followers to the extent that they became ready to kill and even die for it. These gullible souls believed in this man's lies and strived to fulfill his sick dreams of grandeur and domination. Islam will continue to grow and eventually will take the entire world if left alone and not challenged.

The universe is governed by natural laws. We humans, and our societies, are also part of this universe and subject to its laws. No one can change these laws. If God exists, He too would be subject to these laws. Things don't happen on their own. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. This is the first law of Newton, which was actually formulated by Galileo many years earlier. It is called the Law of Inertia. Muslims have not allowed any external force to be applied to Islam. The “useful idiots” in the west, those who defend Islam and try to pass laws to protect it from criticism, are assisting Muslims in that quest. If Islam is not opposed, it will take over the world. It is foolish to underestimate the danger of this cult and the magnitude of its threat to our world.

In the last 1400 years Islam has never been challenged. Any criticism of it has been silenced inexorably and ruthlessly. As long as the status quo continues, Islam will keep growing. If Islam becomes the only dominant force, it means the end of humanity. The advance of civilization will stop. Islam is a black-hole. There is no escape from it. If Islam becomes dominant, science and human progress will end, maybe forever.

Our human civilization has suffered a great deal because of Islam. With brilliant minds like Ibn Haiyan, al-Ma'arri, al-Biruni, al-Razi, Khayyam, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, and other freethinkers and skeptics, who mocked Islam and pursued logics and science, the renaissance was about to burst into the Middle East centuries before it enlightened the thinkers in Italy. Muslim scholars like Al Ghazali, Attar and Rumi nipped it in the bud. They derided the rationalists, called them apostates, kaafir and ungodly and the ignorant populace burned all the books that were critical of Islam. Only a few passages of Razi's critical thinking are left that show how harshly he viewed religion and particularly Islam, going as far as calling the prophets, "Billy Goats" and "charlatans". Those passages survived because a Muslim wrote a book refuting al-Razi and in doing so quoted some of his passages. The thoughts of these luminaries, especially those of Ibn Sina, were picked up by the European thinkers and Renaissance flourished there. We can never know, the extent of harm that Islam has caused to humanity. 

If Islam becomes dominant, all the books and materials written against it will be destroyed. It would be the end of knowledge, the end of freethinking, the end of intelligent life and certainly the end of progress, science and civilization. Darkness of ignorance will cast its shadow, maybe forever on this planet. Let us not fool ourselves; the danger is immense and there is a lot at stake. Humanity is at stake.       

For the first time in 1400 years, we have a means to tell the truth, expose the lies and nurture the idea that Islam is evil and even dream to defeat it. This is an exciting time. The Internet is the salvation of Mankind. This is no exaggeration. A hundred years later, it would have been too late. Now, we have a means to advance this idea. This idea has a tremendous power. Because Islam is sheer darkness, even a trickling light will destroy it. All we have to do is to let this light out, nourish this idea to grow and spread across the world. 

Let the doubters doubt! Those who believe in the power of this idea will carry the torch and will take it to all corners of the world. The majority of Muslims, up until now, had no clue about the evilness of Islam and could not see that the root cause of their misery is Islam itself. They are waking up and they are championing this idea, now. We are growing exponentially. This is an idea, that its time has come. 

The end of Islam will take place in our own lifetime; maybe within thirty years or so IF we believe in it and take it as our goal. But when you talk about 'goal' you are talking about vision, action and dedication. This means work. There are no free lunches. We have to work to achieve our goals but first we have to believe in them. See them as if they are already realized. I see the end of Islam with total clarity. I want everyone to see it too. Once you see it, the doors will open as if by magic and obstacles will be removed as if by miracle. All human achievements started with an idea - with a dream, a vision. Once you believe it, you will see it. Islam has advanced through dedication and sacrifice of ignorant people, it can only be defeated through dedication and sacrifice of knowledgeable people.  


As for your concern about Christianity and Hinduism, don’t worry my friend. There is no harm in these religions. The good part in these religions is that they are adaptable to time and can evolve. They have changed and continue to change. They may not be the leading force in human society as they claim but at least they follow it and unlike Islam they do not remain in dark ages of barbarity and obscurantism. Furthermore, not everyone can live without a religion or God. Let people have something to cling to when they leave Islam. In fact I dare to say those who embrace another religion, leave Islam much faster and get rid of the Islamic hangovers more effectively. My friend who helped me with my apostasy, said he went to a church and got baptized and changed his name from an Islamic name to a Persian name. I asked him whether he is a Christian, he said no but he needed a symbolic closure. Converting to other religions makes leaving Islam easier. I want to make this as easy as possible. Churches provide that support that especially in the beginning you need badly.  

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, etc. are good religions. Why you want to eliminate them? If they make people happy, bring in them their inner goodness and elevate their souls, why you want to take that away from them? All these religions are a mixed bag of good and bad. Let us encourage the good in them and eliminate the bad. 

I don’t think we should fight religions. On the contrary, I think we should defend them and protect them. Diversity is good. It is beautiful to think differently. The reason we must fight Islam is precisely because it wants to eliminate that diversity of thought. We don’t fight Islam because it is filled with hocus-pocus but because it is intolerant of other faiths and people. Islam is the only enemy of mankind; other religions are not. They are different roads to inner peace. They are as valid as your belief and mine. Let us fight the temptation of feeling superior for what we believe and lest we put down those who don’t think like us.


A comment:


In your recent response to a letter you put Rumi next to the Islamic fundamentalist al Ghazali.  I thought Rumi was a sufi and more spiritual than fundamentally religious? Even in one of his poems he says 'I am not from the East nor from the West, neither a Muslim nor Jew' or something along that line. 

- Reza

Dear Reza, 

Things are never black and white and especially this is true with Rumi and this is the problem. He was essentially a good man but nonetheless a religious man who disdained rationalism and relied on “heart” or fideism. (Read irrationality). 

I recall a story my dad used to say. A man had three sons. One always said the truth, the other always lied, but the third mixed truths and lies. The man was comfortable with his first two sons. He always believed the truthful son and always disbelieved the liar. However, he was at loss with the third son for he could never know when he was lying and when he was telling the truth.

Rumi said a lot of good things and impressed us with his superb poetry. That is why when he said absurdities, we were easily fooled. I think instead of condemning Rumi we should see him as a talented but nonetheless fallible man. In one place he confirms that Jews were transformed into apes and pigs because this is what Muhammad said in the Quran and he believed it. Now how intelligent he could have been to believe in this gobbledygook? He was a superlatively talented man and even a good man, but that does not make him enlightened.

That is precisely the problem with Rumi. He fooled all of us with his brand of Sufism and his ecumenism. We thought he is enlightened when in reality he mocked the rationalists. 

Rumi was the worst thing that happened to us, precisely because his religiosity was so subtle that we did not realize his mysticism is the antithesis to rationalism. It was he who sold us Muhammad in a mystical package and made him look truly divine. He brought intellectual lethargy to Iran and the entire Muslim world. We can easily dismiss al Ghazali and call him fundamentalist, but even today there are many intellectuals who are hooked by Rumi, elevate him to sainthood and are his followers. In fact my apostate friend that I mentioned above, still adores Rumi.






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