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To Be Enlightened 

By Ali Sina

Dear Ali

I know you believe there is no God
I know you have put this website up as youre looking for answers
I know this because you have a heart, a nice one at that
I’ve been praying for you and I know the Lord is coming to you. Please believe me and open your heart to the Lord.
Even if it’s just for a minute, and you will see what happens...
Pray for God to come into your heart not Allah just God trust me.


Dear Mike,  

God is already in my heart but it is neither called Allah nor is it called Yahweh. It is called Love.  

To experience this God, I do not have to believe in anything or anyone. All I have to do is to love. Love the world, love the life, love the birds, love my cat, love my parents, love my spouse, love my children, love my neighbors, and love mankind. God is love and love is God and everything else is baloney.  

Are you suggesting Jesus also said the same thing? …Good for him! Then he was just as enlightened as I am. However he was a man of 2000 years ago. There are lots of things that I know, which he did not. It would be foolish for me to follow a man who was less knowledgeable than me, from another era and from a different world.  

Jesus was just a man. He was no different than anyone of us. There is strong evidence he traveled to India and studied Buddhism. Also there is good evidence Christianity was molded after Mithraism owing to it most of its myths. The believers do not want to admit any of that. But that is the nature of belief. Muslims also do not want to acknowledge the evidence that could jeopardize their faith in Muhammad despite the fact that the evidence against him is overwhelming and very incriminating. It is the "faith" that we have to fight against and eliminate. Faith is a hurdle in the road to enlightenment.  

I agree that Jesus was an enlightened man. But I see no reason for following him. You can’t be an enlightened and a follower at the same time. I am as much enlightened as Jesus was. The moment I follow him or anyone else, I will no longer be enlightened.    

If Jesus was truly enlightened he would not have wanted to bring yet another religion and divide mankind. If Jesus was really enlightened he would not have said:  “Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. For I have come to set a man 'against his father, a daughter against her mother…Matthew 10:34-36  

These words can’t be from Jesus and if they are then he was not a Christ and could not have been enlightened. Believing in a man who said such thing would be idiotic. This is the same belief that Muslims hold. God does not want us to raise sword against each other, to wage war against one another nor does he set us against our fathers and mothers. There is no truth worth killing people and hurting your parents. Anyone who teaches that is evil. We have stories of early Muslims who waged war against their own fathers and even volunteered to assassinate their father to appease Muhammad as the testimony of their faith in his cult. Causing hatred and disunity in the name of God is what these religions do. There is nothing godly about that. What they preach is evil.  

The Christianity is created by the followers of Christ who did not understand what he was preaching and were not enlightened. Three years was not enough. They were Jews and their thinking was the Jewish way of thinking. They invented Christianity and they shaped it after their own thinking. That is why the teachings of Jesus were presented as a new religion and this religion resembles Judaism. It has the same belief in an anthropomorphic father-figure god, hell, heaven, a prophet, et al. Jesus had nothing to do with that. He wanted to set his fellow humans free – free from the bondage of blind faith and mindless obedience of the laws. His followers did not understand an iota of what he preached. They learned something from him and mixed what they learned with what they already knew. This Christianity is the religion of the disciples and not what Jesus taught. To impress the new believers they invented miracles. They demanded faith and blind acceptance right after his death. Faith is not the path to enlightenment. Faith is the road to ignorance. A faithful person is a credulous person.

You can’t be an enlightened person and a believer at the same time. To be enlightened you must be a doubter. That is why Christianity went wrong from the day Jesus was put to death. His followers started telling people to have faith and believe in things that they do not understand. In other words they started promoting stupidity and ignorance. Frightened of the death of their Maser, zealously, they fabricated fables about his resurrection, to overawe the new believers. So instead of enlightening the masses, they created a cult around Jesus.    

Humanity does not need religions. Religions divide people. They blind people to the truth. They demand faith, which is synonymous to ignorance. Faith is acceptance of things without evidence and that is ignorance. Therefore religions do nothing but to promote ignorance and cause dissentions.  

If you really love Jesus, like I do, do not follow him. BE like him.  Do not become a Buddhist but evolve to become a buddha yourself. Do not be a follower but strive to become a prophet unto your own.  

This is the essence of enlightenment. When you are enlightened you become the source of light. Then you do not need receiving light from another source. Enlightened people are not followers. They are lights of guidance to others.  

I am enlightened; I am a buddha; I am a christ. You can be too!  Let go of faith and learn to doubt and you’ll be on your way to enlightenment.


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