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The Armageddon 

By Ali Sina 

In my previous article, Understanding the Muslim Mind, I spoke of the great danger that awaits us all. I talked about atomic bombs being detonated in various American and European cities in one day, killing and disabling millions of people and crippling the entire western world.  

One reader was cynical. He wrote: 

 I dunno, talking about Armageddon seems to detract from the point...but, if the terrorists get an atomic bomb -- what do you think the target would be? New York ? …The White House? "

I wonder why? Why should talking about Armageddon detract us from the point? Is that an outlandish idea? Have you any doubt that this is what the terrorists want? Do you think it is improbable that they get the bombs? What are the chances of them getting those bombs? North Korea is hungry and is desperate for money. Why do you think they developed the atomic bomb in the first place? No one is threatening them! So it isn’t really for self defense! They made them to sell them. It is just like any other product. The South Koreans sell Hyundai cars, the North Koreans can’t do that, but they can sell atomic bombs; something few people can or would.

Who do you think might be interested to buy them? Is it possible that the Islamic terrorists might be interested? Do you think they might not be able to afford it? Perhaps you think they would not do such thing because it's too cruel? They are not after all that bad! They know in our cities children live and they would not want to hurt the children, would they? Or may be you think they would not do such thing because they might be afraid of retaliation?  

Oh! Come on! Let us pull our heads out of the sand. Is the pill of reality too bitter to swallow?

Question: Which cities would be targeted?
ANSWER: All the port cities! Dozens of cargo ships will deliver their containers to major ports in America and Europe and while President Kerry’s inspectors, schedule them to be inspected, they will go off all at the same time. The whole cities will go up in smoke and hundreds of millions will incinerate or will be mutilated. Thanks to the ground radiations the land becomes inhabitable for hundreds of years. On the same day, several cargo planes from "friendly" Islamic countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran that thanks to the new president's "reaching out to Muslims" policies will have established relationships with America, will land on American soil carrying atomic bombs and they too will hit the cities inland. 

This friend asks whether the White House would be targeted. The answer is no! The entire city of Washington will be targeted. The A-bomb does not just destroy a building. It destroys an entire city.

Am I a lunatic prophet of doom?  

Maybe I am!  

But why should anyone care about me? The point is that could you guarantee that what I say is impossible or even improbable? What are the chances of this happening? 1%, 0.1% or only 0.01%? Are you going to take that chance? No dear, the chance of this happening is very high. It is extremely high. If nothing is done and if the terrorists are not destroyed everywhere,  this Armageddon will happen almost certainly! There is a will and there is a means. It is now just the matter of time. You give the terrorists time, like Senator Kerry who says “we will go after them if they attack us” and they will have all the time to get hold of their coveted bombs. They will hit you so hard that you can’t even rise to fight back. How you fight them anyway? Now that you are still whole, you can't eradicate them. How can you do that when a quarter of Americans are dead and your country and most of the western world is reduced to ashes?

Unlike what Sen. Kerry says, Al Qaida is not the issue at all. Al Qaida is just one terrorist group. There are hundreds of terrorist groups and millions of Islamic terrorists, ready, willing and able to strike at anytime. They do not act under one command. Each one acts independently and in fact they vie with each other for the honor of killing the greatest number of infidels. The Iranian rulers would happily provide the terrorists with what they need. They ARE the terrorists and they will have their own atomic bombs very soon. It is pointless to fight Al Qaida, we have to fight Islamic Terrorism. It is a mistake to focus on just one Osama when there are millions more Osamas ready to take his place.

Islamic Terrorism must be fought multilaterally. All axes of evil are part of this terror network. This war will end only when all the elements of terror are destroyed and Iran is the hub of it.     

This is not the time to blink. This is not the time to take our eyes off the ball. A lot is at stake. Our very existence is at stake. The future of mankind is at stake. Who knows; may be the old prophets of Israel were up to something. May be Nostradamus and Edgar Casey could see the future after all. Whether these guys were hallucinating or they really predicted an Armageddon awaiting mankind is not the point. The point is that we are in the threshold of an Armageddon. I am no prophet but I can see clearly where we are heading. It is just the matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together and the picture emerges crystal clear.   

This is plain and simple! You don’t have to be a political scientist to understand why CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), the pro Mullah Iranian Islamists, the Arab-American Muslims, the French, and every enemy of America down to Yaser Arafat [-1]supports Senator Kerry’s presidency.  

I do not blame those Americans who have wool over their eyes and still think Islam is a religion of peace. But I can’t understand how anyone who knows Islam is danger to the world could cast his or her vote along with the enemies of America and give the terrorists their coveted victory and their badly needed respite to regroup and gains strength.   

Another reader of this site wrote saying that the fact that the Islamists and the Iranian terrorists are supporting Kerry does not mean Kerry is better for their cause. “I could argue” he said, “is smart to get the enemy to pay for their demise. We'll see.”  

I am very familiar with this kind of reasoning. It is called denial. Remember, I debate with Muslims a lot. This friend has his head comfortably deep in the sand. No my dear, the Islamists are ignorant but they are not stupid. They know what they are doing and who is better for their cause. If you think otherwise then you are the gullible. And I am afraid by the time you open your eyes and see, it will be too late.  

I have never been involved in American elections, never sided with any candidate. It is not my business to intervene in American politics. I am not an American.  But this time there is so much at stake. The fate of all mankind is at stake. I can’t remain silent. I see the danger. I hear the Senator and his gang and what I hear does not inspire me confidence. The Senator may have better internal policies for Americans, he may be able to reduce the cost of the medicine or allow stem cell research and even create more jobs (I sincerely doubt this one), but one thing is certain and that is this senator and everyone else in his camp have no clue how to fight the Islamic Terror. This is the real issue of the century, not jobs, not medicine and not stem cell research. If you lose your life and safety, nothing else matters.

There are things in life that are important and there are things that are most important. Wisdom means knowing the difference and if necessary sacrificing the important for the most important. 

Today the most important cause is fighting the biggest threat humanity is facing. Islamic Terror should not be taken lightly. Islam is far more dangerous than Nazism and if it is not dealt with in time, it could be far more devastating too. 

So let us do the first thing first. Choose a president that can fight Islamic Terrorism best. Vote Bush in the coming election. 

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