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Dutch to rally for freedom of expression

By Ali Sina 

After the dastardly Islamic assassination of the Dutch freethinker filmmaker Theo Van Gogh the Dutch are expected to rally tonight and on Saturday in Dam Square, Amsterdam for freedom of expression in Holland. Please join the rally and take others along. Muslims will sure be there with their placards claiming "this is not the true Islam". Deceit is part of Islamic propaganda. 

I urge the Dutch to not allow these apologists of the terrorists mock the sacrifice of Van Gogh and get away with more lies. Please carry your own placards and banners and say:



Let the cameras zoom on your sign and let the word out. If you carry such placard, make sure you cover your face or you'll be the next victim. Be courageous but don't be reckless.    

Europe is an occupied land. It is invaded by aliens. The Europeans are Dhimmis in their own countries. Your silence will only embolden your enemies and soon you'll be smashed and destroyed. Do something now before it is too late. Speak out against Islam. Do not march for freedom of speech. That is a pointless march. March against Islam. It is Islam that is stiffening the freedom of speech. Be courageous and speak out. Kick the occupiers out of your home. 

Do not be fooled by the the "moderate Muslims". That species never existed. That is a total lie. Do not let the appearance of little girls in hijab carrying signs saying "This is not my Islam" fool you. They are lying and they know it. Muhammad said "War (Jihad) is a game of deception". Those little women marching with you and ostensibly protesting this heinous murder are part of the strategy of deception. Do not be fooled. Say no to Islam and send the Muslims back to where they came from. Either you do that now or you become a dhimmi and will lose your freedom in your own country. 

Disregard these warnings to your own detriment. 

I did my duty warning you. The rest is up to you


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