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Smart People, Stupid Choices

Ali Sina's Response  


Dear Ahmed B  

We humans are not smart all the time. Smart people can believe in stupid things. Havenít you done or said things that later you regretted? I did! So obviously I was being stupid when I said, did or believed in stupid things. We humans are smart sometimes and stupid in other times. That is why we call ourselves fallible.  

Let me make an example. Copernicus is not considered to be a stupid person. He was certainly one of the geniuses. Yet, not knowing about the law of gravity, which was discovered later by Newton, and still influenced by the Ptolemaic system upheld by Christians, he believed that angels were responsible for making the sun, the moon, and the stars go around. Now isnít that stupid? Can we say Copernicus was stupid? He was a genius, Nonetheless this belief was a stupid belief that he subscribed to as well.  

The same can be said about all of us including Muslims. Muslims are as smart as anyone else but when they choose to shut their minds and believe in stupidities of Islam and follow a psychopath they become stupid and psychopath. If a professor of philosophy believes in Islam but he canít prove it, he is making stupid assumptions and in this case he is stupid.  

As for calling Muslims terrorists, of course not all Muslims engage in terrorist activities personally. But if they support a terrorist ideology, how would you describe them? They are not criminals, but accomplices. Is that better? Islam advocates terrorism; if you are a Muslim you are supporting the cause of terrorism. How can I say this clearer? You could be the smartest person in the world but when you are a Muslim you are stupid and terrorist by default. It makes no sense to say, look I am a smart man, I can solve all the mathematical equations faster than a calculator but when it comes to religion I like to follow a psychopath and believe in absurdities. How smart is that?

The only way you can prove me wrong and debunk this statement is to show that Islam is not a stupid doctrine and it does not advocate terrorism. If you do that then I take  my statement back. As long as you are unable to disprove any of my accusations, you are both stupid and terrorist.  

Let us put aside the fragile sensibilities and think rationally. Let us take Nazism for example. Were all the Nazis stupid? Of course not! Hitler himself was a genius. Among the Nazis there were many smart people and highly intelligent inventors, scientists, philosophers and ideologues. But is Nazism a smart doctrine? Certainly not! It is utterly asinine and stupid. So when these smart people were promoting Nazism they were not being smart. They were very stupid. The same thing can be said about Muslims and Islam.  

If you canít prove that Islam is a smart religion, then it is a stupid religion. I have proven that already.  It makes no difference how many, otherwise smart people, believe in this stupidity. A stupid idea does not become a smart idea just because lots of smart people support it . This is called argumentum ad verecundiam or argumentum ad populum and in either case it is a logical fallacy. 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the fictional Sherlock Holmes was certainly a very smart person. However he was convinced that the two teenager girls from Yorkshire who claimed having seen and taken the pictures of fairies were telling the truth. Many decades later the girls, now old women, confessed they were just playing a prank. Now isnít the concept of fairies a stupid concept? If a smart man like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can believe in such an absurdity does it mean that that asinine idea has some validity? Isnít it true that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came to a stupid conclusion and indeed that highly smart man with above the average intelligence was stupid in that regard?  

My friend, donít be offended by the term stupid, I use that on purpose for its humiliating effect as a shock therapy. I want to shake you so you start thinking and the only way I can think of, short of forcing you physically, which is something I hope to avert, is to humiliate you.  I just donít know what to do to make you people think. How can I make you think? You are not willing to do that. You are comfortable where you are. That is not a good thing. I want to make you uncomfortable. If nothing can make you think, maybe shame and humiliation will. You must feel the heat, you must be ridiculed and scorned and maybe then you will start wondering why you canít defend Islam, question it and leave this madness.  

All of us humans have been stupid in one time or another. Any time we believe in stupid things, we are stupid. If we support a terrorist cause, we are terrorists. You could support a terrorist cause out of ignorance. It could be that, you donít know that the cause that you are supporting is a terrorist cause. In that case you are not a terrorist but a beguiled person and certainly stupid for not investigating enough to know the nature of the cause that you are supporting. This is the case with the majority of Muslims, including my good relatives and myself prior to finding the truth. Yes I was part of this terrorist organization and I was stupid for believing blindly what I was taught without questioning it. I was not a terrorist because I never endorsed it. I thought I am a ďmoderateĒ and satisfied my conscience with that fallacy. But I was certainly stupid for not investigating and for believing blindly.  

Islam is a stupid doctrine which promotes terrorism. If you follow this doctrine you are doing a stupid thing and are supporting terrorism. Your diplomas are of no relevance. The only way you can show that I am wrong is to prove that Islam is not stupid and it does not advocate terrorism. Can you do that? If you do that, I will withdraw my accusations with an apology.

You say that the impression that you get from my writings is that the Muslims have no right to practice their religion in the West, period.  

Dear Ahmed, what does Islam teach? Islam says the infidels are najis and they should be subdued or killed. You donít have the right to believe in such an outrage, let alone practice it. You have no right to believe in such thing anywhere in this planet, not just in the West. If you canít tolerate the rest of mankind why they should tolerate you?  


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