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Justifying One Fallacy With Another 

By Ali Sina 


 A Letter from a reader: 

Dear Ali Sina,

I read some of your comments about Islam which I found very intriguing and draconian at the same time. I agree with some of what you said about Islam, but my question to you is, what about the other monotheistic religions, Judaism and Christianity?  

Donít you think that Islam built on those two former theocracies? After all most, if not all, of the Quran corroborate the bible, old and new testaments. The stories or the folktales, religious rulings, hatred of people, vengeance of God, wars on others beliefs, hellfire for others, and many more concepts in the Quran are found in the Bible.  

Next donít you think that today the religious zealots in Israel and the USA are ruling with hegemony that equals to, or exceeds, the Mullahs of the Muslim world, therefore they are as dangerous as the Muslim Mullahs. You see, the Jews invented the idea of one God and the rest is history. 

Please reply I am very interested in you comments  



You are right in the sense that the Qruan is plagiarized from the Bible. Ibn Warraq has a book titled The Origins of the Quran and he shows how basically all the Quranic fables were taken from the Old and New Testaments and the pagan lore of the Arabs.  

And you are also right when you say the Old Testament is also full of absurdities and violence. Muhammad was inspired by that violence and it was this accepted violence in religious thinking that did not shock the Arabs when Muhammad started his sadistic pillaging and murdering in the name of God. Obviously this mentality has not changed. Even today you find people who are so brainwashed that are not bothered about the violence in these so called holy books and Muslims commit violence on daily basis and preach them in their mosques, 

Muslims immediately justify the violence of Muhammad and his book with the violence of the Bible. Their brain is so shrunk that it does not occur to them that may be all these books are false and none of them is from God.  If the Quran is plagiarized from the Bible and the Bible contains fallacies absurdities and violence, it does not make the Quran a book of God. It makes the Quran equally a false book. We must not justify the violence of the Quran with the violence of the Bible but rather reject all of them.

However, I totally disagree with you when you compare the Jews and the Christians of today, no matter how zealots they may be, with the Mullahs. This is obviously not so. If you live in this planet and are not secluded in a cave you should know that 90% of terrorisms are perpetrated by Muslims. I do not see any Jew strapping bombs to his waist and exploding himself amidst a large number of people. I do not see anyone slitting the throat of another human being and shouting "Jesus is great". The acts of violence reported in the Old Testament are fables of the past. Much of that is fabricated by priests such as Jeremiah and Ezra and may not be true at all. Even if they were, they are stories about Moses and Joshua and that is not what the average Jews or Christians are supposed to do. But the violent teachings of the Quran are binding on all the Muslims and they apply to all times. Jiahd which means killing the non-Muslims and forcing Islam on them with acts of terrorism is a pillar of Islam. There is no similar injunction on the Jews, Christians or anyone else.  

That is why the Judaism and Christianity do not produce terrorists unless you are a nutcase and go shooting the abortion doctors. But that is an exception and not a norm. However, anyone who reads the Quran and believes in it has no other option but to become a terrorist.  

Yes the Quran is a plagiary. Yes monotheism and the concept of a jealous and narcissist god is the invention of the Jews, but that does not exonerate Muslims to follow the evil cult of Islam. It does not matter who invented this fallacy. Muslims are responsible for believing in it, for practicing it and for bringing death and destruction to the world.  

If you know all of this madness is based on a cult of a bunch of ignorant Jews with archaic beliefs and primitive minds then stop it now. Moses was not a monotheist. He believed in many Gods while claiming his god was the most powerful. This is clear from Psalms 82 where the psalmist talks about the assembly of gods and Jehovah presiding over them. The concept of monotheism was invented by the rabies of the 7th century BC to control the Jews and foster in them the sense of nationalism. Monotheism was born out of political exigencies of the Jews. 

Who cares if the Jews or the Christians still want to believe in absurdities? At least they are not killing people for their faith. They are not endangering the peace of the world. Let them believe in what they like. But Muslims are killing people in the name of their god. They are rolling this planet into an abyss. Islam is not just a false religion. It is a dangerous religion. You and I must stop it before more lives are lost and before we too are killed. 

This is not a race of stupidity. We are not competing with Jews and Christians to prove that we are the most idiots of mankind. If the Jews and Christians want to believe in their foolish religions, let them. They are not killing people. Muslims are. And this is the problem. 


I urge the Muslims to read this site and ponder. If you canít prove me wrong please leave Islam and help others leave it too. Islam is not a religion of God. It is a cult created by a psychopath. You will not please God if you follow an evil man such a Muhammad.  

Islamís days are over. Sites like this are sprouting all over the Internet and in all languages and Islamís ugly face is being unmasked. People of the world are seeing Islam for what it is and their tolerance of Islam and Muslims is coming to an end. Have pity on your soul and on the lives of innocent children born in Islamic countries. The followers of this mad man are dragging the world into a war in which they will be annihilated by millions. If you have any humanity in you, if you have any decency and brains, it is up to you to investigate what we say about Muhammad, prove us wrong or leave Islam.  

Islam is a danger to mankind but the danger does not come from a book, it comes from people who believe in that book. Do not assume that since you have not slit anyoneís throat you are innocent. By being part of this machinery of terror you are just as guilty as others who commit these dastardly acts. In an army not everyone is in the frontline fighting -- some work in the kitchen, some sew the uniforms, some manufacture the bullets but all of them are working together for the same cause. As a Muslim you may not be involved in acts of terrorism but you provide justification for the terrorists, your Zakat is spent to finance terrorism, your apologies rationalize their actions, and your presence gives them moral support and validation to their crimes against humanity. You are by all means a part and an ancillary to this machinery of terror and are responsible for what your brethrens do. If you are a decent person, if you are HUMAN, leave Islam and stop this insanity.  

Look at the Americans. Some of their soldiers humiliated a few terrorists and thugs and all of them are now full of rage. Compare that to the reaction of the Muslims for the brutal killing of the four American contractors and the cowardly beheading of Nick Berg. Where is the Muslim outrage? There is none. There is only justification and excuses. And yet the humiliation of the Iraqi prisoners is nothing compared to what these murderous Islamists did to innocent people while shouting Allahu Akbar.  

Yes Americans are not saint. They are also guilty of many wrongdoings. But there is a huge gap between the level of humanity of American public and that of Muslims. Those Muslims who committed such crimes are not humans and those who support them and justify their actions are also not humans. They are animals and not just any animal like cats and dogs that are noble animals but hyenas, rattle snakes and scorpions.    

I am in touch with the people all over the world and monitor their sentiments. Let me tell you that the patience is wearing out. When these people realize their kindness is interpreted as weakness and their tolerance is abused, they will react and the reaction will be extremely painful.  

Do not let that happen. Do not count on the humanity of these people. After all when it comes to survival we are all animals underneath. You do not want to see the animal side of these people. Do not push your luck. It is enough with insanity. It is enough with mindless killing and savagery. Do not act as if you are the victims. Muslims are victims of their own stupidity. They are victims for following a psychopath. Get to your senses now and save your life and the lives of millions of people before it is too late.  

Get out of Islam now. Islam is not a religion of God.  It is the cult of a psychopath.  You can't reform it. Just leave it.  If you get out and if most of the Muslims get out, the terrorists among you will realize that they do not have your support and they will stop their insanity too. It is your support that feeds their frenzy but at the end you lose. You lose everything. Do not let the Armageddon come to pass.    

Leave Islam. Do it now. Tomorrow may be too late


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