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Free Muslims Against Terrorism, Or More Deception?  

Ali Sina  


Mr. Kamal Nawash who calls himself the “president of Free Muslims Against Terrorism, with 15 chapters across America” is planning to meet the Congressman Tom Tancredo this Wednesday. 

In a communiqué Mr. Nawash expressed his “understanding of the frustration of the Congressman” when the latter said; America should threaten to bomb the Islamic Holy Sites in Mecca as a deterrent, should the Islamic terrorists detonate nuclear bombs in a western city. He plans to tell the Congressman Tancredo who expressed the sentiment of millions of Americans who on daily bases watch in horror as dozens of innocent people are murdered in the name of Islam, that “many Muslims share his frustration about the senseless killing of innocent people in the name of our beloved religion.”

I wish I could believe Mr. Nawash but unfortunately I don’t. Muslims in general do not have much sympathy for the victims of Islamic terrorism. Those who have sympathies are merely nominal Muslims and have no understanding of Islam and its agenda and they are not many. Many Muslim feel the murder of innocent people is perfectly justifiable. The hatred of non-believers and the instruction to kill them is expressed unequivocally in the Quran in hundreds of verses. True Muslims, those who read the Quran and are familiar with the sayings of Muhammad, cannot condemn terrorism because terrorism is Holy Jihad and Jihad is a pillar of Islam. It is thanks to terrorism that this "beloved religion" of Mr. Nawash expanded from the very start.  

Mr. Nawash has more supporters and well-wishers among non-Muslims who are desperate to hear a voice of moderation coming from Islam than among Muslims themselves. Muslims do not give much importance to people like Mr. Nawash. He speaks with no authority from the scriptures. His mouth filling 15 “chapters” of his organization across America are mere 15 individuals who also share his views and nothing more.  

On May 14, Mr. Nawash organized a rally in downtown Washington, D.C. to denounce terrorism. According to his own statement “many of the leading Arab American organizations including the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee did not endorse the event.” In fact few attended the rally and most of them were the speakers. By all intent and purposes that rally was a fiasco.  

Why Muslims do not support him? It is because Jihad cannot be separated from Islam. Muslims know that. Mr. Nawash also knows that. By denouncing terrorism Mr. Nawash is not making Muslims more peaceful. To do that one has to denounce the Quran and Mr. Nawash is not willing to do that. In fact he still calls Islam his “beloved” religion and in his website he has stated: “The Free Muslims Coalition does not seek to change the tenets of the religion. However, the Coalition believes that the Koran only provides general principals of governance which leaves the faithful with substantial flexibility to modernize popular Muslim practices and beliefs.  

This statement is false and misleading. The Quran says unbelievers are filthy; Allah dislikes them, they will be fuels of hell and it orders Muslims to slay them. There is no equivocation in that and no amount of reinterpretation can change the obvious message of hate of that book.   

So why is Mr. Nawash speaking against terrorism and claming to be a Muslim at the same time?  

There are two possibilities.  

a)      Mr. Nawash is trying to pull wool over the eyes of the Westerners, by telling them what THEY want to hear and by giving them more false hopes that Islam has a peaceful side as well. In this way he will buy more time for Islam to wreak havoc. 

b)      Mr. Nawash, taking advantage of the gullibility of the Westerners and their lack of understanding of Islam has found a way to promote himself and this is nothing but a personal ego trip.  

In fact Mr. Nawash, although dismissed and ignored by Muslims has managed to gain notability in high circles in America. He has been interviewed by Bill O'Reilly of Fox News and represented the U.S. before the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in the session on combating intolerance against Muslims. His audience is not the Muslims who ignore him but the non-Muslims.  

Islamic terrorism cannot be defeated by sugarcoating the violent teachings of the Quran. In fact that is precisely what we must not do. We have to tell the truth and expose the Quran, not dissimulate the truth and play more the game of taqiyyah. Islam cannot be reformed just as Nazism cannot be reformed. The only way to combat terrorism is to denounce the Quran that teaches violence, hate and terrorism. The efforts of people like Mr. Nawash, if not motivated by self promotion, are misguided at best. They will only delay the fight against terrorism and its nefarious ideology. Mr. Nawash’s anti-terrorist rhetoric has no effect on Muslims. Muslims have only one source for their guidance and that is the Quran. They have no need for likes of Mr. Nawash or anyone else to redefine for them Islam. Their Holy Book is clear and loud. It demands the slaying of non believers and no one can change that.   

Mr. Nawash states: “The Free Muslims recognize that the Muslim leadership in America and abroad has failed in challenging and discrediting the ideology that leads to extremism and terrorism but we are now trying to reverse our past mistakes by aggressively challenging the terrorists and their evil ideology.  

Here Mr. Nawash condemns the “evil ideology” of the terrorists. I wonder what ideology could that be? The terrorists have only one ideology and that is Islam. It is Islam that leads to extremism and terrorism. Are the terrorists practicing a non-Islamic ideology that we are not aware of? And yet he calls that ideology of hate his “beloved” religion. Are we supposed to believe that Mr. Nawash is totally ignorant of the violent teachings of the Quran or is he playing the Islamic game of deception to buy more time for this evil ideology?  

Today like always, nothing but truth can help us. Only truth can combat terrorism. Only truth can save mankind from its doom. Mr. Nawash equates terrorism to cancer. He has made the right analogy. To prescribe the right medicine, the physician must have the right prognosis. He must know the truth. Likewise to cure the cancer of terrorism we must know the truth too and know what causes it. If Mr. Nawash truly cares about peace and is genuinely against terrorism, he must stop calling Islam his “beloved religion” and must combat this evil ideology. The war against Islamic terrorism cannot be won with more deceptions and more lies. We must destroy the evil ideology that feeds and inspires Islamic terrorism. Only truth can set us free. 






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