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This Site Under Attack  


By Ali Sina 

The forum of this site was hacked on March 1 and all its content was removed. Our webmaster restored the forum with his backup but we lost about three weeks of the discussions. At this moment this site is again under attack. We have the backup and will restore it again.  

This shows that this site has its intended effect. Muslims are losing the intellectual battle and they sense their end is near. The enlightened among them are leaving this cult and the benighted ones, those who have been reduced to zombies and are no more able to think rationally but are driven by hatred of mankind, strive hard to silence us. But their efforts are futile. The day of truth has dawned and these creatures of night that thrive only in ignorance can do nothing to prevent the light of the truth illumine the world. All this cyber terrorism prove our victory is near and Islam's days are numbered.

For 1400 years Muslims advanced through deceptions and terror. The terror continues but thanks to the Internet their lies and deceptions are busted. Deception and terror are the two arms of Islam. Terror alone cannot make them win and with the Internet their arm of deception is chopped. To compensate, they have increased the terror, but that only hastens their demise. 

Good humans who out of ignorance of Islam call themselves Muslims are seeing the real face of Islam unmasked and are leaving it in droves. These pretend Muslims have been the backbone of Islam. They were the ones who gave legitimacy to it and the semblance of religion. Their innate goodness was credited to Islam. The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace hijacked by bad people but rather it is a cult of hate that has hijacked good people.

The good people are seeing the truth for the first time, divested from lies and deceptions and they are shocked. Once they get out of the denial mode and realize Islam is not what they think and Muhammad was a monster and not a prophet, they will leave Islam. 

Don't be intimidated by the big number of Muslims. Ninety seven out of hundred of them are not Muslims. They are good people who have been lied to. Once they come to see the truth, they will rise to destroy Islam and to save their friends and relatives. The feeling of being betrayed and lied to will fuel their resolve and they will attack Islam with vengeance. The followers of other religions leave their faiths but with no hard feelings. That is not the case with ex-Muslims. Their divorce from Islam is extremely acrimonious and their hatred of Islam is intense. The ex-Muslims are the soldiers that will battle Islam. Muhammad knew this and that is why he was so intolerance of dissent. The exodus from Islam will happen exponentially. 2 will become 4, 4 will become 8, 8 will become 16, then 32, 64, 128 and so on. In thirty years Islam will collapse. During the first years these numbers seem insignificant, but once we reach 100 million, which may take 25 years, in less than 5 years our number will exceed one billion.

Islam is house of cards. Once you remove one card, the whole house will come down. Islam will collapse like communism did. During the time of Brezhnev no one could imagine that the end of communism is so near. Once the glasnost was introduced, the whole edifice of lies came down. Internet is the glasnost of Islam. Islam canít stand the light of truth. Truth will destroy Islam and many of us will see its end in our own lifetime.  This is not a prophecy, but a promise.



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