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You Are Hurting Me


By Ali Sina 


I cried when I saw your website. I felt sick and I couldnít concentrate any more. Any religion is a relationship between you and God. Iím a Muslim girl and I believe in God and the prophets, and one of the prophets is Mohammad (salla allah aleh wa aleh wa salaam).  Do you think if you offered all the money in this world to correct your mistakes you can do that? You canít feel the truth in your heart because you are blind.  

Would you feel good if someone said that your mother is a whore?  I apologize to your mother but I want you to understand. It hurts! ÖRight? You feel bad and you will never let anyone to say that even if it is the true.  

Ali; you are hurting so many people and Iím one of them. I hope you are happy because I am depressed. For God's sake go back to your mind and stop this. Iím a Muslim and I never say bad things about any religion.  Stop hurting people.




Dear Reem,  

I am sorry that my site saddens you. But sometimes it is necessary to feel bad to avoid a bigger disaster. Let us say you go for a checkup and your doctor says you have cancer. Of course the news is painful and will make you upset and sad. But isnít it better to know the truth and do something soon to fight the cancer?  

Instead of feeling bad about what I say, read more and see if I am lying. If I am lying then there is no reason for feeling bad. You become convinced that Islam is true and you wonít have to pay any more attention to me than you would pay to a barking dog. If Islam is true and if it is from God, no one can extinguish its light and all my efforts will be frustrated. But if I tell the truth, then you want to know the facts and leave this false cult because it is like cancer and it will eventually kill you. The therapy maybe painful, but it will save your life.  

So all you have to do now, is to find out whether I lie or tell the truth. This is easy. Read my articles and verify my quotes. If I do not back up my claims with facts, if I talk nonsense and without logics, you know I am lying. But if I prove all my claims and no Muslim is able to refute what I say, then you know I am telling the truth. Leave Islam and join me and the growing army of ex-Muslims so we can fight this lie together.  

If Islam is a lie, it certainly canít bring you closer to God. The god you are worshipping is not the real God. You donít have a relationship with God. Even though you think you have a relationship with God, your relationship is actually with Satan. Those who shout Allah'u'Akbar while beheading innocent people are Satan worshippers. You worship the same demon. You can fool yourself as much as you please, but you can't change the facts. You donít want to die and find out you were wrong all your life. That would be too late. You want to find the truth while you are still alive and do something about it. This is not difficult. Truth is very clear. You can prove it with almost mathematical precision.    

Yes if someone tells me my mother was a whore I would be very saddened. I probably would not want to know that because I canít do much about it. If I am an adult, my mother most likely is dead or an aged woman and obviously no more in that profession. So you are right, sometimes it is better not to know the truth. In this case I canít do anything about it except being hurt and as a good friend you may want to keep that information away from me.  

But what if I discover that my father is a pedophile or my daughter is a whore? This hurts too but if this is the case I must know this truth because I can do something about it. In the case of my father, he could be hurting innocent children. I must go to authorities and report him. Yes it hurts me a lot but I canít live with my conscience knowing my father molests innocent children. My loyalty to him should not come between me and doing the right thing. If my daughter is a whore I may be able to help her. Maybe she has addiction problem and does this to support her addiction; maybe she is in wrong company, maybe she is going through a life crisis or just does not have the right direction. Of course in these cases I must know the truth no matter how hurtful that truth maybe. If I keep my head in the sand and pretend I know nothing, the consequence may be devastating.  

As for Muhammad, he is nobody to us. He was neither your father nor mine. We certainly owe this man nothing. If he lied, all we have to do is dump him, curse him and spit at his satanic book. Why this should hurt us? If truth hurts us it is our own fault. This is one such truth that we must know. We have placed our lives and our souls in the hands of a man who was a criminal, a child molester, a lustful lecher, a thief, an assassin, a rapist, and a mass murderer. How foolish of us! He is not our father or anything to us. We just chose to believe in this monster. Some chose to believe in the lies of Jim Jones, some chose to believe in the lies of David Koresh, some chose to believe in the leis of Hitler; we chose to believe in the lies of Muhammad. We can easily stop believing in him and go back to our lives. Believing in this man and his lies is hurting us a lot. We have so much wars going on in this world and nine out of ten of them are because of this manís lies. Hundreds of millions of innocent people were killed and billions of lives were shattered, during these 1400 years, because of this manís lies. The deaths and devastations continue. Women are abused in Islamic countries because of this manís lies. Those children in Beslan were raped and massacred because of this manís lies. The thousand of innocent Iraqis that are blown up on daily basis by the followers of Muhammad are being sacrificed for this manís lies. This is not the kind of lie we would be better off if we did not know about. This is the kind of lie that is hurting us and is endangering mankind. This is a lie that we should know stop it.  

Muhammad is dead. He is burning in hell. But his followers are perpetuating that psychopathís crimes and are making their own lives and the lives of others hellish. We canít let this go on for ever. This lie must end and you, I, and other good people who pretend to be Muslims must stop it.  

At first it hurts because you have affection for Muhammad. But once you realize he was a bad man and he fooled you for his own selfish gain, it wonít hurt you anymore. Truth never hurts, it is the shattering of lies that hurts. Once you know the truth, you will start despising Muhammad and hate him. Your hurt will be transformed into anger and you want to destroy the cult of that evil monster. You see the suffering of a billion people and you know they are all victims and victimizers and that is because they have been fooled by this evil man and now they act like zombies. They are people without will and understanding. They have submitted to evil and surrendered to lies. Once you know the truth, you want to help these poor people. You become determined to expose this lie and save this world. You donít do that to hurt these zombies but to bring them back to life and consciousness. You do that because you love them. Stopping someone who is heading to a precipice like a drunkard is not hurting him. Awakening someone and dragging him out of the house in the middle of the night, is not abuse if the house is on fire. Today we must awaken the Muslims fast and drag them out of Islam before they blow up this world. We should not pay any attention to their complaint saying you are hurting us by waking us up. They must wake up even if this means shouting at them, throwing cold water on them or hitting them with a stick. Muslims must wake up. We can't let them continue with this slumber. This is a deadly dream. Their oblivion is destroying lives.  

Please donít hide your head in the sand because facing the truth is painful. Read the articles in this site and verify them. Doubt everything I say and make your own research. Read the Quran and the hadith and see for yourself I am not making up things. Then once you find the truth, join us and let us help others get out of this burning house. The world is in a great danger and you and I are its hope. Today the destiny of mankind is in the hands of people like us. If we keep our heads in the sand and pretend we do not see and do not understand a major disaster is going to hit us and this foolish hatred that Muhammad inculcated in his followers is going to bring millions of deaths and the extinction of all the Muslims. We canít let millions die for a lie. You and I, and other pretend Muslims are the only people that can stop this. Time is a luxury that we do not have.  

No matter how hurtful is my site to you, read it and verify what I say. If you find me a liar, no harm is done and all you hurts will go away and you will be reconfirmed. If what I say the true, leave Islam and help others to leave it too. We are the only people who can stop this madness. But time is running out. You are responsible. Donít flunk.  








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