Leaving Islam



Neo-fascism in Europe on the Rise

By Ali Sina 


In my previous article I wrote “The inability of the governments and the unwillingness of the public to denounce Islam as evil and fight against it will inevitably strengthen fascism, racism and vigilantism.”  

This is already happening.

Italy breaks up vigilante group that hunted down Islamists

Saturday July 2, 2005
The Guardian

"An illegal group set up to hunt down Islamists and which included police officers in its ranks has been broken up by Italian authorities.

Prosecutors in the port city of Genoa said yesterday that the group was founded last year with private donations from wealthy members just after the Madrid train bombings in March 2004, which killed 191 people.

Two of the suspected leaders of the self-styled Department of Strategic Anti-Terrorism Studies have been put under house arrest.

The group allegedly falsified law enforcement badges and attempted to tap into protected files at the interior ministry, prosecutors said.

Some 25 people were being investigated. Roughly half of them are Italian law enforcement, including Carabinieri, (police) prison guards and financial police.

In a statement, the prosecutors' office said the apparent involvement of police was "particularly worrying".

The group also ran a website in which it compared itself to the police and offered highly specialized research needed to identify and prevent possible attacks. It asked for anonymous tips on militant activity.

Prosecutors said the group sought to illegally bolster Italy 's fight against international and domestic terrorists, and wanted to become recognized by the United States and Israel to seek international funding. The full extent of its operations is still being investigated.

The suspected leaders were members of a far-right group called New MSI National Right and invoked religious undertones on their personal website.

"God-fearing men, pure and tough men that are illuminated by God's will, have descended into the valley of death to defend the Christian-Judaic faith and the west," it said.

An Italian group published what it said was extracts from the site run by the organization, before it was taken offline by authorities."

This group was discovered. But it does not mean vigilantism is put to rest. It means the next group will be even more clandestine and much more careful about its secrecy. Consequently it will be more dangerous.

Western countries, especially Europeans, are on the verge of explosion. We can’t keep our heads under the sand and pretend Islam is not a problem. Islam is eroding the hard earned liberties of the Europeans. It is imposing its own brand of fascism and people are not going to accept it. If Islam is not stopped, fascism will inevitably become stronger and the result would be carnage in the streets and perhaps civil wars.  

Protecting Islam is insanity. It is suicidal. Islam is dangerous. It must come under scrutiny. Muslims must be held accountable for their belief and political goals. To coin a word, Islam is religio-political. Its ambition is to topple the governments and take over the world. This is a political agenda not a matter of faith. Therefore the solution to this problem must also be political.

Looks like at least some Europeans are waking up. Italy On Line, a Special service by AGI on behalf of the Italian Prime Minister's office reported:  

(AGI) - Rome, Italy, July 8 - "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is true, however, that all terrorists today are Muslims and that they hide among them." Thus said Roberto Calderoli, coordinator of the secretaries of the Northern League and Reforms Minister, who added that either moderates show themselves as such and isolate and inform on their fundamentalist brothers, or there silence is complicity. He said that they have to amputate a limb to stop the infection spreading and threatening the life of the patient. In the same way, Calderoli added, "We need to work with Islam: either we help each other to defeat the infection of terrorism or we will have to send them all home, the sick part and healthy together..." (AGI) .
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Calderoli also said:  

(AGI) - Rome , Jul 8 - "Islam has to be declared illegal until Islamists are not prepared to renounce to those parts of their pseudo political and religious doctrine glorifying violence and oppression of other cultures and religions. Islam promotes hatred and we now, after having tried the way of love, have to answer with the crusades of western peoples who still remember the battle of Lepanto", wrote Roberto Calderoli, Northern League coordinator, in an editorial published today on the party's daily newspaper "La Padania". "Battles are not only won by armies but also by values, unfortunately we lost those values when we gave up our Christian roots, our identity, our culture. The West is losing its battle. A world condemning Oriana Fallaci and approving a judge who frees terrorists taking them for soldiers already lost the game. We are facing a real war where the enemy uses terrorism and we answer with flower power. Terrorism cannot be fought by offering peace but only by striking back the same way. Today we're crying for the victims of London attacks together with their families and we suffer with those wounded, but tomorrow we have to fight back using the same arms". Calderoli also commented on the Italian presence in Iraq : "Tomorrow we'll have to react also with a progressive withdrawal of our troops from Iraq , the resources employed in today's peace mission could more usefully be employed to fight terrorism in our country. We have to get prepared to answer in the same language, maybe in this way we will win the war".  





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