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However, it would be a mistake to assume that Hasan was the originator of this system of mass domination. The truth is that he based his doctrine of terror on Islamic foundations. What he created was a replica of what Muhammad created. Hasan had a keen insight into Muhammad’s abilities to manipulate and control the masses and make them do what he desired.  

Muhammad conquered Arabia and established his empire by rearing devotees who were ready, even to assassinate their own father at his behest, yet he himself was an unbeliever. Here are few examples of the kind of obedience he demanded from his followers. 

Qur’an 3:19 “Lo! religion with Allah (is) Surrender.”

Qur’an 4:80 “He who obeys the Messenger obeys Allah.”

Ishaq:322 “Allah said, ‘Do not turn away from Muhammad when he is speaking to you. Do not contradict his orders. And do not be a hypocrite, one who pretends to be obedient to him and then disobeys him. Those who do so will receive My vengeance. You must respond to the Apostle when he summons you to war.”

Tabari VIII:182 “The people assembled in Mecca to swear allegiance to the Messenger in submission. He received from them the oath of allegiance to himself, to heed and obey.”

Bukhari:V4B52N203 “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘He who obeys me, obeys Allah, and he who disobeys me, disobeys Allah. He who obeys the chief, obeys me, and he who disobeys the chief, disobeys me.’”

Qur’an 33:36 “It is not fitting for a Muslim man or woman to have any choice in their affairs when a matter has been decided for them by Allah and His Messenger. They have no option. If any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a wrong Path.”

He fabricated verses attributing them to Allah whenever they suited him. For example when he lusted after his own daughter in law, or when he had an affair with Mariyah, a maid of one of his wives, or when he accused the Bani Nadir of plotting against his life to find the excuse to banish them and loot their belongings, or when he wished to raid the helpless and innocent tribe of Bani Quraiza, etc. In each case, he claimed that Allah or Gabriel revealed to him a secret that justified his actions. Obviously Muhammad did not receive any of these “revelations”. He knew he was lying. But by fooling the masses he gained absolute control over them and rose to the highest power.  

From its very inception Islam has been a tool of domination and “crowd control”. Muslim leaders are generally aware of this and are often unbelievers. But they make a show of devotion in order to impress the foolhardy and gain the obedience of the ignorant masses of the believers.  


Iranian Mullahs exercising the Islamic art of feigning piety during the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain   

 A Good example of that was Yasser Arafat, who left a fortune of 1.3 billion dollars for his wife and daughter when his people lived in poverty. However, by giving the impression of being a pious man, after his death, millions of Palestinians whom he had milked poured into the streets, hysterically wailing and mourning his death. The French hospital also refused the request of the Palestinian authorities to announce the cause of his death which raises the suspicion that the rumor that he had AIDS is true. [3 Many Muslim leaders have pederasty relations with boys. 

During the Iran/Iraq war, Khomeini urged young boys to walk in front of the tanks to clear the landmines with their bodies. He gave each a plastic key telling them this is the key to paradise. Thousands of young lives were ended in this way. But not a single son of the Mullahs and the rulers took part in the war, or if they did, they stayed behind, away from the danger.  

Today the gullible devotees volunteer as suicide bombers, but you’ll never see the leaders of the terror networks dying as suicide bombers.

Islam is the perfect tool of domination and of power. The pretext that we (the Muslims) are under attack is part of the game of victimization. People like Dr. Farhad Assar, the person with whom I recently had a debate, do not believe in Islam or even in God. They believe in mass manipulation, or as he calls it “crowd control”. Islam for them is the way to get there. Dr. Assar admits that he does not pray nor fasts, even though these are the pillars of Islam. The reason is that he does not really believe in Islam. However he is intent to keep other Iranians, especially those inside the country believing. As long as people believe in Islam, they are under leash. If they stop believing he loses his control and his power. (Unfortunately I had to stop my debate with Dr. Assar,  because his latest emails were full of vulgarities and reveal an uncanny fascination of him with a certain orifice in human anatomy, what comes out of it and what he thinks should go in it that make them unfit for publication.)

The majority of Muslims are true believers even though most of them do not know Islam very well. They pray, they fast, they give Zakat and some of them would volunteer to become suicide bombers, or in other words hearken to the call of Jihad. They are misguided. They can do evil things, not out of malice but out of faith and devotion. These are the people we may be able to reach and educate. A small group of the Muslims are like Dr. Assar. They are not believers. They are not misguided. They are the misguiders. This group deliberately keep the ignorant masses in the dark and become nervous if anyone tries to enlighten them because in the ignorance of the masses lies their power.  

Dr. Assar does not pray nor fasts. Most likely he drinks and fornicates too. He is officially unemployed but obviously wealthy and connected enough to have presidential aspirations. He must have some sources of income that makes work unnecessary. The elements of this regime have been busy ransacking and selling the historic treasures of Iran. Who knows what is the role of Dr. Assar in this mafia network. He is not apologetic in his support of the Mullahs and their brutal treatment of the Iranians, who are jailed, tortured, and executed for breaking the laws of Sharia or for simply disagreeing with them.  

On November 11 of this year, the religious judge of the city of Sanandaj in Iran ordered a 14 year old boy to be flogged 85 lashes because he was caught eating during the month of Ramadan. The boy died under this torture. Dr. Assar does not fast, the Judge that sentenced the boy, probably does not fast either, but the poor masses are required to fast or they will be flogged. What does Dr. Assar think about that sentence? If he agrees with that ruling he must be flogged for he has confessed that he does not fast. If he disagrees with that ruling then why is he supporting the theocracy and the savage rule of the Mullahs? There is only one answer to that. Dr. Assar is a hypocrite and an evil man.

Why is he so obsessed with Islam, when he himself does not observe it? Why is he so afraid that the Iranians inside the country learn the truth about Islam and leave it?  It’s because if they do, he and his gang will lose their control and power.  

Therefore education is for ignorant people who truly believe and are the victims of the Islamic lies. But people like Dr. Assar, the Mullahs and the leaders of Islam do not need education, they know the truth. They have access to the eighth and the ninth degree of the “secret knowledge”. They know that Islam and Allah are fraudulent and all that matters is action, power and “crowd control”. They are not the victims, they are the victimizers. They are the villains and the evil doers, the con-artists and the spin doctors. The gullible Muslims must be guided but evil characters like this doctor of deceit must be prosecuted and brought to justice. 

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