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Eradication, not Reformation

By Ali Sina

People often ask, how I propose to reform Islam. One reader wrote:  

“Sometimes I wonder how you can reform Islam! I have tried to reason with Muslims without even criticizing their religion with little success. They keep rehashing that Islam is the greatest religion and the most perfect of all.  I feel you will have very limited success. Reform must happen from inside. I can’t see how you can reform Islam from outside when Muslims see no such need at all and vow to kill you if you digress.”  

The reason all attempts to reform Islam have failed is because Islam cannot be reformed. Reforming Islam is an illusion and will only frustrate the to-be reformer. It is like someone wanting to reform Nazism and trying to make it a non-racist humane ideology. This would be absurd but even that is more doable than trying to reform Islam. After all Mein Kempf is not believed to be words of God but the Quran is. You can’t change the Quran. You can't reform a lie. You've to abandon it.

First the question that begs an answer is “WHY”. Why would one want to reform a cult that is created by a psychopath and honor the memory of a monster?  

Second, the reformers of Islam have failed and will continue to fail because they have the Quran and Sunnah against them. On one hand they claim Muhammad was a messenger of God and on the other they say let us not follow him. These are two opposing views. The reformers want to invent a new synthesis on false premises and that can't be done. That is why reforming Islam is not going to work.  

At FFI, we do not want to reform Islam. We want to eradicate it. Just as cancer cannot be reformed and the only way to cure the patient is to eradicate it, Islam can’t be reformed either and it must be eradicated for the world to be saved. This will succeed, because all we have to do is to tell the truth, quote the Quran and refer to the deeds of Muhammad and question them in the light of reason and commonsense.  

Now you may say but Muslims lack the commonsense. Yes, many of them do, but there is a small percentage that is still endowed with commonsense. These are the group that we want to reach.  

What effect a small percentage will have on the rest of Muslims? A lot! Even if there are only 10% Muslims with commonsense, (and I dare to say this is a conservative number and in actuality more Muslims have commonsense), still we are talking of over 100 million people. Imagine if 100 million Muslims leave Islam. This will cause consternation among the rest of the Muslims and since Islam is not a religion based on logics but on pure hypes. The rest of the Muslims will become disheartened and they too will start shaking in their faith.  

But the key here is in the hands of the non-Muslims. That is why I am so much focusing on this group. The non-Muslims hold the key to awakening that small percentage of the Muslims. All they have to do is denounce Islam and do not try to “be nice” and appease the Muslims with foolish and false pretense that Islam is also another religion. No, Islam is not also another religion; it is a dangerous cult and must be denounced strongly.  

The non-Muslims must help defeating Islam. They must write against it, ridicule it and even ridicule its proponents.  

Islam cannot be reformed, but it can be eradicated. If we work together, we will succeed.





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