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Ali Sina 

A group of people signing as “Academics” from England wrote to me about a new law being proposed that prohibits the criticism of Islam. The proposal of this law is insane but what is more disturbing is that these academics hide their identities fearing reprisal against their lives and their families. This is England we are talking about not Iran or Pakistan. These academics are Brits, yet they are afraid to speak out their minds in their own homeland. The following is our correspondence:    

Dear Ali,

A group of researchers and academics have been working for some considerable time on producing an important document (in excess of 100 pages of well researched and carefully referenced information), concerning Islam.

The aim has been to produce a document so powerful that this document will stand up in any international court of law as overwhelming, undeniable and incontrovertible evidence that Islam represents a clear threat to the future peace and security of our society.

This document is headed "Intelligence Information" and will be dispatched as printed hard copies, to a large number of politicians and security services, on the same day, including all the political leaders of the Western world.

Each copy of the document will include a full list of all who have received a copy, as this will help ensure that this document is taken seriously by all who receive it. The intention is to force a complete change of attitude at the highest level, internationally, leaving politicians no alternative but to face up to the truth that Islam is a dangerous cult which threatens our future.

Some 800 hours have gone into the preparation of this document, and it is now nearing completion. We would like to ask firstly if you would be interested in reviewing this document for publication at your site, and secondly, we'd like to ask if you might be interested in helping us with our campaign.

After reviewing the document, if you agree that the document truly represents a "knockout blow" to Islam, and is strong enough to stand up in court, would you be prepared to consider inviting your visitors to participate in the campaign, through asking them to download the document from your site then print the document and distribute hard copies anonymously to national newspaper editors, television news studios, politicians, chief of police, women's rights groups, gay rights groups, church leaders, universities, etc., across the world?

With your help, we could jointly run a campaign which could have a very powerful impact, and change perceptions. If you are able to recruit sufficient visitors at your site to participate in this campaign, and if the campaign is planned so that everyone participating posts their printed copies of the document on exactly the same day, this document could have a massive impact, all across the world.

We look forward to your reply.



Dear Academics  

Of course I would be glad to review your document and participate in your campaign of exposing Islam. You can count on my complete support. The eradication of Islam must begin by awakening the non-Muslims. A campaign like what you propose is very much needed.  

Kind regards  

Ali Sina  


Dear Ali,

Many thanks for your positive reply. We will forward our document to you for review within the next couple of weeks, as by then it should be completed. We will welcome your comments, feedback, and support. We'd like to say that your site is excellent, and provides good information.

We are concerned that authorities scan emails for various keywords and might therefore intercept transmission of our document to you. Whilst we have nothing to fear from a legal point of view, we would prefer to remain anonymous, for reasons of personal safety. Do you have a PO Box address where we could mail a disc, or do you have any other suggestions as to how we could send the electronic document to you?

Looking forward to your reply,



Dear Academics  

I do not understand your concern about the “authorities intercepting the transmission of your files to me”. My site is probably the most anti Islamic site and I do not see any reason to be concerned about the “authorities”. Which authorities are you talking about? If you are living in the West you do not have to fear any authority. I am personally in touch with a few high ranking authorities and have their complete support.  

As a matter of fact you do not have to hide your identity to express your views. In fact I suggest all of you sign the document and stand behind your own words. Your concerns about your safety are unfounded.    

Kind Regards  

Ali Sina  


Dear Ali,

We will be sending the document from the UK . The UK government is currently introducing legislation to prevent "religious hatred" in direct response to pressure from Islamic groups, to prevent any criticism of Islam. National newspapers have attacked the government's plans, claiming that the new legislation will restrict freedom of speech and make criminals out of those who speak the truth, but the government appears to be pressing ahead regardless, such is the wisdom of our present government. It will become an impressionable offence in this country to speak out against Islam, if this legislation becomes law:

THE MAIL ON SUNDAY (National UK Newspaper) 11th July 2004

 (Someone later posted the article on this message board)
"Soon it will be illegal to say this, so I had better do it now. Islam - yes, even 'moderate' Islam threatens our freedom and civilisation. If we do not work out soon how to counter it in open debate, we will find that its influence has gone too deep for us to challenge or resist." [Peter Hitchens is one of the UK 's most respected journalists. This article took up virtually a whole page of the Mail on Sunday - I have an actual copy of the newspaper]

THE GUARDIAN (National UK Newspaper) 7th July 2004
Blunkett to outlaw religious hatred
(by Alan Travis)

A fresh attempt is to be made to make incitement to religious hatred a criminal offence, the home secretary, David Blunkett, will announce today. The move, long demanded by Muslim organisations in Britain , was twice voted down by the House of Lords in December 2001, when Mr Blunkett tried to incorporate it into his emergency anti-terrorism legislation in the immediate aftermath of September 11. Mr Blunkett was then faced with the choice of dropping the clause or losing his entire anti-terrorism bill. At the time Liberal Democrat and Conservative peers said they had only opposed the measure because it was ill-suited to emergency anti-terror legislation and that they would have supported it if it had greater and separate parliamentary scrutiny. Mr Blunkett will be hoping that they stand by that position when he resubmits the measure this autumn. The effect will be to extend the law of incitement to racial hatred to those attacked because of their religion. Muslims, in particular, have long felt that the race hatred laws do not give them the protection they need. "This will help tackle extremists who use religion to stir up hatred in our society, including religious extremists who preach hate against other religions," Mr Blunkett is expected to tell a seminar organised by the Institute for Public Policy Research today. However, his decision to try again will infuriate advocates of free speech, including the National Secular Society, who fear that such a law will be used to muzzle those who simply criticise religion.

As regards our knowledge of Islam, we believe our document will speak for itself. It is fully referenced to reliable sources of information throughout (many hundreds of references), and has been designed to stand up in court as incontrovertible evidence proving beyond any reasonable doubt that Muhammad was a terrorist and a criminal by any definition of the word. We will look forward to any comments or criticisms you may have of it.

If you are entirely happy with our document, and agree that it will stand up as evidence in court, sufficient to persuade a jury, would you consider approaching some of your influential contacts with a view to obtaining their endorsement of the document? We are also happy for others to add their own material to the final document, providing that their material is relevant, appropriate and to the same standard. In this way it would be possible to add a list of names to the document, but due to current government plans in the UK , we feel unable to add our own names. We simply cannot take the risk.

We look forward to your reply.

With kind regards,


Dear Academics  

What is going on in England is deplorable. Religion is a belief. It is foolish to pass laws in order to protect beliefs. We all fully support laws against racial discrimination and racial incitement to hate. But you can’t equate a belief to race. We have no choice over our race and there is no solid proof that any race is superior or inferior to others. So criticizing a race is darn stupid and laws are required to stop it. But we choose what to believe and some beliefs are false and very dangerous. Making the criticism of religion an offence is insane. There are religions who believe in the creation, to them evolution is blasphemy. Those who teach evolution clearly oppose creationism and such beliefs. Does that mean that the evolutionists would be incriminated under this proposed law?  

Muhammad committed genocide. This is a historic fact stated in the very Islamic books. Would one be liable to imprisonment if he quotes these Islamic books and say Muhammad was a mass murderer? Would one become a criminal by quoting verses of the Quran that say kill the idolaters, crucify them, chop their fingers, limbs and necks and disagree with them? Shouldn’t those who uphold these teachings be incriminated instead? David Blunkett is insane. This law is absurd. So according to this proposed law, Muslims who uphold the Quran that says kill people for their religious views are respected citizens and those who say this is wrong become criminals? This is ludicrous! What is happening to us? It seems that fools are running our world and the sane ones are afraid of speaking out. Where are we heading? This is nuts!    

Are all religions going to be protected by this proposed law or just Islam? How about the religion of Jim Jones, the People’s Temple who committed mass suicide? How about the religion of Heaven’s Gate, or the Japanese religion Supreme Truth of Shoko Asahara? Does it mean that no one would be allowed to criticize any dangerous and stupid belief because someone holds that belief dear and will be offended if his faith is criticized?  

Truth does not need protection. If an idea is true it can withstand the onslaught of all criticisms. It is falsehood that is vulnerable to criticism and needs protection.  

This is a stupid law that must be denounced and rejected by any intelligent people. You can’t let this crazy idea pass as a law.  

Please do send your document ASAP. I can’t promise that any politician would endorse it. But I’ll try to reach my journalist friends and request the readers of faithfreedom.org to join the campaign and reach as many politicians as they can. Fall is now. We do not have much time. So please, send whatever you have even in draft form.  

What is happening to us? How we came to this that intellectuals and academics are afraid to speak out their minds in their own countries? They are not just afraid of Islamic goons but also of their own government. Where is England heading? This is absurd! Just think about it. The British intellectuals are afraid of the authorities and their own government for speaking the truth about Islam. They are not afraid of being prosecuted. They are prepared to defend their views in any court of law. They are afraid of being eliminated mysteriously! This is the kind of fear the Iranian intellectuals have of their own thuggish Islamic government. But this is England we are talking about! It is the British intellectuals who are afraid of the "authorities" in their own government. Unbelievable! 

If Mr. Blunkett has his way and criticizing Islam in England becomes an offence then these intellectuals would be also criminals?  Is England becoming the Islamic Kingdom of England?

It seems that the world is overtaken and run by idiots. It is inconceivable that anyone would propose a law to protect ignorance. Mr. Blunkett must be blind. If Islam (or any religion) is true, it can defend itself and come victorious in any rational confrontation and if it is a lie then why would he want to protect it with a law that would incriminate the intellectuals?  It is unbelievable that any sane person suggest introducing the Islamic blasphemy law, the same law that imprisons intellectuals in Pakistan, Iran and other barbaric Islamic countries in England. Where does Mr. Blunkett is trying to take England? The insanity has taken over indeed.

I am waiting for the document prepared by the British academics and will post it on this site. At the same time I request all the readers sympathetic to our cause, who are concerned of Islamic expansionism and the inevitable loss of freedom that accompanies it to join this campaign, copy that document and send it to as many politicians as they can reach. 

Remember that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.


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